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Where was Spike in all the times Twilight and the others were off having adventures? This will tell it all. This story consists of a bunch of one shots of what Spike was up to in the episodes where he was absent.

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Huh. Well your grammar and formatting need some work but...

I like this, it's sweet. I'm so used to seeing dark and depressing stories where Spike's forgotten by the others that I hadn't considered this. And it certainly is in-line with his character. So kudos to you on writing something that both explains the episode and doesn't turn Spike into a put-upon punching bag again!

Great promise I see in this story.


1. I agree with Bed Head, you have a solid story premise and good storytelling angle.

However, you do need some serious clean-up work in the Technical Writing department (spelling, grammar, format, etc.). I would advise finding an Editor &/or Proofreader(s).

2. For finding an Editor & Proofreader(s) here on FiMfiction site itself...
~ a. Looking for Editors
~ b. The Proofreader Group

As the general rule for literary writing, you should only have a single Editor, but you can have multiple Proofreaders.

Beautiful and touching first chapter. :twilightsmile: This is why I love Fimfiction, it always does a better job in telling stories than the show. :pinkiehappy: Such a special present Spike gave to Twilight with the cake and the book, and I am glad Twilight did think about letting him come with them. :twilightsmile:

Spike...... Is the MAN!!:moustache:

Nice little series, it has my full support.

Aw.. :twilightblush: That was so sweet of Spike and also showed that for a little dragon he can be big and brave when it comes to his friends.:yay:


Another touching, and great chapter. :twilightsmile: I'm glad that AJ actually thought about Spike before they left and Rarity showed worry for the baby dragon after seeing him in the cast. A great surprise for Twilight to bring the real Daring Do to meet Spike. :twilightsmile: Can't wait to see what is next.

Finally! A story series in which Spike has good things happen to him in spite of missing the adventures! I thank you and await for more! :pinkiehappy:


First chapter earned you a like, the second earned you a fav, the third earned a comment, this is the best story for this premise I have read so far, can't wait for the Maud Pie episode. :heart:

This is a very entertaining and novel story, filling the plot holes with something more interesting. The first chapter was heartwarming, and the second was both touching and impressive, seeing him throw his weight around to set things right. (Personally, my headcanon is that the cherry pony was some out-of-towner who ended up in a heap of trouble once the locals found out he'd tried to scam somepony.) The third one wasn't quite as good (since Spike doesn't do anything) but it's still sweet because it's Twilight treating him in turn.

Good work. Will follow.

Did you get inspired from Aura Zero's Spike's Story? Anyway, this is a good read. Like and fav.

funny, I thought Spike was going to ask Daring more about the dragons and what they're like, daring might say something like he'd know better than she ever could, and then Spike's story time... but that'd be a pretty sad dip in the story, not what you're looking for

Eh, not a fan of this one. Twilight seems to get mad for no reason other than to be able to apologize to Spike later.

My heart felt a pain of guilt and sadness when Twilight yelled at Spike like she did. :fluttershysad: I agree with 4796664 , she got mad over such a petty little thing. All in all though, another good chapter and looking forward to what's next. :twilightsmile:

One question: Is this just gonna be with every episode Spike fails to make an appearance in or do you plan to include the episodes where he only makes a cameo appearance too (Not that it matters in the slightest, I love the work. I would like to know if this is gonna end anytime soonish? *cue biggest puppy dog eyes ever*)
There is one error though: In the second sentence, it should be 'She had just...'

I am just going to do the episodes where Spike was absent. And no, I am not ending this anytime soon. I plan on making a story for each episode that didn't have Spike. Although, I only have story ideas for a few of the episodes. If you have an idea for one, I am open to suggestions.

No one gets business done like Spike:moustache:

Sweet as usual, though I strongly doubt that Harshwhinny would disqualify a team just because they were allegedly mean. She's supposed to be judging with impartiality, after all.

!I love how u don't abuse spike, this is how everyone should write him. Even then writers of the show!!!

Okay this chapter just.. No. Just no.

Your characterization of Spike is all over the place. Here he's being a jerk, but in other chapters he's practically a saint. His level of maturity also goes up and down like a yo-yo.

Granted the show does this too, but they at least have the excuses of multiple writers and the show itself being four years old.

D'aww @ the first chapter. Automatic upvote for that. Moving on to the next...

That would've been more satisfying if Spike had intimidated the cherry stand guy with his fire breath. But still worked.

Hmm. I'm conflicted about this chapter for two reasons.

1. I don't think Twilight dropping a book on Spike's foot would injure him that severely.

2. Bittersweet ending given the season finale. Sure, Spike got Daring's autograph and that's awesome, but...he doesn't have it anymore, because everything he and Twilight owned was destroyed by Tirek.

I do agree that Twilight kind of got too mad at Spike too fast, and frankly it felt like a rehash of the thing with Rarity and Sweetie Belle in Sisterhooves Social.

Yeah, that might've been kind of pretty cool too, or burnt down his stand, or something, still this was pretty good too....

Eh, maybe, or maybe there's some magical restoration spell or something, or maybe the Rainbow got their stuff back. You never know...

Oh yeah, and the cast thing, yeah that makes some sense, unless it was that really big one in the Season 3 premiere... on his foot alone, that might do it....


Yeah, you're right, but it's not too unbelievable, after all, stuff happens, and we all lose it once in a while...

Hmm, maybe, but let's not forget, Equestria is about harmony and friendship, and the games are supposed to represent that, so having mean ponies as mascots, could be disrespectful, but I get your point....

Ditto, to both of this... Whatever happened to cool, good, mature Spike?


putting (in the title)

Rough around the edges in places, but showing growth all the while. Certainly a refreshing take on Spike compared to many works, and definitely a good way to pass a rainy afternoon. Well done!:twilightsmile:

Hmm. Serious continuity problems with this chapter:

1. Spike has never met Mr. Harshwhinny at this point.

2. Spike returning to the Crystal Empire before "Equestria Games"? Pretty serious problems with that, considering the reception he got in that episode. He'd have KNOWN about that statue if he'd been there before. Also, there's no way a bunch of crystal ponies wouldn't have noticed him walking around...

And one other MAJOR problem with this chapter:

This implies the Crusaders didn't win on their own merits, but because Spike influenced Ms. Harshwhinny against DT & SS. Not cool bro. Not cool.

The next day, Spike was in the library, dusting the shelves, while still a bit angry. Twilight was pretty serious about not bringing him to the tryouts with her. She even locked the front door to the library and took the key with her to make sure he didn’t follow her.

That's not how doors work! That's not how doors work at all!

This chapter was REALLY, REALLY BAD. Spike acting like a jerk like that made absolutely no sense...this is just a really bad chapter.

Whoo-hoo! Go, Spike!

I have to concur with the other reviewers. Given the events in the last chapter, Spike's characterization here is really jarring, so much so that it kind of ruins the heartwarming moment of the last chapter. Though, I will say this:

Discord then sat down on a nearby chair and gently picked up Spike and placed him on his lap.

I'd love to see a picture of this, 'cause the mental image I got was really cute.

After reading all the comments for this chapter, I have decided to do a little re-editing to it. Spike still tells the jokes but does feel awful after Twilight calls him a bad friend and he decides not to go to the tryouts all one his own.

Okay folks you can blame me for that one. The chapter premise was my idea (And after reading it, even I had to admit he came off as harsh. :twilightsheepish: This is me at the moment, hanging my head in shame :ajsleepy:) The chapter has since been edited for the better. I implore you to have another look at it. (And if you happen to know of someone else saying the same, invite them back too)

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