• Published 31st Jan 2014
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Shooting Stars - Dynasty-Kaine

DJ-1337 Tracks was an up and coming star in the club scene, and had always dreamed of becoming the best at her skill. After seeing DJ-PON3 live she knew from that moment on that was her goal, to be as great as her. The answer might just surprise her!

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Chapter 1: The Stars That Guide You

Author's Note:

After the long hiatus, here is a rewriting of Chapter One of Shooting Stars! No edits, but I'm sure someone will say it needs it! XD

The lights bright and vibrant as they danced across the various parts of the club through the light machines as the foggers let their dry ice payload wash over the crowd. The sound of the bass the electronic remix of every-ponies favorite songs while creating new beats and songs was an absolute thrill to the mare in the DJ booth on stage. Bobbing her head in time with the beat she danced around while mixing the sound output levels. The only indication of who the pony on stage was was the large banner behind her reading in florescent bold print:


She had been no prouder than she was today finally headlining a club as the spotlight DJ, like her idol and eternal rival DJ-PON3. It was her first hoof step towards her dream of becoming the best DJ on the scene, but admittedly it was a relatively small step in her retrospect. She had built up enough of a following to be considered a hometown favorite, but she was quickly gaining notice outside of her small hometown. The beat pounding in her head as she got the party going in the small, yet packed full, club in her hometown.

"Is every-pony ready to have a good time tonight?" She called out over the speakers fading baseline.

The crowd obliged with a loud raucous cheer, stomping loud enough to shake the building. Her fans were simply amazing and they drove her to take her talents to the very limits. Her mane black with bright yellow streaks all throughout her ragged train wreck styled hair that moved to and fro along her mauve colored coat. Her goggles were rather awesome she thought, steam punk in style with dark red lenses. She bobbed her head in time with the beats she laid down as she started the next song; unlike her rival she was an earth pony and had to redouble her efforts to do what DJ-PON3 could with magic.

The crowd convulsed in unison dancing about freely, the club noticeably heating up as the ponies before her swayed in time. The DJ loved the sight of the ponies below enjoying themselves. She cast her glance outwards eventually stopping at the bar, and there looked to be a few business looking types sitting casually watching her every move. The mare thought nothing of it though, seeing as it happened frequently when she was rocking a stage.

"Is every-pony doing alright tonight?" 1337 asked loudly.

The audience still able to stomp their hooves and shout their approval even though they had been standing in the club for at least an hour now. Such loyal fans. She thought to herself.

"Now that's what I like ta hear! Last song everyone, but lets go out with a bang!" she shouted, the blood pumping in her veins.

She moved to grab a different record as well as switched on a few of her specific gear boxes hooking them into the soundboard in order to give her best performance--while still holding a little bit back. She only held back cause she knew she had to keep some edge, and cause she was never too sure how long her older gear would hold out under strain.

Within moments the music had come with a fierce beat that just left the crowd entranced in dance, and then as soon as it came it slowly faded out. The crowd cheered their loudest that night, and it was said that every-pony in the city heard them that night. 1337 Tracks could feel her heart pumping blood, adrenaline, and the pure feeling of ecstasy through her veins to every reach of her body. It made her feel utterly alive, and she was sure it was the best feeling in the world.

The after party was usually wilder than the actual club party was, but tonight 1337 didn't feel like joining in the festivities. She instead insisted that she go on an evening stroll through the town. It wasn't often she went on walks, but after coming out of the warm stuffy club into the crisp cool air of the night she felt contemplative. She looked up at Luna's starry night and half crescent moon suddenly feeling very small among the sounds of hundreds of crickets just calmly chirping out their own tune. She sighed as she walked along the now desolate streets in her small home town of Stallons.

"Star what's up with you being all reflective and deep all of a sudden?" She asked herself aloud letting the question ring out in the night air.

It was odd that she was feeling like this so soon after such a perfect show, but she had begun to wonder how long before she would get the chance to play a bigger venue. At this rate it didn't look like that would happen anytime soon at all, but she had to tell herself to be patient; even if she didn't like it. She loved her manager and/or agent, but when would he manage to get her into a bigger venue; she yearned for a challenge. She looked up to the moon and declared to Luna, "Just you watch Princess Luna; just like my name I'm gonna be a blazing Shooting Star across your night sky one day. Then all of Equestria will know who I am!"

"Shooting Star?" a stallion voice called breathlessly from behind her.

She turned to see who it was, and standing there was her friend and manager Leverage. His burgundy mane tousled thoroughly his brown fur standing on end. He was panting heavily so he must have been running to catch up with her. He looked up at her with his amber gaze excitement sparkling them.

