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Thought Prism

There are two lives: The life you live before you see a unicorn, and the life you live after.


"Why couldn't we have been sent to stop a war, or something?"

Starlight gets her wish, courtesy of me, Thought Prism. Because of all the wars that need stopping, an Infinity one probably takes the cake. The second story in my blatant crackfic series of 'vs' fics.

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How it should have ended. :rainbowlaugh:

That was fun, I also kind of want to see what kind of mischief Loki and Starlight would get up to together.

"Lord Thanos, I don't feel so good..."

But yeah, pretty sure that falls under the Matter or Reality Stones' purview. Enjoyable bit of crack, and excellent timing on my part. I only just saw the movie less than an hour ago. Thank you for this.

What the........ OMG I can't stop laughing. Nice one

Like, once you know how to mind control somepony, who needs any other spells?"

This put a wide smile on his face. He turned to Thor. "Can we keep her? She seems fantastic."

Lol this made me laugh like crazy. Awesome story

I want a salad now.

And just like that she saved 16 favorite characters.
Starlight, you deserve to be an avenger/guardian.

Peckish indeed.

Huh...I kinda think this is wrong but I also don't care because this is a crack fic....so carry on I guess:unsuresweetie:

Huh.... problem solved

Hey, if it means that Spider-Man doesn't die, then I'm happy!

Bout time Marvel saw a decent magic user!

Starlight vs Thanos?!

Poor Thanos... if only he had trained in the NEW way, he might have stood a chance. :trollestia:

Starlight is best Eggplant Wizard. :rainbowlaugh:

Infinity Meal

*Hulk bashes right in*
Aww... Hulk wanted to pet ponies.

Never thought I’d actually find a perfect fanfiction.

*Thor looks at hulk, then back to loki, then over where the ponies left from*
Uh, hulk? If they can turn a being that is praticly a god into an eggplant, then petting them might be bad for your health.

🍆<---- Thanos.

Can we just appreciate he fact that Thor, Loki, Starlight and Sunburst eat Thanos and his minions in salad?

This was just so bizarrely hilarious.

Also, that opening really made me want to see what would happen if Starlight got her hooves on the Time Stone.

I'm betting Thanos is wishing he had the Reality stone right about now.

Not really, at the time all Thanos had was the power stone, which grants him unlimited strength, not making him magic proof. He'd need the reality stone for that and as we saw in Infinity War, when he had Four Stones he was still suceptible to Mantis's powers. Thus if that works on him when he has Four stones, I think Starlight's magic could work if he had just one stone.

this was way funnier than it should have been.

makes you wonder if thor had just thrown his chopper about 5 inches to the left then thanos wouldn't have really been able to wield the gauntlet...not without a left hand that is.

You should link the first one if this is the second in the series.

Starlight = Best heroine

Now if only they'd turned Thanos into a prune, that was still somehow wearing his armor.

Okay but you have like... the Power Stone and the Space Stone. Revive them yourself, Loki. You know where Reality is and with Space and Power you can easily reach and take it from the Collector. That’s if you don’t know about the Time Stone so as to reverse their deaths or to offer to find the Soul and/or Mind Stone to avoid any zombie problems when Starlight revives them.

A much better ending.

Thor made this work. Great stuff, and thank you for a much better laugh than I anticipated.

Doctor Strange, eat your heart out.

no, I meant to link this as a sequel, so the other one would appear in a box to the side, or at least in the description.

8909611 Well I mean, he also needed to throw it into the path of the Beam of Certain Doom that was coming his way, no?

...But not at full power.

even at full power thanos has some weaknesses. namely anything that stops him from using the power of the gauntlet.

I am curious...wouldn't one of the stones prevent him from being polymorphed?

Yep, at least then the movie wouldn't have been the disappointment it was. I have always hated Thanos from his very first inception in the comics. Really poorly thought out "bad guy" on so many levels. (not as bad as Sombra but...at least thanos got more screen time :rainbowlaugh: )

Love the story, going by the downthumbs I would say there are some people who just don't get humor. :twilightsmile:

I now want a fic with starlight and Loki becoming best friends

He only had the Power Stone in the beginning and didn't put in the Space stone until he was finished with Thor, Loki and The Hulk. To deflect a polymorph spell, he needed the Reality or Time stones. That timeframe was the only chance Starlight's spells ever had a chance of working. That's why the portal threw them to the beginning of Infinity War instead of say: Knowhere (Reality), Titan (Time) or Wakanda (Mind). She will get crushed like a grape in all other situations.

Yeah, those stones are completely the Elements of Harmony. I guess, there was no brony who did not think of that meanwhile the film.

I'm sure Heimdall didn't see that one coming.

Surprisingly, even most of the colours and themes line up.

Blue=Space=Looney toons Teleportation=Pinkie
Red=Reality=Doing the Impossible=Rainbow Dash
Orange=Soul=The backbone of the group=Applejack
Green=Time=Temporal Shenanigans=Starlight Glimmer

The only one I couldn't fit would be the Mind stone, since there are no yellow elements unless you count Fluttershy.

This put a wide smile on his face. He turned to Thor. "Can we keep her? She seems fantastic."

Don't trust Loki around horses :pinkiesick:

Mr. Stark... I'm craving eggplants.

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