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Doctor Blizzard

Success is luck when it comes to people like me. I live life like the captain of a sinking ship. I can't say I enjoy it, but it's made me who I am.


The Forlorn Moon Revisions · 2:09am Mar 4th, 2018

For people who are interested in reading The Forlorn Moon, I will be making revisions to sentence structure and potential punctuation errors. I am working on the finale for Act I, it's just taking me a long freaking time to do. I've been playing Stellaris and it has a terrible grip on me, it's like a damn drug at this point. Nothing is more satisfying than shattering worlds with my planet cracker.

Story Progression

The Forlorn Moon
Recently, I've taken a break with this story because I'm working on other, shorter stories at the moment. This story is about a pony named Cloud Strider who fled his home in Norway after being afflicted with the essence of Nightmare Moon. After years of relentless travel, Cloud Strider makes it to his destination in Equestria in hopes that Princess Luna may be able to free his soul. The first act is almost done and the chapter of the act is underway!

The Sentinel of Crows
This story is already completed, but I may revisit it if I feel that it needs work. It is a Bloodborne crossover that features a character named Eileen the Crow that wound up in Equestria many years ago. It is also my first crossover I have ever attempted.

Call Upon Me, Dear Sister
A story that I wrote in the spur of the moment, but somehow taking me almost a month to fully fletch it out how I wanted. Laying in my bed in the early hours of the morning gave me the idea to write this odd piece. I wanted it to be a manifestation of my pent-up anger of how self-deprecating I am. I only hope that it somewhat delivered.

Between Worlds
This story takes place in Sweden where a large earth pony musters up the courage to go back home. He has spent almost a decade traveling, trying to find his calling away from home but never found it. But what became of his hometown remains a mystery to him.

This list is sure to be updated. I am working on other stories and coming up with ideas as much as I can in my quiet life.

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Your wide array of stories, of course!

Thanks for the watch! What inspired it?

Man, life's crazy.

No problem! I like your profile pic too!

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