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Excited to finally have a FIMfiction account! Will post my stuff here now.


In some other version of reality, in a future some unnumbered days away, the Glorious Equestrian Empire stands astride the planet like a colossus. It gobbles up territory without remorse or restraint, and grows ever closer to global domination. In antiseptic meeting rooms, native species are absorbed and subjugated in cold blood. But what is troubling the Empire's magnificent ruler?

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So how many more hidden one-shots do you have? Because the trend is that I am going to read them all.

This story made me follow you

Mmm.. not one of the stories I enjoyed from your old portfolio. Probably just the genre.


First follow of him. Get on my level, bro.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, it's new to me. And quite good as well. You set the scene very efficiently, managed to say volumes with under ten thousand words, and left a sequel hook big enough to land a whale shark. Loved it. Thank you for it. If you decide to expand this, I look forward to it.

Frankly, it sounds like it got a lot of interesting elements and could be a part of an actually nice story... but being an one-shot, it pretty much removed any hopes of it.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of 'leaving mysteries'. It just feel cheap to me. Though there are ways to leave things open-ended, this story just sound... unfinished. Both as in having no beginning and no end. Which is a shame as what is writen sound rather different from usual and interesting.

Anyway... theory time.

From Rainbow Dash's inner monologue, it seems either Celestia went off the deep end and tried to destroy the world or that Equestria was destined to be destroyed, with ponykind destined to die. Rainbow Dash decided that Equestria deserved to survive... even if it required her killing ponykind's deified ruler and taking her place.

However, she never forgave herself for it and apparently, her friends blamed her for Celestia's death, either not caring or not knowing about what Celestia was about to do except for Fluttershy.

Even then, Rainbow Dash is dancing at the edge of the deep end herself ; she's desesperately trying to fit the shoes of a ruler who was loved as a freakin' goddess and to make them forget what might have been truly a monster on the scale of Sombra and pre-reformation Discord. However, she's been over-compensating and let her quest slowly corrupt her.

The fic is reaching the point where she has the choice between embracing being a conquerer and embracing the evil that has consumed her or taking a step back and discussing with her lone remaining friend to finally start facing her guilt and tackling the real problem.

A big ol' wtf from me. This raises a lot of unanswered questions. First and foremost, what happened. I'd like a continuation, but I also like how it stands now. Well, good on you, anyways. I'll be watching. :rainbowdetermined2:

I've always loved this one. Aluminium is magic.

It has been a long time since I read this oneshot the first time (in fact, I couldn´t find it again :twilightblush:). But yeah, I totally support to expand it into a full universe.

I really think you should explore this some more after you finish Will of Evil.

You know, I would like to see this expanded upon, if you've got any ideas. It's got some real Epic potential.

RD isn't the kind of pony who'd take power out of greed, or for power's sake alone. So how did she and Fluttershy end up the new gods of Equestria? And someone needs to explain to RD that CULTURAL conquest is much more effective than military conquests. With a cultural conquest, they'll be Modern Equestria in all but name.

And makes me wonder if the ponies are doomed to an endless cycle of the moon princess betraying the sun princess, over and over and over.

I'll preface by saying that "It's a Dangerous Business" was the first multi-chapter pony fic I ever read, as it was the only one that held my interest through an entire narrative arc. It's still my favorite pony fic.

This? This didn't do much but make me chuckle. Shorts like these are authorial cop-outs. I've written dozens just like it. :trixieshiftright:

I will now endeavor to create the greatest pony-fic of all time:

Rainbow Dash sat on a throne of skulls.

Down the ivory stairs, in the atrium, Applejack wept.

Damn. Look at that. Sprinkle in a little "never leave 'em hangin'" and some honesty and loyalty junk, and I've done it. How or why did it happen? Bah. I'll leave that up to the reader. They can figure that part out.

-Propose a dramatically divergent situation. :pinkiegasp:
-Give no details as to how it came to be. :unsuresweetie:
-Drop one or two emotionally poignant situations or lines of dialog. :raritydespair:

Essentially, it's authoring mad libs, as the audience is making up 90% of the story on their own. That absolves the author of actually having to formulate a sensible narrative.

I tried to like it. There's some good nougaty bits in there. I just don't know where "there" is.

Reminds me of another story(can't think of name) where Twilight and Rainbow take over for Tia and Luna. Of course, this seems like the BAD END version... I would like to see where this goes, but obviously your other stories take precedence... :twilightsmile:

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not very fond of the new cover art. Very spoilery, if you ask me. Part of the fun the first time reading it was not knowing who Radiant Dawn and Shimmerstar were at first. Especially Radiant Dawn, since you get clues to Shimmerstar near the beginning.

.... Also I could have SWORN I left a review here before? Perhaps not! Well, I like the story a lot - it intrigues me, though it does smack ever so slightly of the author-mad-libs that Hierophant was mentioning. An interesting could-be-maybe to explore, though.

Rather than a simple continuation of this story (unless prequels count as continuation), i'd love to see prequels as well as sequels to this, heck fit it all in the one story with flashbacks for all I care. Regardless, as you probably well know, this has astounding potential and leaves many, possibly too many, unanswered questions.
I'm lookin forward to what you do next.

What a neat story. I had always seen this story around, but I never thought to read it until now. It's actually really good.

If this were continued it could be awesome.

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