Lorcan, Max and Dawn Darcy, along with Jake, Kyle, Anya, and Lorcan and Jake's daughter Ellie, have been transported to Equestria. The Mane 6, CMC, Spike, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence discovers that Everypony in Equestria have gone missing.

Now the Rebels team up with them to find a clue in Manehatten's new Super Mall in order find out about their friends' disappearance.

  • *This story is inspired by Kingdom Hearts III Chapter, Toy Box.
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Sunset Shimmer is going through some tough battles in her life. School has been hectic and also doubting herself once again with her past. Once she has an emotional breakdown, her best friend Flash comes over and helps her out.

B-Day gift for my sweet precious bestie Milena~ i love you so much darling and i hope you enjoy it~ :heart:


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This story is a sequel to Exploration

After an awful evening of getting stood up by her date, Aria goes to blow off some steam. What she doesn't realize is she's got a little bit of company this evening. And a new activity for Sunday!

Set in the Shattered-verse. No readings of previous stories required.

Special thanks to Scholarly-Cimmerian for proofreading.

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This Story is a Prequel to - The Heart That Forgot How to Feel

Taking place before the events of The Heart That Forgot How to Feel, Fluttershy's tragic death following her pregnancy presents itself with the opportunity of a lifetime for a local mad scientist with ambitions of building and developing Equestria's very first cyborg pony.

However, during the development phase when it comes to running his experiments to test his progress, the scientist finds himself entering a situation which is more than he ever anticipated, leaving him with plagued thoughts. He begins to wonder if he's doing the correct thing, toying around with the ethics that come with tradition, mortality and the concept of a second chance.

Perhaps, just maybe, this new experiment might open his eyes and heart a little...

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Cover Art by skydragon90 Check him out, he's got good artwork.
Edit: Sweet! Featured on 11/16/2019!

Twilight Sparkle is a seemingly normal Unicorn. Sure she's the Element of Magic, leader of the Bearers of Harmony (affectionally called the Main 6) and has been the personal student of Princess Celestia since she was 10, but other than that she's just a normal Unicorn.

But that's all about to change.

It started off when she dreamed of a strange place full of stained glass and dark, shadowy creatures, and a voice telling her that she would be the light that would save this world.

And then the dark storm came, and the shadowy creatures from her dreams became a lot more real.

Fortunately, that was the moment she unlocked her own power: a weapon of light called a Keyblade.

Unfortunately she ends up being separated from her friends, and her world exploded. Quite literally.

And then she awakes to meet a duck who's a sorcerer, a dog who's the captain of their knights, and a mouse who also wields a Keyblade and happens to be the King of the "World" she was on.

Oh, and she's now a human.

So all in all, normal for Twilight has just gone out the window.

After getting a crash course in Heartless, Nobodies, Keyblades (which includes the adventures of their one friend Sora) and the ongoing fight between the Light and the Dark, Twilight sets out to find her friends and hopefully find a way to restore Equestria. And maybe make some new friends along the way.

But in the shadows, sinister forces conspire against her, and she may find out that her greatest enemy is the one she'd never suspect.

Will Twilight Sparkle prevail? Or will her Heart fall to the darkness?

The only way to find out is to read the tale of Twilight's Awakening.

Okay, so a bit of spoilery stuff to get out of the way quick:

-This story starts during Magical Mystery Cure, but immediately goes AU when they cast Starswirl's Unfinished Spell. You'll see what I mean.
-Kingdom Hearts-wise, the story takes place during the events of Dream Drop Distance. Mostly because I haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3 yet, so I can't write about anything that happened in that.
-Certain worlds that Twilight visits in this story will have their stories diverge from canon after she appears. But I don't think anyone will notice since that's already happened in the actual Kingdom Hearts games. I'm looking at you, Aladdin and Hercules.
-Some of the worlds that appear will be from Disney franchises that haven't appeared yet, but there will also be some worlds that aren't from Disney properties. I'd tell you which ones, but that would just be spoiling the surprise. :twilightsmile:

Hope you guys enjoy the story!

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Many sicknesses have strange treatments. Sometimes a simple change in diet is needed. In other diseases, sunlight, exercise, or other oddities work wonders.

Some diseases have darker solutions. Brown ones, even. Twilight is about to learn about one of these diseases the hard way.

Contains medical discussion about bowel movements.

EDIT: Non-mature featured next day.

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Torn from the Alpha Quadrant in 2371, The USS Voyager and her crew have been navigating their way through the previously uncharted Delta Quadrant. After four years of traveling, The crew is alerted to radio transmissions originating from a planet in the Equis System.

In that same system, an Alicorn is staring up at the night sky, wondering if there is anything out there. Nopony could have predicted the events that would come to pass within the next few days, nor the consequences that would follow.

Thank you to discranola for proofreading.

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This story is a sequel to The Apprentice, the Student, and the Charlatan

It has been four years since Nova Shine and Twilight Sparkle sealed away Envy at the base of the Everfree Vaults and got engaged, and a lot has happened. Nova has been training to become the archmage, Twilight and her friends defeated Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Queen Chrysalis, and now here they stand, with Nova's Ascendancy to come, his and Twilight's wedding (finally) on the horizon, a new apprentice for Nova to teach, and Twilight's coronation as the Ruler of Equestria set for the coming weeks. Though it's time to say goodbye, Nova and Twilight have made their peace with their lot, and are happy to begin a new chapter as they prepare for their new lives ahead of them.

But this happy life, in the midst of upheaval and transition, does not last.

Nova discovers that his old nemesis, whom he had believed sealed away for several years more, has escaped. He also learns she is now seeking out several objects with the potential to cause untold horrors and devastation. With Equestria still reeling form the attacks by Cozy, Chrysalis, and Tirek, Twilight and Nova are forced to leap into action once again, to stop Envy before she can acquire the mythical Gems of Being, and use them to assemble the Crown of Life.

And on top of all of this, Envy isn't the only one who wants to assemble the Crown. Someone else is after it too. And if he acquires all of them, it could mean the true end of all things.

Racing against time and against their enemies, and battling themselves just as much as their foes, Nova and Twilight, his apprentice Bright Gleam, as well as their friends Aegis, Trixie, the Princesses, Star Swirl, and Sharp Eye, have their work cut out for them. They must find these Gems of Being first, or at the very least, keep them out of the hooves of Envy and the other mysterious being, in order to win a battle that will determine the very fate of the entire world, and everyone in it.

Cover art by Winterline13
Proofread by Karibela.

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An Ark Mechanicus commanded by Arch Magos Cassius discover a world rich in resources and potential. The only issue is the inhabitants.

Cover art is from the game Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus.

Warhammer 40,000 is property of Games Workshop

MLP is property of Hasbro

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Two of the Young Six have gotten the second call from the map. This time, Smolder and Sandbar are going to the Dragon Lands. Once there, they were surprised to see that the one needing help is Dragon Lord Ember. Not just her, but a king from a certain hive.

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