This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

The Death Star has been destroyed and the galaxy is safe...for now. Three long years have passed since the Battle of Yavin and the rebellion still stands their ground in the war with the Empire. Twilight Sparkle, Storm Shield, and the rest of the Mane Six are still searching for their lost friend, Sunset Shimmer. What they don’t know is the tragedy that has already befallen their former friend.

In the heart of the Empire, Sunset Shimmer has embraced the dark side of the force and taken on the name of Darth Seraphina: The Emperors Fury. With the three Dazzling Inquisitors and General Grievous by her side, the galaxies newest Sith is ready to carve a path of destruction across the galaxy.

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Things look pretty bleak for our heroes at this moment. Sunset Shimmer is fully embracing her role as a Sith after three years of being corrupted and no doubt she's been spending the past three years hunting down Twilight and her friends (Who as we've seen has gone from one base to the next). Han Solo is weighing his options over 'leaving' the rebellion to finally settle his death what with every known bounty hunter hunting for him. And as if that wasn't enough, a scout mission by Luke Skywalker takes a downward spiral when face to face with the Yeti's very far distant cousin. I recall those beasts being so frustrating to kill in the arcade game.

You really think we were going to keep our fans hanging? Got plenty more to come, just needed to get this started while there was plenty of time.

True. I'm actually impressed. You guys worked faster than I did when I wrote my story "taming the amazonian".
:twilightsheepish:. Except I got criticized cause I planned it poorly. To be fair I wrote it so I could get that one story out of my system.

:rainbowhuh:. You know, if Luke loses his lightsaber during his fight in cloud city, would storm shield lose his too?

Oh, wait wait, I have to wait and find out later just like everyone else, am I right?

I'm surprised to see that emperor guy from the old republic. At least sunset's mind is somewhat inside, trapped behind the power of the darkness.

Wait...three years?
Does that mean it's three years already in Equestria?

In the deepest, darkest corner of Wild Space lies the frozen planet of Hoth. The desolate ice planet has very few life forms capable of living in such frigid terrain the planet offered. A gigantic star destroyer, The Infernus, flew slowly in the direction of the snowy planet.

Looks like the Star Destroyer has arrived at hoth.

An Imperial probe robot zoomed toward the planet Hoth, landing onto it’s ice-covered surface. An explosion marked the point of impact. A weird mechanical sound rose above the whining of the wind. The strange probe robot, with several extended sensors, emerged from the smoke-shrouded crater. The ominous mechanical probe floated across the snow plain before vanishing into the distance.

This is bad, if the probe droid finds the shield generator which it will. The empire will know that they are there and head to the hoth system.

Time works differently between Equestria and the worlds our Mane Six go to. What feels like hours back home could be years in other realms. Think of it as like the 'Law of the Cartoon' where time has little effect on the protagonists.

That is pretty much the plan. The Empire already failed to get to the Rebel base once and they're not going to make that same mistake again.

What's worse, it seems that the empire mange to rebuild General Grievous. I have a bad feeling about this.

Yeah, remember the Phantom of the Opera?

DocPhD! Now we need a better plan to bring Sunset back from the dark side. We can't just gave the other Equestria girls weapons! Although I gave them some good ones, but still, we need to find a way!
I mean...the label clearly written the word "death", right?


Han: I'll see you in hell!

Me: Wait, Han, you forgot someting!

Han: What?

Me: *snickers* A bag of ice.

Han: *laughs* Get out of here, kid. But know that I love ya!

I can't help it! I really love Family Guy!

Yep Doc. It's ready when you are.

Yeah... because what they need is a bag of ice for a planet that is entirely snow and ice.

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in...

I'm still at work, and my lunch break just ended. I'll get to work on the commentary and on the side-plot when I get home.

No problem Doc. Take all the time you need.

Thank you very much. A great opening to what is sure to be a promising addition to the series.

One heck of an opening!!!

take the time you need PhD!

Don't worry Doc, if there is a need for weapon and advice, always call me.
I'll be there... mostly night.

I sure hope Storm Shield makes it through this story and Return of the Jedi.

Looks like Sunset's still in a struggle with herself, and tension is rising with Han and Leia. But that's not surprising.

Yeah... Han and Leia sure argue like a married couple. Though I actually had no idea this movie took place three years 'after' A New Hope.

Same. It's hard to determine in this kind of series how long things have been. At least in the prequel trilogy it was obvious how long time passed between movies

Yeah it was a little tricky with the original trilogy than the prequel trilogy. We pretty much based this as a matter of interpretation. But I think three years makes sense.

