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The eternal night is over. The Elements of Harmony have vanquished Nightmare Moon, the world was saved, and Princess Luna has returned to the throne, this time to rule by her sister's side as equals.

The fear of her people, however, remains. She see's it in their eyes, hears it in their whispered words. She accepts it. To her, this is her penance for the pain she has caused. To sink into the night and rule from afar... this is how she will atone for the pain brought to her subjects... to her sister.

Little did she know that fate had other plans in store for her. Plans that would be set in motion by a single sentence, a sentence that would go on to change her life in an instant...

“Luna, I would like you to meet Spike Solaris. My son.”

(Big thanks to dSana over on DeviantArt for letting me use her amazing art as the cover for this Fic!)

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Squee Momlestia and Spike! can't wait for next chapter :) I hope Spike calls Celestia Mom or Mama or Mommy! :D

Wow this just got started and I’m all read hooked look forward to next chapter and hope it comes soon

This is a really fun idea. Luna and Spike rarely interact in the show and surprisingly I find it pretty rare in fanfics as well, and the set up you have for this is surprisingly original I think.

Excited to see where this goes!

I'm curious to see how Luna would react to this, so please continue.

I love this idea, you come up with and would love to see how take it.

A lot of promise with this one I can see!

You sir, have my full bucking attention. I'm so damn excited to see more of this. A few errors but nothing major and I'm reading on phone. This is going to be so much fun.

Awww. I loved it please continue.

A few errors...blast...and after I went through it so many times :rainbowlaugh:

Then again. After a week of re-reading and editing this chapter, it doesn't surprise me that I missed something :twilightsheepish:

I'm so excited to see where this goes. The Prologue was really good. Like Inferno demon Dash said, there are some minor errors. Most of it just spelling from what I found.

Aunt Luna and Spike story. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

you had me when you went right by "my adopted son , my foster son and right to MY SON. This should be very interesting.

Even the best writers miss some shit time to time. I can't edit to save my life. I should write an aunt Luna story.

You'd get no complaints from me :twilightsmile: the world needs more aunt Luna stories.

Kinda want to know, how often do you plan on updating this story?


No idea. To be honest I was going to hold off releasing until I had several chapters ready, if not the whole book.

After a week of banging my head against this chapter, however. I just wanted to get it out there and see what the reaction would be...though I honestly didn't think it would be THIS well received :twilightblush:

On the upside, I have an idea of how I want to pull the next chapter together so it shouldn't be too long...I hope.

Auntie Lulu! :trixieshiftright:


please? :yay:

Ah, I'm always a sucker for Momlestia/AuntieLuna stories. I'll follow this.

Not the nickname I had in mind :moustache:

Royal sisters' pets?

Now that is a little too much love for Spike.

You story is featured. On 11/5/2017 my friend. Welcome to fame :rainbowlaugh: Don't know how long it will be featured but be sure to add it to the summary, could help get it more views. Very happy for you.

Hm. As has previously been mentioned, there are quite a few errors in here, but it's definitely an interesting premise. I'll keep my eye on this one.
I'd offer to help you proofread, but I have some prospective employment opportunities arising, so I don't want to make any promises. Apologies.

Thanks for the heads up mate. Still quite staggered that my story has taken off like it has though :twilightsheepish:

No pressure. No pressure :pinkiecrazy:

No worries, it's fine.

At some point, when I'm further along with the story, I'll probably head back and give it another proofread and tidy it up (considering the perfectionist in me will not let this rest until I do) :twilightsmile:


Hey look, the story I approved got featured. That's the third time this has happened, if I recall correctly.

Congratulations. :twilightsmile:


Still trying to come to terms that this little idea of mine has taken off like it has :twilightsheepish:

Will this story be connected to the show by chance?

As much as it can be. Though more from the shadows of what we don't see.

You have my complete attention. Please proceed. :pinkiehappy:

Nice start, momlestia is the bestia :P

...FimFiction.Net?...Are you speaking to me?...A cute story centered on my favorite characters?...must...reeeeeead...

In all seriousness, this is a great start and I'm looking forward to it! By the way, the cover for this story was something I myself commissioned artist dSana to draw!

Ahh so its you who I need to thank for such an awesome piece of art (well and dSana, but I already thanked them in the comments), not to mention one of my favourites :twilightsmile:

“Luna, I would like you to meet Spike Solaris. My son.”

Not sure why I only had that reaction when starting the story, but how does she wants to explain him that she is her mother and only now wants to meet him?

You probably have thought about something, but that seems slightly odd suddenly. I can't really explain why it feels weird right now.

Maybe it is because I'm in a weird mood because of my ear problems. I can'T hear less, it is something slightly different and a bit annoying at times.

The simple answer to that is that he already knows he is her son. Though hopefully this is better explained when we get into the story proper.

P.S. I too hope that makes sense. Though less because of ear problems and more because I'm on the port :pinkiecrazy:

to many possible translations to be sure about what you mean right now, but I really should try to stop explaining myself like that.
I just often feel like I might judge a story slightly different if I'm either tired or well something like that today.

However thank you for the reply, now I'm just curious about what you are going to do with it.

The reason I asked was because the story line for this story centers around season 1, meaning it's possible we could see the royal sisters reaction upon finding out that Spike left ponyville in Owl's well that ends well or how he was left behind in the Best Night Ever. When I look at it, this story could make alternate endings for those incidents and help strengthen the relation Spike has with the Mane Six.

You know I'm a huge sucker for Spike and Momlestia stories. But this one adds auntie Luna?

Now I need more.

Additionally, Luna’s mane didn’t seem to be the lengthy mass of hair, forever blowing in an ethereal wind, that Celestia's always appeared to be either but was rater cut in a much shorter style, hanging limply around her neck.

Should be 'rather'

Great start!

Ah. I remember commenting on this intro... somewhere. Was it on the forum?

The premise of Luna is interesting!

I do belive so.

Glad to hear it, hope I don't dissapoint...though given this is my first attempt at writting a story :twilightblush: I certainly hope I do her justice (especialy the version of her that I have in mind).

This was beautiful. Another chapter please!:raritystarry:

A lot of ponies, Twilight included DO underestimate Spike because of his age. For all we know, his actual age (egg included) could be 865 or 915,

Very sweet chapter, loving it so far :)

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