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To stop a grave threat from unleashing havoc upon all the realms, an infamous rogue warlock, the king of demons, and a student of a lost arcane art must embark on an epic quest to the most dangerous part of Equestria. Well, dramatically speaking.

Honestly, how is this the first crossover anybody's written with The Owl House? I literally had to make the group. Seriously, the show is incredibly funny and well-written, one of the best cartoons to ever come out of the US, I'd say. If you haven't seen it yet, Disney has the first episode freely available right here. You should be able to appreciate this story well enough after just the one. Oh, and the coverart is by Kurukoo on Deviantart.

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Wanderer D

Honestly, how is this the first crossover anybody's written with The Owl House?

It isn't, exactly.

I'll be following this one.

Yours is one chapter of a multi-crossover, doesn't count, lol.

Wanderer D

10385124 But! Luz is becoming a regular! Nah, you're absolutely right. Strictly speaking, this is the first I've seen. Kinda glad it's by someone who has experience writing several stories. I was afraid it was going to be one of those "get rich fast" attempts by new writers (or worse, displaced), so I'm looking forward to reading this! There are a lot of fans here that I know of!

I am a fan of The Owl House and proud of it! This is getting good!

I was actually thinking a crossover of these two would be good a few weeks ago, but seeing as I have absolutely zero writing experience, it would turn out horrible if I tried to write my own. Glad to see someone else thought of it though.

Loving this so far, you did an absolutely fantastic job capturing the humor of the show (I especially like Luz's added commentary to everything, makes me wish Disney would put out a companion novel or comic series so we'd get to hear more about the characters thoughts like this)

Off to a fantastic start and definitely tracking, keep up the great work :twilightsmile:

From there, Luz waited with bated breath to see what sort of earth-shaking revelation was about to be revealed. A secret, forbidden spell? Or was she coming out of the closet to her family? The seconds ticked by in silence.

Luz: Mom? Dad? There's something I have to tell you... I'm gay!:unsuresweetie:

You have got me interested with this I haven't seen the owl house on TV but I got to watch it on YouTube and I enjoyed it so I'm interested in where you will take this

I am absolutely on board for this! We're only halfway through Season 1 of The Owl House and it's already up there for one of my favourite cartoons of all time!


Not a bad start.:pinkiesmile: Now i have to ask.:applejackunsure: Dose lyra have any thing to do with this mess?:duck:

Oh boy, here I go reading again!

Oh, how I adore the apt characterization and dialogue. Looking forward to more.

I am ready for more of this story since I love mlp and the owl house

Oh no! Watch out Clementine, they’re after you

Huh. I actually had no clue the giraffe had a canon name. Thanks for the heads-up!

I picture Luz cuddling ponies the entire time.:twilightsmile:

At first you had my curiosity. But now, you have my undivided attention.

It's cool to see an Owl House/MLP Crossover!

Great work on this chapter, everyone is in character.

Very funny, I can't for the next chapter.

"Alright, one banished monstrosity, coming up!" Eda declared, pulling open the door. A shadowy space beckoned beyond the threshold. And Luz boldly leapt forwards into the unknown.


"It's called a Giraffe," King elaborated. "We're here to get rid of it before it plunges everything into stuff you don't want to be plunged into." He then opened up his book again, facing the image of the fell monstrosity to the seven natives. "You seen this anywhere?"

...Is it going to turn out that the magic from the Boiling Isles was just making the giraffe aggressive, while Equestrian magic makes it more friendly?

Is... Is that a purple, angel of death version of Bill Cipher on Luz’s butt?

Looking closely, it appears to be a colored in version of the light spell rune without the circle around it. If you look, you can see the gaps where the two slash marks would be.

There are literally two episodes of season one left

You're right! Apologies, I thought there were 24 episodes. Still, the show is amazing!

Great job on this crossover! I didn't expect the giraffe mention in TOH to provide the basis for the story, lol. Everyone's in-character and the worlds are presented well. I appreciate the choice to focus on the Student Six rather than the Mane Six at this point. Things seem to be imbalanced toward the MLP side in the number of characters, though.

That's fair. Juggling nine plus characters in scenes is already a challenge, I didn't want to make things even more complicated by having, say, Willow or Amity tag along too.

The Owl House is great. Gonna keep an eye on this.

Not that familiar with half of the source material, but this still promises to be very interesting indeed. Especially if any magical compatibility issues crop up. Looking forward to more.

I’m actually a little surprised she turned out to be evil. I half expected her to be nice and the whole evil giraffe thing was exaggerated

My grandma lives in East Africa, and her old Land Cruiser has a rear door that’s mostly caved in from where a Giraffe kicked it. I can believe they’re evil.

Well... Eda did say banished giraffes. They would make great villains in The Owl House.

Her parents would probably react in a similar manner once they found out what she had actually been doing this summer, regardless of how she phrased it. But - and this was the problem - she'd already vanquished that extremely dangerous nightmare entity.

So I see EGF is canon here. In that case, needs more Amity

Welp, time for super magic ray. FIRE THE LAZER!

Wonder how Luz would react to the mirror portal that leads to a slightly less boring version of her world...

After watching ep.18, reading this makes me remember Eda already:fluttercry:

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