Can't believe this is out already. Good job so far! And I love this quote you put in:

“What do you want?” He spat.

“Um—y-you told me t-to report to you the moment Hoth was in sight sir.”


“Hoth is in sight… sir.”

Spaceballs reference!

You know... I actually did not realize this was a 'Spaceballs' line. Then again, it's been a while since I saw the movie.

Pardon me if I'm rude, but you don't know when Empire Strikes Back take place, or you know now when it takes place?

In the words of one of my favorite actors from this movie:

I don't know, I'm making this up as I go.

Or in this case... just working with Mr. Enigma to determine what works.

And thus far, this story is already on the list after only being on here for a few hours. I'd say that's quite a feat and we haven't gotten to the meat and potatoes just yet.

Well if it helps, according to Wookieepedia, Episode 5 takes place in 3 ABY (ABY meaning After the Battle of Yavin)

Then it's a good thing we made it three years. Works fine for me. Now let's see this project can beat the first feature's 'thumbs up' record. So many battles we look forward to putting together.

yeah but it also got beat the SpongeBob movie story tumb up score which is 102

Slow it down, Kath. There's a time and place to be ambitious and this is an inappropriate time.

Let's just see how it fairs with its previous colleague.

Comment posted by Hungry Hero deleted Jun 26th, 2021

you’re right you’re right i’m sorry getting ahead of myself

I wish ask Mr. E something but he'll probably say no to it.

Please deposit ALL personal questions to Mr. Enigma's private mailing service. NOT here...

Thank you.

Spaceballs nice reference

Meanwhile, back at Discord's Cinematic Theater

Silver Shill: "Hey there, Doc! So nice to see you out and about. You feeling alright? You certainly don't seem like yourself ever since the uh...yesterday's showcasing."

Me: "Yeah. I think I'm okay...for now. I just needed to clear my head. Seeing Sunset Shimmer turning to the dark side is like staring into the sun. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, you know what I'm saying?"

Random brony: "...I feel ya dude..."

Me: "Anyway, chop-chop Cinematic Adventure Staffs! IT'S MOVIE TIME!!!"


The ground started to rumble as a herd of ponies and creatures all stampeded into the theater.

Me: "Uh oh! Not again." (I curled myself up into a ball as the paying customers flooded into the theater) "Phew! That was a close one." (I spoke too soon when I got trampled by another wave of stampede) "I think my spleen has left me..."

Walking into the theater, Princess Luna walks into the lobby, with Starswirl the Bearded, and the Pillars of Equestria, assembled.

Mina: (Fangirls at the sight of Luna) "OMIGOSH! OMIGOSH! OMIGOSH! Princess Luna!" (Ran over and took Luna's hoof and bowed) "Your majesty!"

Princess Luna: "Uh...yes, President Mina of my nice to see you again, as always."

Silver Shill: (Bows his head) "You grace use with your presence, Princess Luna. And may I ask, will your sister be joining us soon?"

Princess Luna: "Uh...I'm afraid dear Tia is..."

Back in Canterlot

Princess Celestia was binging and stress eating ice creams, with a whole mountain of empty buckets next to her in the kitchen. She's heartbroken over the loss of Sunset Shimmer...again.

Discord's Theater

Silver Shill: "Oh...sorry I asked."

Parfaite: " iz dreadful for what haz befallen upon poor Zunzet Zhimmer..."

Me: (After I've straighten myself out) "Ah! Parfaite! Nice to see you out and about again. Haven't seen you since the Corpse Bride."

Parfaite: "Yez, it feelz good for me to be out and about, no?" (Turns to Princess Luna and the Pillars) "And it iz an honor to meet you, Princess Luna and Mighty Pillars."

Starswirl the Bearded: "The pleasure is all ours. And I'm glad to have rallied my friends together in this dire time of darkness."

Stygian: "I'll have to admit, I was very surprised to have learned the news that the Dazzlings are still alive, and are very much still at large..."

Mistmane: "And I'm quite aghast at what they've done to the poor girl. How they've tricked her into siding against her friends..."

Somnambula: "But let us not lose hope, my friends. Remember, they are not in this alone. They powerful allies, such as Princess Celestia's boy, Storm Shield. And there's Discord, that mischievous draconequus, is leading his own team to rescue the girl from the dark side."

Stygian: "You would actually trust Discord to handle something so important as that?"

