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I am BACK. · 3:33pm Aug 31st, 2018

Hello, every one of my readers. Or passerbyers, hello to you too.

It was a tough time for me, if I am being honest. I went through... a lot of things, some emotional, some financial, etc. etc. life is shit for me.

Anyway. I am back to being depressed but not lazy! Which is good, because I am resuming the story. Whew. No set timetable yet due to me... having more life stuff ahead which I know not of. So. Story will continue.

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That is quite smart.

I just use Word and copy/paste. Just easier to work with for me. I do final editing by pasting a chapter here and listening to the robot-voice as I read along. I always pick up on a few things to fix or modify.


Same except sometimes I feel like I make them a little too short... Or maybe I progressing the story too quickly. But I'm managing. Improvisation and all. When I write my chapters, I write them in Google Docs, so I don't exactly have a word counter. Only a page counter but I'd say I wouldn't go beyond 55 pages on Google Docs even if I had to fit in more. I'd just do a multiple-parter chapters, cut it somewhere.

You sure don't have an aversion to longer chapters. The length of mine are all over the place.

What's your philosophy regarding chapter length? I don't really have any specifications other than I make them long enough to cover what I want with any given chapter.

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