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Though Gilda is loathe to admit it, she knows that if her people are to stand a chance in their rebellion, they’re going to need help. So, with a few of her friends, she goes to Equestria, to Manehattan, to meet up with somepony that, hopefully, can give her what she needs.

Part of the Night and Day Storyline

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle and Big Macintosh are proud parents of twins! YAY! But it's not over there, no sir. Follow the Mane Six over the years as they deal with the trials of parenthood and helping their kids find their place in the world. Most chapters will focus on one kid and span multiple chapters. I've rated T just to cover bases. Also, it won't let me post sad and comedy at once, so we'll just check comedy. But there will be some sad moments.

This is the 4th entry in my TwiMacVerse. Even though there will be a recap, I highly recommend reading the first 3 entries in the series.
Apples Are Magic
Love is a Many Splendid Pile of Crazy
The Apple of My Bulls Eye

Cover image by me
Ponies created with the Pony Creator by generalzoi

Chapters (2)

''And if you save yourself, you will make him happy. I'll keep you in a jar, and you will think that you're happy. You're in a laundry room.''

It's where some mysterious things are said and kept, and some of said things yearn to be released.

Chapters (1)

After saving the kingdom, making new friends and defeating the Storm King, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are ready to celebrate their first Hearth's Warming since the king's demise. However when they wish their new friends a happy Hearth's Warming, they find out that they have never celebrated this holiday nor ever heard of it. Pinkie comes up with a spectacular idea to bring Hearth's Warming to them.

Chapters (1)

when evil rules and goodness fails theirs only one hero who can answer the call, and he answers with.


Chapters (1)

A quiet little village on the edge of a forest. An inventor's daughter who wonders if there is more to life. A hunter who seeks her hand in marriage.

A castle in the heart of a forest. Its inhabitants cursed by an enchantress into forms not their own. A magical item, to which the curse is bound, coveted by a beastly royal.

When fate draws the daughter and their royal together, a tale of friendship, magic, and romance takes shape. A tale as old as time.

A Disney animated classic re-imagined with themes, locations, and characters from MLP/Equestria Girls. (That does not mean it will be the same plot. Elements of the plot will be the same, but a majority of it will be different/new)

(WARNING: This fic will contain a character that is completely OOC compared to their canon counterpart. Also Disney references. Many, MANY, Disney references.)

Cover Art is by WubcakeVA on DeviantArt. Used with permission.

Proofread by River Road. Go check them out!

Chapters (1)

:twilightsmile: Twilight wants friendship to spread, and more importantly, unity across the world.

A guard wants to protect the world and wishes for strength to do so. His goal is increased when he meets a certain princess.

A powerful unicorn will not stop until she casts the world into division and destruction, but can friendship stop her?

Chapters (2)

Trixie's experience with the Alicorn Amulet has left her just a little bit bitter. Searching for an outlet to express her frustrations, she decides to go back to a town that once shunned her in pursuit of long overdue vengeance.

Others might call her just a little bit petty. They would be wrong. Trixie doesn't do anything "little".

Chapters (1)

March 12, 2020

Research about a new world had driven people to Canterlot. People like my parents, scientist working on cures for diseases. But some messed with the system, and caused a huge amount of energy to be released. I was one of the lucky ones. I received harmonized magic. But my parents contracted a sickness.

Now I have to find the cure, and save everyone that has fallen ill. The future of the world rests on my shoulders, but I'm not alone. I am building a team to not only find a cure, but stop The Network. I am Omega, and this is my story.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Average Day of a Bad Self-insert: The Sequel

The Mary Sues and Gary Stues have taken over Equestria. The uprising of a rebellion begins in Ponyville.

Chapters (6)
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