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Thirty moons have passed since Twilight lost contact with her Canterlot High friends. When the portal reopened she eagerly rushed to visit them.

But the world she found herself in is nothing like the one she remembered. Each day is a constant battle for survival against the elements, twisted wildlife and an ever present madness that claws at the minds of those who survive. Worse still, her friends are missing and Twilight's only way home is lost.

Left with only one choice Twilight must set forth into the ruins of the city and brave the worst it has to offer in order to save her friends and to find her way home.

But Fallen Canterlot has many secrets and her presence has not gone unnoticed.

Special thanks to Legofan and thatguyvex for their help and support.

Chapters (1)

Applejack has a dark secret she keeps from her friends and family. Something for which she seeks redemption everyday of her life. What could it be?
Part of a collection of unrelated stories:
The Secret Life of... Rainbow Dash
The Secret Life of... Big Mac
The Secret Life of... Pinkie Pie
The cover art comes from the Three's A Crowd episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related content is owned by Hasbro. CYA.

Chapters (1)

The world has ended in a small town in Kansas.

Note: Tags will probably change as the story progresses. Chapters will be updated periodically.

Chapters (1)

    We go to bed every night, knowing full well that we are going to wake up the following morning; in our own bed, looking exactly as we had the previous night.  What if you noticed, neither was true?  Or that you are neither who you where or where you where?

    The bed may have felt comfortable and familiar enough, but that is where the familiarities ended.

    Apparently, she is now a Pony as a stranger, in a strange land.  She may feel as if she was the same, but how much had actually changed?

    Exactly where is she?  Who are the new neighbours?  Why exactly, is everything so bright and colourful?

Chapters (1)

Together with a ragtag party of assorted characters, Twilight and the Mane Six must stop the Dark Lord of the Sith from destroying not only Equestria, but also every other world. Thrust into situations they've never dealt with, the Elements of Harmony will need to learn what it takes to survive, the effects of betrayal, the results of violence, the allure of love, and the strength of family. Through all the hatred, tragedy, disgust and happiness they go through, one virtue always shines through...Friendship is Magic

Chapters (2)

A vacant High-School rooftop. A brilliant sunset. Two young lovers close together. In such a moment, what else can such people do, but dance?

Part of my EG Continuity

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to Why Me?!

[[Warning: contains cursing]]
The Wonderbolts have been on tour since the events that occurred in Manehatten. Soarin and Rainbow Dash couldn't be happier with each other. That is until a certain headline comes out involving Soarin, and Rainbow Dash starts to believe that giving her heart to the Wonderbolt was a big mistake.

Chapters (1)

Bage Gale, prounounced 'Beige'; Guard, Castaway, Inmate, thief, schizophrenic, crazy, and convict... just escaped from prison.

Process of escaping: Using a withered plate as a bludgeon to foil a Prison Guards attempt to sedate him. Next step was leaping over a 40 hoof wall and galloping into the night with an item of interest.

Case in point, no prison is that good at holding someone. Now there's a weird pyscho on the loose, who has something very important in his possesion. Question is though,

What trouble will it get him into long the line? Better yet, what can Bage do to get into trouble?

Contains a diabolical amount of procrastination and sass.

Chapters (1)
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