"Finally...caught up...with ya..." he said still panting.

"Yeah looks like you did but why the rush Leverage, you don't normally do something that will trigger your asthma." she said dismissively. "What's so important anyways? I'm busy with my thoughts right n--"

"You are gonna be busier with your thoughts after I tell you what just happened!" the stallion interrupted her beaming.

Leverage was normally not this exuberant and overflowing with joy, and that bothered Star a bit since normally he wouldn't interrupt her. She waited patiently as he caught his breath, and once he regained his composure he began to bounce around like a little colt. Now Star was one hundred percent sure she should be worried, taking a step back as a simple precaution.

"Lev stop that...it-it's really scaring me." she paused anxiety growing as she stepped further back. "Leverage QUIT THAT, and tell me what's--"

He interrupted again with a singsong tone, "Guess who just got you signed on a tour!"

Stars eyes went wide, her jaw dropped in astonishment. No way could this have just happened when she had been coincidentally enough worrying about just that, and not to mention feeling her most dismal. Then she remembered the business looking ponies she had seen earlier, and it hit her like lightning, one of them must have run the tour. She turned smiling softly and looked at the moon where she could have sworn she saw a quick sparkle. I guess you are watching out for this little star after all, thank you.

"On top of that you aren't gonna believe who the headlining DJ is Star! It's DJ-PON3!" Leverage announced proudly.

The ground shifted underneath the mare quickly, and she felt like she was going to fall into a blissful state of no return. This was absolutely the most unbelievable amount of luck that could ever possibly fall to her. With most tours the DJ's rarely interacted or performed every club, but this was as good a time as any for her to meet her idol in the flesh. The most opportune moment for her to declare their eternal rivalry to her face; whenever they would cross paths that was.

The happiness she felt was just unbelievable alongside her second powerful adrenaline rush. The mare had seen PON3 perform live once before and that was where her ambition to follow her dream became clear. That she would find a way to get good enough to surpass all those around her and become a bright star.

The whole time she was celebrating in her mind a little voice kept saying,"Stop counting your chickens before they hatch, there's gonna be a catch just you watch."

She should have listened to this voice.

"The only thing we need to straighten out is travel on our end, we have to be to Baltimare by this Friday. Only issue is..." Leverage's eyes all of a sudden went wide, apparently he forgot something important. "Oh buck my life, do you know how much the tickets cost to get us there? It's at least 500 bits per pony!"

Star face hoofed turning away from Leverage because knowing him he hadn't saved any of their earnings thus far, instead putting towards promotions to get fans from surrounding cities. On the other hand she had been saving for new gear but that goal now looked out of reach, but she didn't care her old gear was just as good, if not better, than most any-pony's. She would have a couple hundred bits left over from tickets, but it was well worth the risk to follow her dreams. She composed herself before facing Leverage again to speak with a grudging smile.

"Leverage, you are so lucky that I A) like you and B) have been tirelessly saving my bits from these gigs. Looks like I'll be short on money for a while, but please tell me that they have taken care of booking us a hotel? Otherwise we have another problem." the mare asked with a serious glare her smile disappearing.

The stallion rubbed the back of his head with his hoof, "Yeah of course, they said as long as you can provide fees for her initial transport to the show in Baltimare they will take care of the rest. It's part of the paycheck that pays for that like most music contracts we've gone through before."

She looked at Leverage for a moment, and remembered when it came to legal documents he was as sharp as any lawyer pony was. Star smiled and let her happiness take over again as she rapidly tackled Leverage wrapping him up in a tight hug.

"I could kiss you right now Lev, but we both know only you would enjoy that!" she declared with a chuckle. "Gotta focus on my dreams before I ever consider defining my interests, plus music gives me all I need anyways!"

The stallion blushed and looked away which Star always found to be cute, but it just wasn't her thing. She inwardly shrugged and moved past the thought to all the dreams awaiting her. It was as she told him she just wasn't into anything other than her music at this point in her life, and she was perfectly fine with that. It was all she needed to survive, and love or relationships just got in the way in her opinion.

Once again her giddiness overtaking her she got up off the stallion to bid him a good night. Upon their parting of ways she began heading home with a big bounce in her step as she celebrated her victory. Leverage had finally come through for her and got her talents on the map, a task she could have done on her own with ease but she preferred the difficult way.

As she hopped up to her front door, she should have known at this point in her life that this sort of blind happiness would lead to a whole myriad of problems.