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    Character and Story Idea Adoption (Pt. 1)

    Welp, I promised myself I would do this one day here on this site and so I have. Now to say any of these characters or ideas will ever be used by me or others? No clue and truth be told, I'd just be happy that someone thought one of these was cool, so yeah.

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Character and Story Idea Adoption (Pt. 1) · 1:36pm April 25th

Welp, I promised myself I would do this one day here on this site and so I have. Now to say any of these characters or ideas will ever be used by me or others? No clue and truth be told, I'd just be happy that someone thought one of these was cool, so yeah.

Anyways! These will be split up into many blogs so as to give myself a way so I can keep track of characters I've made for adoption and story ideas I've suggested. So each of these will have 1 character and 1 story suggestion to keep things simple. I will get as descriptive as I can but I will leave plenty open for others to fill in with their own ideas and suggestions. These are open to anyone to use as long as I'm given at least a name drop in the description, nothing more and nothing less. If you want to criticize any of these or how I'm doing it or even why I'm doing it then just be smart about it please, otherwise Uncle Jackie won't be so nice to you and I mean that sincerely, criticize smartly people, not stupidly. Now onto the character!

Conrad the White/Grey/Black (Name is open to change like everything here)
A DnD character inspired by an actual character I once played years ago, his story was that for years he was seeking out the 'lost' parts of his Heart Crystal, a artifact bestowed upon him by Mystra, the Goddess of Magic and The Raven Queen, the Goddess of Death. This artifact was what not only contained his soul, since he wasn't human no longer but a Reborn Human, but also his memories. As they both knew as time went on he would go on to forget more and moee of his life as he sought out the 'lost' fragments of his old life. In reality he seeking out new lives and experiences so that he would never return back to what he was before he became a Reborn, which he was a infamous lich who was know for seeking out gods to steal their souls and essence in an attempt to revive his lost lover, an ancient prismatic dragon who was slain by the gods for unknown means. Every time he experience everything life had given him (by reaching 20th level in that classes sub-class), the artifact would remove the memories of that even and place it away so that it could be used in the future if needed (basically allowing me to play the same character but as a different class or sub-class). As time went on he would experience more and more things, surviving the impossible and the improbable, until finally he found his end. His end? The grave marker of his lover, etched into an enchanted adamantine grave marker was the one name he, no matter what, could never forget. (It can be whatever you want it to be) This sight drove him mad as every memory from his past lives came rushing into his mind, memories of being extremely good to being the truest of neutrals, to even being the most vile of persons. But that wasn't enough, for the memories as the infamous lich also filled his mind, nearly shattering the Heart Crystal deep within his chest. It felt like an eternity as he knelt beforenthe grave marker, crying and screaming for it to all end, to either kill him or for the gods lights to burn out forever. To finally get the revenge he so wished all those centuries ago.
At this point I left it up to the players and DM to decide by themselves what happened to him. Did Conrad in the end forgive the gods for their actions against him and remained as the lone guardian of the only prismatic dragon to ever die in existence? (Which mind you, he is at this point more powerful then any god as he has reached lvl 20 in every subclass and class) Did go through with his vengeance that long bowled deep within his heart and soul, to extinguish the gods lights and let the world live on without gods and goddesses, to live free of these fickle beings. Or does something else happen? Something so impossible and improbable that it should never have happened happened? I'll let you decide!

Here is an idea of what Conrad looks like:
If you know how the reborn works then you should know that even if he's missing some parts of himself it would fill with with a ghostly double that includes facial hair.

The story idea! Well this one will be short and sweet and not really as descriptive as the chatacter was. Mostly because this was quite literally thought of on the spot, anyways.
I always found it odd that for how many stories there are of Spike being gay, I've only ever found 4 that actually involved a gay relationship with a human. And one of them was cancel! I mean sure, most of the time when its him being gay it's going to end up being a clopfic which always saddens me. Like I love the guy, I mean I'd love for him to be older but I do love the lovable guy. He's sweet, caring, and stubborn. Like can I not have a fic where Spike is a love interest and its a human? That lasts longer then 1 chapter? No? I mean it'd be nice! Have it be about Spike slowly falling in love with a human knight who keeps saving him from certain danger or falling in love with a bounty hunter who swore he'd never love another again with the work he does. I just want a fic of an older Spike having feels for a human and not a pony for once! And one that doesn't make me feel like a scumbag or a pedo! Can I have that!? A nice, long story about a teenage dragon and a human who was looked down upon for being 'different'.

Well there's you're story idea, don't think it'll ever happen but if it does? Then I salute ya and have my full respect, well even more of my respect since having the will to write is enough for me to give respect.

Well guys, I'll talk to ya in the next blog (whenever that happens). May you have a very wonderful day! Hahaha!

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