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Within Dusk

Welcome to my Fimfiction account! I just do stories for fun! hope you enjoy them!

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  • 51 weeks
    Update on "Bardock: Saiyan Warrior of Equestria"

    I've been doing some introspection on some of my stories and I realized how much I rush certain things, specifically relationships and such, in my other story "Minxy's New Adventure: Reset" I didn't give much build up to Twilight's and Rainbow Dash's relationship, this is due to one of my more common errors as a writer, I thought people would be able to give themselves context and such but I should have been putting more hints and dialogue that would suggest they had feelings for each other,

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  • 56 weeks
    Rewriting my story

    So I wanna make my Story "Bardock: Saiyan Warrior of Equestria" Better, so i'll be rewriting the first chapter and adding a bit more art since well, I need to make use of my SFM skills somehow so yeah.

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  • 72 weeks
    Minxy's Transformations from the Reset!

    Super Fox: This form was acquired via Luna's training, It was possible by Luna asking Minxy what he'd do if a threat destroyed everything he cared for, it's a 50x power multiplier, it appears with a purple aura.

    Super Fox 2: This form was acquired by master Super Fox 1 along side Luna's training, It's a 100x power multiplier, it appears with a light blue aura with pink electricity.

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  • 86 weeks
    Meet Gabriel "Phantom" Hudson

    Name: Gabriel Hudson
    Codename: Phantom
    Age: 50
    Role: Sniper, Medic

    Gabriel was on a scout mission to see what Ether was up to, he was partnered with Viktor Locke and after this mission they met again at the raid, and he also met Jason and Michael, after it was all over, he accepted to be a part of Task Force 115. He's Armed with a M82 Barret and MP5.

    Gabriel is calculated and very precise when it comes to plans, he doesn't like unnecessary changes to plans unless they're to be expected.

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  • 86 weeks
    Meet Michael "Mist" Weaver

    Name: Michael Weaver
    Codename: Mist
    Age: 39
    Role: Infantry, Scout

    Michael enlisted into ShadowWatch near the beginning of the war on Scenario 13, he was 19 when he went in for a mission to raid Ethers compound, and it's where he met Jason, Gabriel and Viktor, he's the youngest member of Task Force 115, he's armed with a Scorpion EVO and Glock 18.

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About me!

I usually go by MinxyTheFox! I'm 20! I'm gay and Non-Binary going by male and female pronouns! I'm a femboy and am basically an OG of the fandom even if I'm not popular, I create stories purely for fun!

I have a youtube for my gaming content and I have 2 twitter accounts! one for normal posts and the other is MLP exclusive! Feel free to follow me there or here! I hope you all enjoy my stories!

MLP Twitter: @WithinDuskFIM
Normal Twitter: @MinxyTheFox
My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MinxyTheFox03