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Once upon a time, there were not one, not two, not three, but six pony princesses! Then it was nine...closely followed by #10.
Welcome to the world of the Royal Canterlot Family, where your favorite ponies star in creative twists of your favorite fairy tales! The series, originally known as "MLP Fairy Tales", got its start when CartoonNerd12 released The Midnight Dance in October of 2014. Based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses, the story became an unexpected hit with many readers. Its popularity continues to grow with over 500 bookshelves and counting! Adding to the success of Midnight Dance, CartoonNerd12 and her sister KidatHeart5 have written a total of seven sequels, three spinoffs, and many oneshots. As the franchise's popularity grew, it was renamed "The Royal Canterlot Family" in honor of the growing cast of characters in the Canterlot clan. The clan consists of Celestia, Sombra, the Mane Six, the CMC, Sunset Shimmer, their husbands, their children, their grandchildren...You get the idea.:twilightsheepish:

Here are the installments in the main saga:
1. The Midnight Dance
2. Sweet Pea
3. Daughter of the Moon
4. The Phoenix Tear
5. What Lies Within
6. Crown of Winter
7. The Bonds of Family
8. A World Above
9. Prisoners of the Heart

The spinoffs include:
1. The Family of the Season
2. The Quest for Family
3. A Woodland Romance

As for the oneshots, they're all compiled in two series:
1. The Royal Canterlot Family
2. Love Tap of Marendelle (Godslittleprincess actually wrote this series; we will forever be grateful for her contribution to the series)


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Should be able to add it now since I put the Royal Canterlot Family oneshots in.

Thanks. Umm, how do I add my stories to the oneshots folder?

Hey KH5, you're going to add more folders for the stories, right?

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