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Average brony fan girl who does work on deviantart and loves Appledash<3<3<3


If the apple family is known for anything besides their apples,its their cider and tonight marks the 20th anniversary of pure success and its main family member Applejack has decided to plan a party. All goes well until a certain rainbow maned Pegasus friend drops by that turns it into a long lonesome night of bickering,laughs,drinking and untold confessions that unfurl in a locked basement,with two mares and a supply of cider.

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So far so good. Good job, i really am looking forward to future chapters. And welcome to the world of Fimfiction.

3739977 Thank you oh so very much Mr Sombra,I appreciate the feedback! :twilightsmile:

I love Appledash :ajsmug::heart::rainbowkiss: The story is looking great.

Could be a little bit longer, but still a great story.

3752179 Im planning to make it a longer story, just with smaller chapters :-)

Okie dokie lokie :)

:ajsmug: I like alot I teared a bit

And then they [censored by the god damn FCC]

:rainbowhuh: Woah a twist.....happy happy happy...sudden saddness :pinkiecrazy: so cold

Keep it up x3

Well that..ya cant trust things that hang on ceilings

wha? so sweet, but the last part was so random

OwX.......-twitching- oh me gosh

uh oh. good chapter

Okay first off let me say I do enjoy this fic a lot, but I think the potential is a little broken by choppy wording here and there. Mind you the criticism is in good faith.

anniversary, and that of coarse called for another celebration.

You actually want the word course here

Applejack was proud at how far her family’s legacy of an apple farm has come

Did you mean "At how far her family's legacy of an apple farm had come"?

with almost every pony attended except for a certain mail mare who confused the dates.

"In attendance" would flow a bit better I think.
Forth:(See the problems are so minor)

Her eyes lowly started too close promising herself a deep slumber

I think you were going for "slowly" and so close but the other problem was "too" should have been "to"

Those were only a few of the minor things I noticed I figured I'd point them out since I know I'd love these types of opinions on my story's, but alas I haven't gotten them yet.:derpytongue2: Ah well I shall continue reading I like it thus far! :scootangel: If you'd like me to comb it for more edits like that, I would willingly do so any time!:pinkiesmile:

Still seeing those minor choppy bits, but still thoroughly enjoying where the story is going!
Loving it!

Aww shucks that was nothing, it was a tune my mother sued to play for us apples

She sued AJ with music?! Awesome! :derpytongue2: It made me laugh but I knew what you meant all the same. Another good chapter, them feels are starting! :pinkiegasp:

Whoa severe case of claustrophobia there Dashie! Watch out there Apple--:rainbowderp: Nuuu!!!

Dang nabbit ceiling I told you to stop spontaneously combusting!:ajbemused:

That last chapter seemed a bit overly rushed, but all things considered good job.:pinkiesmile:

Ok last chapter :ajsleepy: I cried at the end cause I thought RD died . But I'm so happy shes alive :pinkiehappy:

4124833 It looks at ya....in a certain way!!!


Haha aww dont you worry about Dashie,she is all good :heart:

:rainbowdetermined2: : psst hey Aj...
:applejackunsure: : yeah sugarcube?
:rainbowdetermined2: : I know this place is on fire, and we should probably try to escape, buuuuuut, u wanna make out a little?
:applejackunsure: really Rainbow, right here right now...? .......sure

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