Somnambula: "....I'm not that hopeful. But I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I just hope he knows what he's doing..."

Flash Magnus: "Does he ever?"

Starswirl the Bearded: "Anyway, while we're all here. What's say we make our way into the show?"

With that, the Pillars, myself, Mina, Silver Shill, and Parfaite, all walked into the showroom, with Sunburst, Starlight Glimmer, and Sunburst's mom, Stellar Flare, following.

Sunburst: "I hope Princess Twilight and friends can snap Sunset back to her senses."

Starlight Glimmer: "Me too."

Stellar Flare: "My daughter's a criminal...OH the shame!"

Later, in the movie, everybody were all taking their seats. As always, Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, sits in his special reserved seat, with Sweetie Belle next to him, alongside his henchmen.

Silver Shill: "Well, doc. We've got the griffins, the dragons, the kirins, the yaks, and just about all the creatures here. Even the Diamond Dogs are here as well. So, I think we've got a full house."

Me: "Funny, I can't help but get the feeling like we're missing someone..."

Corpse Bride world

Prince Blueblood: (In the rain) "HELLO?!! ANY PONY!! I'M STILL HERE! I'M STILL STUCK IN THIS CHIMNEY!"

Sneak peek: Steven Universe: The Movie – Other Friends by Spinel

And now our featured presentation...

In the deepest, darkest corner of Wild Space lies the frozen planet of Hoth...

Me: "HEY, HEY, HEY! Stop the movie! STOP THE MOVIE!"

Silver Shill: "What's the problem sir?"

Me: "Where's the opening crawl? It's not a Star Wars movie without the opening crawl, y'know."

Mina: "Uh, funny you should ask, Doc. Because you see..."

Up in the project room

Trixie: (Spinning on a wheel) "Hey! Starlight! Cheese! Help me! This weird movie projector thing of Discord's is spitting films at me and–I'M SPINNING ON A WHEEL!!!"

Cheese Sandwich: (In the room with Starlight Glimmer and Lil'Cheese) "Oh gosh, Trixie. Did the machine's mother ever taught you any manners?" (Laughs like Ernie to make Lil'Cheese laugh)

Starlight Glimmer: (Annoyed) "Cheese! This is serious! Without this machine running, we'll never see what's happening to our friends and they might not be able to come back home!"


Main theater

Me: "Ugh! My brain hurts..."

Gilda: "Hey, Doc! What's the hold up! Let's see the movie!"

Stellar Flare: "What's happening to my baby?!"

Me: "Uh, due to some technical difficulties, I'm sorry to say we're gonna take a few minute breaks until we could patch these things up, before we could air our featured presentation." (Into a comlink) "Hey! Any CA staff members hear me? Keep the audience occupied!"

Meanwhile, at the same time, in an another world

Back in the empty movie theater in Canterlot Mall, some more familiar faces walked into the theater.

EqG Apple Bloom: "...She's not here...Where's Applejack?"

EqG Scootaloo: "Not here. And neither is Rainbow Dash."

EqG Sweetie Belle: "Rarity's not here either..."

Gloriosa Daisy: "Maybe they've gone somewhere else?"

EQG Apple Bloom: "But it's not like for Applejack to just...up and disappear into thin air like this. She didn't came home from yesterday! Ever since the graduation party, she and the Rainbooms were going to a movie theater. And they haven't come back home since."

Timber Spruce: "I'm with them. I've been texting to Twilight all day, yesterday, after her graduation, and she hasn't even replied to any of them. She never does that...unless, this is her way of breaking up..."

Gloriosa Daisy: "Now, Timber. Let's not jump to conclusions yet. I'm sure there's a good explanation for that."

Vignette Valencia: "Oh really? Like why did I get text from someone named 'QQ' that says, come to 'Canterlot Movie Theater.' What is the meaning of this?"

Kiwi Lollipop: "You're not the only one. Both me and Supernova Zap here have the same weird text to."

Supernova Zap: "Just what's so important for us to come here, anyway?"

The EQG CMC turned and noticed a countdown on the movie screen.

EQG Scootaloo: "I think we're about to find out."


Nice insight getting into Sunny's head admist to all that going on. Sadly this Is my first exposure to this Sith general, but he perks my interest.

Lukeeeeeeee! I hope Han finds him...

Love that bit of Sassyshy at the end, though this chapter raises the question...if it's been 3 years there...have they been gone for three years in Equestria too?

Yep. Now we know who the smart ones are.

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