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So am I famous yet? No? Perfect! I will write my stories for you, and there will be much rejoicing...over cake! =D


When Princess Luna was given the right to hold the Equestria Games on the moon, everypony feared the outcome of this decision would be an utter disaster. Little did they know it would be the most hilarious disaster to ever occur in the history of the universe! Go ahead challenge the universe to leave things alone! Cause it ain't happening, not when you're in the mother bucking Space Olympics!

Rated Teen for language, sexual innuendos, and hinted drug use! You are warned!
Have you guys ever heard the song Space Olympics by The Lonely Island? You have, good. You haven't, well then this tale will confuse you just a little, but will be no less hilarious! When I first heard the song, I knew I had to do this story...it makes no sense but it was never supposed to!

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This story is a sequel to Our Pasts That Haunt Us

It has been a month since the last events of this story where Applejack died tragically, Pinkie Pie became entirely unstable, and Spitfire returned on a journey of self healing. It is here that Rainbow Dash finds one gem of hope in her world, dropped down to her from somewhere in the infinite universe. In this last month Dash and Spitfire have been talking almost nightly, as the Wonderbolt captain tried to repent for all of the wrong doings she did to others.
Dash still suffers a pain in her heart, and Spitfire wants to heal it but must first heal herself. That aside all of the pain from the last story inevitably made Pinkie Pie a victim of a dark vengeful heart, and much to the residents of Ponyville's displeasure, she also became psychotic in her tendencies. What will it take to bring the old pink party mare back to reality, Rainbow will have to find the answer to this question in her heart as well.
THIS FIC IS WRITTEN IN ANTHRO FORMAT! (If you are absolutely disenchanted with the idea of reading anthro don't read, but I really think you can get past it and imagine them as normal ponies. Stories are all in the imagination after all!)

Also Artwork is obviously not mine, nor does it represent the ANTHRO tag in my story. Yet it was the best possible match. Credit to the actual author and NOT me.

Has also been featured in Pedro Hander's Featured Muffins(July 18th, 2014)!

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NOTICE: Yes this most certainly is tagged ANTHRO and if that bothers you, don't read the story. In all honesty though I bet you are creative enough to ponify it in your mind! ^_^

The way Rainbow Dash felt about her friend AppleJack was something new to her, leaving her feeling pensive, nervous and excited. Will she act on these foreign feelings for her friend? Will her friend reciprocate these feelings? Or will she lose the best friend she has ever had?

Even if she did, things in life are seldom that simple and easy. Rainbow's past "experimental actions" could inadvertently cause her to lose the very mare she fell for head over hooves. So when the past comes knocking at her door again, what will Rainbow Dash do to keep what she fought so hard to get?

That's where Pinkie Pie comes in, ever the defender of her friends possibly budding relationship she goes to great lengths to make sure they get and stay together happily. Though when Pinkie figures out just who she is contending with in trying to protect her friends relationship; she finds herself stretched thin against the vengeful tide that spills forth. How long can she keep them safe from intruding eyes? Read on to find out just what happens...

Note: The artwork displayed is in no way my work, it is just a temporary cover image that I found conveyed the story's inevitable path. All credit for it should go to its author, and if anypony knows whom that is let me know so I can credit him/her for their work.

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DJ-1337 Tracks was an up and coming star in the club scene, and had always dreamed of becoming the best at her skill. After seeing DJ-PON3 live in action she knew from that moment on that was her goal to be as great as her. PON3 was her idol, but also her eternal rival. She had to surpass her in order to become the best she thought time and time again. Would it even be possible for her to surpass the goddess of the electronic club scene, or would she just burn out trying to reach that height? The answer may startle 1337 more than she could have ever imagined!


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The pegesi have long lived in peace with the leadership of the Council of Five. However, tensions have risen, with ambitions for ultimate control running rampant. Civil war looks like it is all but inevitable. Celestia will not allow this affront to harmony of her little ponies. This is where a stallion comes in; the silmarillion Avalon. He has long since turned away from his destiny for greatness, choosing to instead take fate into his own hooves.
When Princess Celestia calls upon him to take up his destiny at last, will circumstance make him change his mind, or will he walk away from it yet again? Once his choice is made though, will he be able to bear the consequences of his actions? What monster stirs in the darkness ahead of him?
Read on and find Avalon's true destiny!

Editing Done by: Merne23

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After an argument with Applejack, Rainbow Dash leaves Ponyville for half a year to go on an intense Wonderbolt training course, neglecting any feelings she may have had for the farmer. How will Rainbow Dash cope with the new secrets she returns with? Will she push Applejack aside on her return? Or are both girls willing to fight for what is merely hidden? (Pfft of course they are! Otherwise I would have no story!) AppleDash ship with depth :)
I would like to know the creator of the beautiful artwork, I found it on google images but could not find the author for some reason. So if you know the artist let me know so I can give them their due credit!
---This story written by SonicRainbowDash has been agreed upon by the two of us to be taken over by me, and I hope I can live up to the fans' expectations!---

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