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Inspired by Homeward Bound and A Dog's Way Home.

After a successful performance at a charity fair, the Rainbooms were on their way home. Unfortunately, in their haste, they accidentally left poor Spike behind.

Lost, and a long way from home, Spike must learn to adapt to survive in a harsh world, where survival means everything, if he is to stand a chance to return home.

Chapters (4)
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This is neat. I can imagine in his attempt to find his way back to the girls he ends up in a situation like this from Snoopy Come Home

They done goof up.

Excellent job on the start of this story. Yeah, I COULD actually see this happening. Loved how the girls were getting ready for that charity concert as well as the post-concert scenes where they are discussing the talking dogs on television. And, indeed, I COULD see Spike getting frustrated concerning certain situations. Somehow, I can't help visualizing the Rainbooms looking frantically for Spike the instant they found out he's missing (Twilight ESPECIALLY) only to keep missing him by just a few minutes (maybe even by a few SECONDS). And I also can't help visualize Spike, on his journey home, sharing adventures with the dog versions of Ember and Smolder and occasionally running afoul the dog version of Garble (who is just the right mix of sadistic bully and overprotective big brother to the dog version of Smolder to be extra-persistent as far as Spike goes).

Whoops. Sorry about that. Just got TOO excited about the possibilities.

Anyway, REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

You know I always wondered why Spike was left out in some adventures in recent installments of 'Equestria Girls', even though I mainly had the idea going into this story I can't help buy sympathize with Spike's plight. When this series was initially getting started, we'd wonder just how Spike would turn up or maybe he'd be a human boy while the others were teenagers. But it seemed as if the show only wanted Spike to be a talking dog, whether it's the Equestria Spike or the Canterlot High Spike, either to make the fact clear that Spike and Rarity will never be an item or because it was to once again poke fun at the poor lad. And sure, some kids at the school have seen Spike talk before unless they just assumed it was a trick or something. Still, I can understand why the girls would be hesitant about Spike being able to speak in front of millions of people who've never seen this kind of magic before.

Besides you never know just what kind of people could be on the lookout for strange phenomenon. I'm sure with all the magic stuff that has gone on in some time and despite all the efforts to attempt to cover it up, there are going to be those with so many questions and may decide to do their own investigation. And if Spike was to be discovered to be influenced by magic to grant him this ability to speak, he'd have a lot more to worry about than to be left behind to fend for himself in the wild. Now I would hate to think the girls would be 'that' distracted to not notice Spike isn't with them, unless they mistook a 'stowaway' that happened to be nestled in Spike's kennel if they brought that along (You know those carry-on metal boxes with the cage doors and stuff). Anyways, I am anxious to see what Spike will do to reunite with his friends while also learning a few things about himself along the way.

Speaking as a fan of 'Homeward Bound', at least the versions with Sally Field and Michael J. Fox, I am curious to see what shenanigans Spike will be up to trying to get home. For me, taking shelter in a trash can in the rain reminds me of when the pets were left behind and had to take shelter in a cardboard box before they'd continue their journey to the bridge that they think will get them back across to their house.

Like this story so far, hope it continues.

Any story inspired by one of the funniest Disney animal movies is bound to be a good one!

Welp, they know know that Spikes gone! His incredible journey has begun. Great Chapter! Keep it up!

Great job on this latest chapter. Love the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Definitely feeling bad for Spike right now, considering what he's been through already (a wolf, rain and some racoons just to name a few things), but Twilight's reaction to finally realizing that Spike was missing was very certainly spot on.

Very definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

And I'm wishing you a Happy New Year. :-D

Oh dear they finally realize Spike is gone, there's going to be some tears next time. And Spike sure had a scary first experience being alone in wilderness. I can't wait to see what he does next time.

And missing out seeing Flurry Heart?!

Quite a 'Home Alone' moment when the girls realize that they left Spike behind. Suffice to say, we can't say Spike's first night by himself in the cold, dark woods would be anything he'd ever want to talk about (Especially with wolves prowling about). Though it's a good thing he did find a hiking trail within those parts, for when there's a hiking trail it's bound to lead to either a camp or a nearby town. And that means people, perhaps some who 'might' be able to help Spike so long as he doesn't stray from the path.

Yeah minus Twilight fainting in panic.

That was the 'sequel', actually. The mom doesn't faint in the first movie, least not after seeing it on the marathon the other day.

Yeah so why do I get the feeling spikes gonna behind again in another story like in home alone.

Depends on the popularity of this story and if it's decided upon there being a follow-up to it.

For all we know, it might not be a case of being 'left behind' but perhaps a case of mistaken identity where he's swapped for someone like the little pup (Probably some famous film animal) or he gets kidnapped for uncovering some devious plot and ergo is kidnapped to avoid spilling any details.

But for now, all Spike's got to worry about is getting back to his pals or there'll be worse than a hungry band of wolves on his tail.

Wonderful work on the latest chapter. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up were all well done in all the right places. I especially liked the little detail that Spike has gained the ability to see color as well as talk, Spike's encounter with those cyclists (particularly him feeling bad enough about his unintentional role in the first cyclist's accident to get help) as well as his encounter with Garble and his gang (particularly the backstories of the dragons' canine counterparts and Smolder's chiding of Garble) .

So the next chapter will have Spike helping out another stray and getting in trouble with a dog catcher, huh? Definitely looking forward to seeing THAT.

