This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Following the events of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the Mane Six and Spike are back again for another adventure. This time takes them to 19th century Paris to the famous Opera Populare. It is here they meet a timid young singer named Christine Daae who finds herself as the object of attention for the so called “Opera Ghost”. Follow our heroes on this story of love, sorrow, and drama based on the famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Spike, sitting beside Twilight, stared at Rarity with those heart eyes. Every pony in Ponyville, young and old, basically knew about the little dragon’s incurable crush on the fashionista and for the most part they thought it was cute. Of course, they ‘also’ knew Rarity only saw Spike more as the little brother she never had and that’s how she wanted it to say. But nevertheless, that never stopped the little dragon from admiring the most beautiful unicorn in all of Ponyville… No, in all of ‘Equestria’.

Too bad that didn't stop Rarity from going crazy jealous and going out of her way to driving a wedge between Spike's friendship with a new girl friend.

An intriguing first chapter, can't wait to see where this goes.

They all walked through the vortex, which soon closed behind them. And off they go, sallying forth on another adventure to Celestia only knows where.

*After the heroes left, Discord later appeared.*

From the beginning, it was perfectly clear that this story was meant to be Rarity's journey as evident by her frequent mentions in this chapter. In an interesting turn of events, it seems Rarity has begun feeling blue ever since Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich officially declared themselves as a couple after their adventure through a 'Chocolate Factory'. But the more we look at it, we see where Rarity is coming from: Every one of her friends has had some moment where they've either had some pony they had a crush on or the other way around. Twilight Sparkle when she met the human version of Flash, Applejack and Rainbow Dash... Well, that's still up in the air, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich are a couple as was evident in the series finale, and Fluttershy... Well, she insists she and Discord are very close friends plus she seems fine. But Rarity, on the other hand: When it comes to Romance in general, she's had the worst luck.

Prince Blueblood turned out to be a selfish jerk, Trenderhoof never really noticed her as he had a crush on Applejack, and Fancy Pants... In spite of all the fanfics that say otherwise, either he eventually ends up with Fleur de Lis or they would keep it professional (Then again, Rarity did call him 'rude' for those snooty remarks during one episode last season). It was obvious from the beginning that Spike will always have this crush on Rarity, despite insistence that Rarity seems as the little brother she never had and that it would be better this way to secure their friendship. Course, we have to hold her account for letting her jealousy get the best of her when Spike started seeing Gabby the Griffin (Yes P.D., we know this already) but taking under account that she learned her lesson... I doubt she'll try to ruin what Pinkie has with Cheese, considering she doesn't even fancy Cheese anyway (Unless it's Gouda or something fancy at the Gala).

Anyways, a trip to the Opera sets the stage for what's still to come for this story. It should be noted that this is one of favorite musicals of all time, regardless of the fact that our focus is on the film version (Which some people liked and others... Not so much). But we have great ideas for what we have in store to make this the best interpretation as possible, not 'perfect' by any means but... 'Slightly' improved. I just know we're going to enjoy putting this together as we hope you enjoy reading the following chapters still to come.

Nope... No, it didn't. Though it's unknown who Spike ends up with in the future, not even the show made that clear. Either he ends up with Rarity, Gabby, or any chick he met growing up... OR, he's content with being a bachelor and doing his duty as a Friendship Bachelor. At least he has plenty of time to work out, even though I 'honestly' preferred how he looked in his dreams (With the jousting stick and everything).

And we can't wait to show you what happens. We've been wanting to do this story for so long.

Better make it a large, with a medium soft drink... And some of that yellow liquid for the corn (Even if it's not dairy).

Offscreen: You're really sick, you know that?

*Nods* Mmm-hmm! *Smirks*

“That wasn’t very nice, you know?” Spike grumbled.

Spike, remind me to get a big fish with Twilight's name on it at the end of the story.

In the meantime, I gotta keep it together and not spoil some surprises from the audience!

Oh no, we don't want that.

That's the job for me and Mr. Enigma to surprise the fans.

So when Rarity mentions yesterday does she mean the whole chocolate factory adventure?

Nice idea, but just to let you know, I've never watched or heard of the Phantom of the Opera.

Absolutely not. That was a long time ago. She was referring to the other night when she had these 'feelings' when she was trying to get some sleep. The night she closed shop after a long night. You really got to pay attention to the details, Mr. Ribbert.

... Ouch.

Really, that's all I should say... 'Ouch'.

BUT... Better now than never.

It's just that I get confused sometimes

Yeah, I've noticed... Well better I explained it to you than never.

Wow! I still have a hard time comprehending just how you manage to pump these things out so fast, not that I’m complaining!
So this time it’s The Phantom Of The Opera. I admit that I’ve never seen the musical or the movies, I just know the barebones of the plot, but knowing you it should be entertaining all the same!

It's actually not a matter of putting up stories 'fast', but rather if the 'timing' is deemed appropriate. Between our jobs, our bonding time with families, and other commitments we're trying to keep, we're most fortunate to make just enough time to at least get this first chapter up. We can't make any numbers as to how long it'll take to complete this project overall. A story like this must be handled delicately, as for me personally this story and the musical it's based on holds a special place in my heart.

