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Emberglow's story is not yet over...



Have you ever wondered how pony names somehow always accurately relate to the identity of the pony in question? Well, that's all thanks to the efforts of one stallion. And he hates his job.

Name Rater has always had a very unique skill: the ability to gauge the talents of others at a glance. And once this became known, everypony began to depend on his guidance, much to his chagrin. This is his story, a tale of great self-sacrifice and even greater grumpiness.

And no, this has nothing to do with Pokémon, the name is just fitting.

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Quite enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

It'll be cool to see a sequel or continuation of sorts, like Name Rater reacting to Equestria, meeting Twilight and the others, but no rush.

Good story, but bollocks this ain't nothing to do with Pokemon! XD It's totally to do with the Pokemon Name Rater! XD

I don't care though. Good story.

This certainly doesn't feel like a oneshot, rather like the intro to a bigger story.


This was supposed to be a one-shot (as I'm currently in the middle of writing this), but since you all seem interested, I could expand on this later.

Interesting so at one point, celestia raised the sun for many years with no cutie mark, which makes me wonder who thought she would be the one to do that singlehandedly. Or how adults reacted to suddenly sprouting tatoos.

Me: Where's the like button?
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All joking aside this is actually genuinely a good story with a sort of unique concept.

Also great way to introduce an Alicorn without it being a "Sudden OP Alicorn OC"

And then Princess Celestia and Princess Luna failed to ever get their subjects from addressing them as Sunbutt Susan and Moonbutt Monica :scootangel:

I liked this story. Would like to see what happens to George. But as a stand lone, it does great!

This was...very interesting. And had a funny ending. And a funny bombardment of questions from the CMC.

6026230 I pictured Mr Fuji for some odd reason....not sure why, but I wanna see Mr Fuji's Pokemon Orphanage make it to equestria in a story someday.

Back on topic. Loved it. If you do anything else with this character, I'll likely be one of the first to read it.

6020384 Monica....Beautiful name. Susan?....Sounds like she should have Braces and thick rimmed glasses.


It was only two letters off from 'sun'. I was attempting to be clever with both their names.

6028659 I realize. But I couldn't help but think of Sue Sue Heck from The Middle.


Oh, wow. I probably should have gotten that reference.

Mmm interesting concept
I will be keeping an eye on this :pinkiesmile:

Interesting. This has my attention.


Someone as skilled and prolific as yourself likes my work?
*plops onto fainting couch*

This was brilliant. I love stories like this: ones that give us new perspectives and elaborate stories on elements of the MLP universe. Wish I had read it sooner. :pinkiehappy:

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Very nice! Good as a stand-alone, but I won't complain if you come up with more :)
Good job!

I'll read this when it's complete but just by reading the summary I immediately thought of The Cutie Mark Inspectors and I loved that fic. Can't wait to read this one!:twilightsmile:

You could read just the first chapter now. This was designed as a oneshot initially, so it isn't like you're going to end in a cliffhanger from that alone.

I love this OC already.:heart:


Awesome--this is the most interesting OC I've read about in a while.

Name Rater x Applejack SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP

on a slightly more serious note, it would be interesting to eventually incorporate someone from Name Rater's past into the story, be it Cadence, Celestia, Discord, or even a really old OC living in Ponyville.


Aw, shucks :twilightblush:

Honestly, Name Rater is fairly easy to write. He's basically just a grumpier version of me.

All you have to do to bring Name Rater's character ark to a close is solve at least one of the conflicts presented in the story. Preferably in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

Some of the conflicts you could focus on include :
-How will equestria react at the revelation that one pony gas name them all.
-How will the princesses react at seeing old wizened Name Rater? will they even recognize him?
-Will an old antisocial and introverted stallion who has being isolated from society for over a millennia be able to adapt to modern society and culture? If so how and how well?
-Analyzing the origin of cutiemarks and their role and value in pony society and culture. Will Name Rater come to embrace the subject or perhaps equestria is better off without them?
And that's just to name a few, even more conflicts could arise in the horizon if you wish to focus on dealing with a completely separate issue/topic like the value of nicknames for ponies when their names are already so good like Colgate for Minuette for example.:scootangel:

Also, 3 foals per minute comes to 4320 per day, it seems legit.



Thanks for the ideas, but it's not really the what I'm having trouble with so much as the how. I'll probably figure it out, given enough time.

I'm shipping him with Granny Smith.

Groan... And one more OP Alicorn OC with unbelievable powers unrivaled by anyone else...
I call Mary Sue!:derpytongue2:

An alicorn with the power to give ponies nicknames fitting their talents is a Mary Sue?

great idea

not like the chapter ending, he should be more angry at the CMC for the damage to his property

you know I wouldn't mind this story taking a dozen or more chapters to conclude, This is pretty good


Pretty sure the Derpy was intended to indicate sarcasm. Hence why I didn't object.

6227460 If you need any help feel free to pm me. I'll be happy to provide any feedback I can.:scootangel:


I know but I added my own sarcasm by saying that this alicorn was unacceptable
But I guess it did look like it was serious didn't it? :unsuresweetie:
Sarcasm is hard to pull off in text based comments sometimes :twilightsheepish: for me at least

So not a oneshot anymore? Then I have it on the wrong bookshelf. :twilightoops:

Glad to see this story becoming something bigger! I wish only the best for this story! I cannot wait until the Princess's find out that Name Rater is out and about! It makes me wonder how AJ will react when she finds out just who the CMC just found and dragged out.

6227479 Op? He doesn't even know how to fly! If I remember correctly. Only reason he's an Alicorn is so that he didn't pass with old age.

6245399 He is an OC and an Alicorn. Truly that combination automatically means he is OP and a Mary Sue. After all, all Alicorn OC's are just shameless self inserts of the author and cannot have anything original to their character.

Have you ever heard of sarcasm? It is a thing I really don't appreciate and would never apply in my comments.

She paused, contemplating this. "So, you're just a natural grumpypants, then. Okie-Doki-Loki! Maybe you'll cheer up and be my friend if I find you a wife!"
Name Rater closed his eyes, frowning. "I had one. She's dead."


6227939 I agree with this guy bbbbuuuutttttt
But seriously great concept idea.




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