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This story is a sequel to Kung Fu Dragon 2

For the last two years since the Changeling Queen's defeat, Spike the Dragon Warrior has lived happily with his friends in Ponyville, so much so he's ready to take the next step in his life but when a certain visitor comes unexpectedly will Spike choose to leave all he has or will he stay and begin anew?

Chapters (2)
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I’d like to see Discord give Sludge a piece of his mind.....if you plan on incorporating the same plot line of Father Knows Beast into this story, except making Sludge an insubordinate soldier of Dragon Lord Ember, who abandoned his kind to save his own skin from the Storm King.

Just a thought.

Me (hasn't even read anything yet): OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! :pinkiehappy:

"Cool!" and she handed him a cake box. He was about to object when she explained, "Hey, I made an extra one by mistake, don't let it go to waste!" then she went on her merry way.

Yeah. Sure, Pinkie. "By mistake." :raritywink:

He stopped right in front of her and said outright, "I'm going to ask Applejack… to marry me."

:pinkiegasp: And now, I'm a ghost. :heart:💀👻

So my dear readers, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

What's the Ember tag for? Also, maybe you can have Sludge be in cahoots with the Storm King. Oh, and when the current Dragon Lord finds out about it, he can get banished from the Dragon Lands. I mean, will any of that work? :pinkiegasp: Is Smolder going to be in this story? :pinkiehappy:

So my dear readers, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

There was this buzz on FimFiction about a week back of suggesting that Hasbro cast Peter Cullen to voice a dragon with red and blue scales as Spike's real dad. If you watch the first two seasons of the first Transformers series from 1984 or Transformers: Prime, then I think you would get why. So do something around those lines.

I plan to have all the dragons in the story, the question is how.

Well, for Garble and his gang, they could betray all the dragons of the dragon lands by joining the Storm King (claiming that they joined the "winning team") For Sludge, he would pretend to be Spike's dad, but under the order of Dragon Lord Ember as a way to bring him to the dragon lands, and Smolder could be Spike's actual sister (she managed to escape form Chrysalis' attack. Maybe she was an orphan for a while until she was adopted by Torch?)

"gasp" Ooh, those are some good ideas. Then, maybe after he brings Spike to the Dragon Lands under the Dragon Lord's orders, Sludge can start freeloading off of him like in the show. Then, when Smolder finds out about it, she tells the Dragon Lord who then punishes Sludge for his misdeeds.

Oooh, I got another idea. You know how in the show Spike has a noble dragon code and how Equestria has stories about noble dragons. Maybe dragons used to be noble a long time ago but then became what we see in the show after Chrysalis almost wiped them out in order to survive, and Spike's arrival inspires them to become noble dragons again. Oooh, so many possibilities! :pinkiehappy:

It could probably go like this with Discord.

"Land of Scale Collectors," Discord muttered under his breath. "What a made up land. There's gonna be a Land of Scale Collectors if you don't stay away from my son!"

This is very nicely written, and despite there only being two chapters, I get the feeling it's going to be the best out of the three.
Storm King is Kai (that was his name right? Been a while since I watched the third Kung-Fu Panda)
That means Tempest Shadow and Grubber would appear right?
Then we have the Dragon Warrior meeting his 'real' dad, truthfully I wasn't a big fan of how the panda's were portrayed in the movie, I had been expecting something else, but this looks like it could be interesting. I also like the ideas people have been throwing out, they would give the story a nice unique twist.
Over all, I'm not sure what the best direction would be as I'm not entirely sure which direction we are heading right now, but the idea is very promising :twilightsmile:
(also, was Twilight always a princess, or is that something that happened between 2 and 3, cause I can't remember :twilightblush:)

R u going to update soon

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