Well, at least the first chapter anyway. We hardly gotten to the meat-and-potatoes. But yes... It's out, for the time being.

I know it the first page,but I was Very excited about and it is about Rarity on whether she’s down on her luck in romance and I felt sad that the canon didn’t give much to be someone special for her.

The series finale in general seems to imply she's content with being such a huge fashion mogul, she has businesses not just in every pony related region but it's expanded to the Yaks and heavens knows what other races. And it's clear she will always be fashioned forward, a pony who cares about clothes more than any pony else, that she struts around in a beautifully designed coat.

Perhaps, I still would like see Rarity with someone that she can’t think of fashions all the Time. But just properly just ME being all sappy in romance.

Very excited to see where this goes. I'm a big Phantom fan (even dressed up as Erik for Halloween once she. I was a kid :pinkiehappy:) and loved the movie despite what some people thought of it. Can't wait to see how the people of PotO think of the Ponies. Also can't wait to see their reaction to the rehearsals of Hannibal (I always love seeing how slightly unprepared they are (costumes unfinished, a woman holding her script, Piangi can't even get onto the elephant :rainbowlaugh:.)

I still believe Spike and Rarity should be together, Spike is the only male she knows that really gets her.

And the adventure begins! For Rarity to find a special somepony, or at least someone to crush on!

Keep on going!

A collector's piece indeed.

Every detail exactly as she said.

Will you still play when all the rest of us are...dead? :fluttercry:

That overture always gives me goosebumps. I hope I get to see the musical one day when it returns. I grew up with the songs from the movie and than I saw the movie. My parents saw the musical before I was born.

Personally, I'm more of a Sparity fan, but I don't wanna stand in the way for creation or art. So don't mind me. I'm looking forward to where this is going.

Loved that part during the opening. Feels very foreshadowing of what Raoul has been through, which we see during the musical.

Yes when that organ plays, the chandelier explodes before lighting up, slowly ascending to the roof, as the whole theater reverts back to the year during it's former glory... We get two different reactions. The surprise from all the newbies seeing it for the first time, and those who saw the show so much they were anticipating it to happen.

We are aware that there are a 'ton' of Sparity fans reading this project... And the Rarijack fans, among other shipping pairs. We're not leaving any of them out, we know they are anxious to what we're going to do. But Mr. Enigma and I had been talking about this for months and we got it all figured out.

Rarijack?! Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Applejack, how could you have two mare friends for the price of one? And one of them is Dash!

Well Cranky finally has hair again, and Pinkie and Cheese are really hitting it off. Now I can't wait to see how Rarity manages to get through her dilemma.

That is actually true. Unlike many stallions, mostly Prince Blueblood, Spike treats her like a princess and mostly with respect no matter what happens.

You know, despite what many people say or think, the shipping could be more true than you think with all the hints and scenes in the show.

I'm also watching the clipshow specials. Rarity said: Over the years, my relationship with Spike has changed, but it will always be very special.

Autumn Blaze wrote this in Equestria.

I was just naming a notable example, that's all. I don't even think we'll even explore that pairing.

Yes, talk about a mid-life crisis. Then again, Rarity has always had trouble when it comes to finding Mr. Right.

Yeah they do have a special friendship all right. I mean that Squints kid eventually married that Mary Peppercorn chick in the 'Sandlot' and she was definitely older than him... Though I don't know how old the kid was supposed to be. Not to say it 'can't' be possible, that it still couldn't happen. I just think the show barely tackled the dilemma or state of their relationship when it seems they had Spike hanging with another girl. I mean maybe if Rarity weren't so focus on finding a guy her own age, even if Spike is barely mature enough to be entrusted as a Friendship Ambassador, maybe she would treat him as less of a brother figure.

Oh... You're talking about that 'Phantom of the Opera' reference seasons ago.

Actually, that was partly one of our inspirations to tackle this feature based on the greatest Broadway musical of them all (Even though it got it's start in West End Theater).

Wow talk about a quick start up! this looks very interesting! I only wonder how the story will turn out!

Oh yeah, Blueblood/Uncharming, Trenderhoof/mistaken identity, Fancypants/For all we know in a relationship with Fleur

Yeah, a mid-life crisis can be a real b*tch sometimes.

Then again, she's not the only creature in the world who's had trouble finding romance. Lots of people have had their share of troubles, even myself. After two of the worst break-ups I've ever had with two beautiful women, one of whom lasted for six years starting during our Senior Year in High School... I was in no hurry for #3. Sure, I've had 'lots' and 'lots' of friends who are girls but it was never anything serious. Besides the two who hurt me the most... 'Lied' to me when they said they loved me and I found that out the moment the break-up happened.

A shame really... Because it didn't start that way with either one.

Absolutely. We've all been through it at some point. There's lots of ways to have a mid-life crisis aside from what Rarity went through. And they all lead to a very crucial breaking point that makes us ask:

"HOW is this my life?!"

im so sorry for what you went through.:fluttershysad:

Hehe, well, only one season ago.

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