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So am I famous yet? No? Perfect! I will write my stories for you, and there will be much rejoicing...over cake! =D


DJ-1337 Tracks was an up and coming star in the club scene, and had always dreamed of becoming the best at her skill. After seeing DJ-PON3 live in action she knew from that moment on that was her goal to be as great as her. PON3 was her idol, but also her eternal rival. She had to surpass her in order to become the best she thought time and time again. Would it even be possible for her to surpass the goddess of the electronic club scene, or would she just burn out trying to reach that height? The answer may startle 1337 more than she could have ever imagined!


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... Sweet mother of Celestia...
Pardon my language, but this story has a pace like a derailed freight train going down a mountainside!
Maybe it's the strange (to me) punctuation, but, wow, that felt fast.

...holding that device in her hands.

Oops? There are a few things that make me think you forgot the Anthro tag.
Other than that this seems pretty solid. More enjoyable than a trollfic at least.

3892456 Hmm maybe you're right...it is a bit rushed isn't it. Maybe I'll need to do a re-write to give it a bit more structure...:applejackunsure:

Found punctuation errors? Yeah as I said I'm not the most proficient with it, but if the pacing is really as fast as you say...:unsuresweetie: then it makes a lot of sense. Thanks Merne. I needed to hear this.:heart:

*Looks at quote you posted* :rainbowderp: Oh god whoops I meant hooves thanks for that catch!

I like the more subtle approach your taking with this story. Making it more of following your passion instead of forced into a unwanted burden. You definitely have diversity when it comes to stories. A hard trait for many writers to have or even develop. Keep up the good work. While reading this, though, I can't help but feel a harsh trial of Star's hopes and dreams. Just a feeling in my gut. If not then that's cool. Just a feeling. :raritywink:

3894090 I have to inquire though does any part of this tale seem too rushed in Chapter 1? Chapter 2 may need re-writing but need to know if 1 was smoother.

A harsh trial of her hopes and dreams?:ajsmug: Care to be a little more specific on what you mean?:derpytongue2: You could very well be correct after all one never knows! :pinkiegasp:

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