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Average brony fan girl who does work on deviantart and loves Appledash<3<3<3


Hey There Everypony ^^ · 3:31pm May 7th, 2014


Should have really introduced myself earlier but Im Cosmosogurl an artist trying out a bit of writing on my OTP AppleDash!<3

I may not have the best work but Im willing to giver her a try and see how this all works out :)

Thank you for being patient since my recent fiction of Sick In The Clouds hasnt been updated as of late due to my editor needing to look things over.

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984100 :twilightblush: Aww thanks so much for the praise means a lot :pinkiesad2:


How could I not?! Your work is amazing! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave Cosmo! :ajsmug:

920897 Ahaha Il do what I want with Appledash :ajsmug:

Wrong......i meant wrong...not work.....:derpytongue2:

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