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Thank you for favoriting Kiba-chan!

Many thanks for the fav, be sure to drop me a line if you get a plot idea or question :twilightsmile:

thanks man this will help a lot oh and look for it if it gets approved its the one i was working on and i had no name so Elements to the core or elements of the core for when it is up OK ?

Sure thing ^.^ It's actually quite simple to start a story. Now, just follow these simple steps (preferably in another window so you can easily come back to this without having to start over or memorize everything). Now, near the top (just below the banner for FiMFiction) you'll see several options. Next to "groups" you should see your profile name. Hover your pointer (don't click) over you name and a small box of more options will drop down. Go down to the "Stories" option and click it. When you get to the page it sends you to you should see a clearly labeled green box labeled "+ New Story". Click that. You'll have to fill out all of the information for your story such as Title, short and long description (these can be the same if you wish), etc. Once you finish click "Create Story" at the bottom (make sure you read all of the rules first!). One thing you must note is that you can't actually "Publish" the story until it has at least 1000 words. After clicking "Create story" it should automatically take you to your story's page. At that moment your story will have 0 chapters with 0 words. To change this, merely click the option "New Chapter", put in the chapter's name, and click "Add Chapter". Once there you click "Edit" and begin writing/typing your story up. Once finished make sure to click the save button which looks like a floppy disk (you should be able to tell which one, if not I'll explain it) and then hit "Publish". Once your story has at least a thousand words, go back to your story's page and click "Submit". This will send the story in for those in charge to look at and decide whether the story will be accepted to be submitted. You may have to wait a day for them to do so, but it doesn't take too long. You will receive a message that it has been accepted/denied. If accepted then people will then be able to view it. Word of warning. Don't be afraid of criticism because you will find it. Go with the punches and take them with stride. Other than that, good luck and I can't wait to see your work when it's up ^.^

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