Liking this EQG Spike story so far, especially him meeting the dog/dragon counterparts of Garble & Smolder! :moustache:
Also nice *Goofy* moment with that first biker there! :rainbowlaugh:

So next chapter will be him against the dogcatcher eh? Looking forward to see how that goes!:twilightsmile:

Great chapter and GREAT references to Lady and the Tramp! Keep it up!

Awesome. At least Spike's on good terms with the dog versions of the Dragon trio. And he's ready to learn some dog street smarts

I wonder what are the odds if Spike will run into someone he knows?

Is this going like the movie blot because I'm likening it~ :3

On one note, at least despite the rough treatment Spike had the common sense to find help for that biker who fell off the trail. Otherwise, the poor bloke could've been just lying there muttering about talking dogs. Course, it's not like anyone he tells will believe him, especially if the authorities think he's talking crazy. I don't know if that woman would believe it. But who knows? They may come into play in the plot at a much later point, once word of a talking dog gets out.

Speaking of talking dogs, I should've expected that any other talking dogs he encounters would be like that jerk Garble and his pals (Smolder being an exception). Still, like Spike, they were left behind by their owners for various reasons and yet this might make Spike question as to whether he was left behind as a mistake or not. Still, in the meantime, they make a good point that it's not wise for a dog like Spike to be out on the streets by himself. Even if he had a collar and the dog catchers could just call the owner to come retrieve him, if I were Spike I'd be too scared to know if such people can be trusted (Though the whole 'dog catchers being bad' cliché tends to get old rather quick). But like I said, Spike now has friends to keep him company until he figures out what to do next. So he's definitely going to have to get used to it.

Decided to start reading this due to its touching on something interesting.
Sadly theres really not many fics(I think I only found one other fic?) that touched on the issue of Spike being stuck as a dog instead of getting to be human and the consequences/issues brought up with how he feels about being a dog instead of human.

Honestly the writers really did not think things through when they thought it was funny to make him a freaking dog. Not only it was really unfair for him(especially with he's literally the only character that doesn't get to be human along with apparently the freaking Diamond DOGS got to be humans) but I felt like him being a dog is really hindering his potential and involvement in EQG in the long run. Heck, I can only remember it felt like most of the time he's... just THERE. Like a prop
It makes it worse with how Spike(be it human-world or Equestrian) just brushes this aside instead of being bothered that he doesn't get to be human. It really felt like this should be an issue that has to be addressed than the writers having it be brushed aside.
I just wished EQG fixed this by letting Spike gain the ability to use a human form in the human world. I may like EQG but Spike not getting to be a human is one of my main issues with it.
It really played to the issue of apparently Spike isn't allowed to be equals with the girls due to not being an Element bearer.

Um.. sorry about the rant.

It’s fine. Totally relatable with every Spike fans sympathy for the little dragon-turned-dog.

Kind of stinks that he doesn't even get to "dragon-up" like how the girls' "pony-up".
Pretty much a missed opportunity

Really agree on Spike going "Why did the magic just only give me the ability to talk!?" in the story, it sucks that he didn't get any powers or stuff the girls had gotten.

Wow. A lion cub named Gabby! Nice twist on Griffons!
All the months of waiting made this chapter all the worthwhile!
Keep it up!

Yeah, Gilda would outright throw a hissy fit if she was transfigured into a common pussycat LoL

REALLY good job on this latest chapter. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. Yeah, I DID enjoy seeing Twilight chewing Pinkie out for putting Gummy in Spike's cage as well as the point out that the best chance they have right now is a whole bunch of "Missing Pet" posters. Feel bad about Spike getting caught by animal control, but I DID love his first meeting with this universe's Gabby. And, yeah, it makes sense that the Griffons would be lions in this universe.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Awesome work, love the twist of turning Gabby into a lion. And it's good Twilight and the girls realize spike is missing. I can't wait to see how they try to look for him, and Spike and Gabby travel together. And if Spike ends up in the same situation as Snoopy in Snoopy Come Home and that animal obsessed little girl, I will need so much oxygen from over laughter. Anyway keep up the good work.

Ever seen a EG/Persona 5 fic?

Excited for next chapter

I thought it was Ember for a moment.

I do hope Spike ends up reuniting Gabby with her family. But I also hope after that he ends up in the hands of a new owner, just like in my similar story Spike's Big Wish.

Could you make the ending relate to the ending of “An American Tail” because it would show us how much Twilight loves Spike.

In a crazy environment like this, as mentioned before, Spike would need help from a friend just as lost as he is. After being separated from the band of dogs due to some mishaps with the dogcatcher, he finds company in the most unusual way when he rescues a caged lion cub taken far away from her own home. In a way it makes sense for Gabby to be portrayed as a lion, given that there's not a ton of bird like characters in the 'Equestria Girls' realm and Griffins tend to have that feline quality to them in the series. In a way, it'll be nice for the two to have each other's backs at least just until they eventually find a way back home. Course, even if Gabby cannot find her family and heaven knows she'd want to be with Spike as the one and only companion she has, I doubt Twilight would be keen on keeping a lion in her house.

Speaking of which, it's about time Twilight and her friends noticed Spike was gone and that they needed to act fast. There's only so much 'missing' posters can do when there's the uncertainty of what could happen to Spike during which time. I wouldn't be surprised if there was that moment of 'An American Tail' when they are so close to running into each other, but for one reason or another they just miss them. It would be repetitive and some fans may find it lazy even, but if there is a way to make it work I am anxious to see how that is applied.

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