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There are two lives: the life you live before you see a unicorn, and the life you live after.


One day, Catbug, of Bravest Warriors fame, 'jumps' to Equestria. He quickly befriends the Mane Six, as he is very, very lovable. But how will they each react to his unique blend of feline curiosity and childlike innocence?

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 77 )

FUCK YES!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

NO !!!!!! WHY!!!!! THE FISHMANITY!!!!!!!:fluttercry::fluttershbad::raritycry::raritydespair:

Oh no. Everypony's doomed.

Wait, Catbug in equestria?

R.I.P. 1996-2015 Died of cuteness overload.


She could see all the bird and the bees

It should be,

She could see all the birds and the bees

Also, was that a joke? If so, that was great.


Well, I guess I'll be focusing on cute/funny stories for a while. I know my talent now! *gets cutie mark of a prism smiling adorably*

I LOVE IT!!!!:heart:

Catbug already met Pinkie Pie.

Holy shit. I googled this character and watched a montage of this cute little bastard. I might need to watch this show. The fact that it's made by the Adventure Time guy is just icing on the cake.


Good idea, it is amazeballs. Quick question: why didn't you just use the link I put in the story description?

5975781 Tbh, I don't generally click links people provide, on any site.:twilightsheepish: It's not a matter of suspicion of your motives mind you, I just didn't even consider it.:derpytongue2:

You're talking to a guy who's willing to make a consistent diet out of sushi. That being said, I love this story. I await the next installment at your leisure :moustache:


Glad you like it! I also eagerly await your next installment of a certain story.

5977937 I'm aware :twilightblush: Writer's Block sucks.

Damn it Burnie, you're drunk again, aren't you?! That's it, no more alcohol for you young man!

*sees title and adds it to favorites on the spot*

That was funny! You write a good Catbug!

I can hear Catbug perfectly. I also hear "Why won't you let me die?"

Twilight's gonna have a field day with Catbug.

Looks like Twilight's part is over already. That sounded like Rainbow Dash crashing into the castle.

5993645 Until I read your comment my guess was the Bravest Warriors had found Catbug.

This is surprisingly great so far. I wonder what Rainbow Dash will think of Catbug.

Have you read a fic where a certain muffin goes to Equestria?

huurggghh! the dieabetis is stong in this one.

I can just imagine the MLP theme lyrics set to the Bravest Warriors beat.

That's amazing! Just think, a whole library at my fingertips! How does it work?

a whole library at my fingertips

at my fingertips


fix this please


Whoops. Keeping track of all the body-part-based expressions is the worst part about writing this stuff. Fixed.

called volt tackle


Catbug's gonna give Fluttershy and Dinky Doo a run for their bits~

Doesn't Cat-bug have super strength? In one of the episodes, he was able to lift one of the bravest warriors.

The part with Bon Bon :rainbowlaugh:


Perhaps he was just trolling Rainbow Dash the whole time.

It's not like I totally didn't remember that or anything...

...wait, that's it!?!? Please tell me the next one is soon! :pinkiesad2:

6033149 if I amp the zoom to 400% I can read the text

I....I....CUTE! IT"S TOO CUTE!:raritydespair:
Great work here, but.....
I care. {Sunset Shimmer best pony/human.}

Aw, c'mon; we can do better than that, :rainbowdetermined2:

"Volt Tackle"
"Well, yeah, that's a given for you, but doesn't it ever bug you that they don't let you pull their weight? No pun intended."

I see what you did there :pinkiegasp:

This is why I'm a dog person

This is why I'm a cat person. :raritywink:

This is why I'm a catbug person:twilightsmile:

Rarity better give him some much needed TLC after this.

I love kitties, but Opal would severely test my patience. Poor Catbug!

Download isn't working. It's adorable nonetheless.

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