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I'm Tired · 8:36am Mar 28th, 2022

I'm tired.
Tired of the constancy,
the constancy of judgment.
Tired of hiding,
hiding who I really am.
Tired of trying to stay strong.

I'm tired.
Tired of pretending,
pretending to be happy when all I want to do is cry.
Tired of not being able to let go,
let go of all the pain and emotions that consume me.
Tired of feeling worthless.

I'm tired.
Tired of being put down,
put down by the people I felt closest to.
Tired of dreaming,
dreaming of a life I will never have.

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A Short Hiatus · 4:45pm Jun 25th, 2021

Hello to all my dear readers!

This is just a little missive to let you all know that there will be a short hiatus. The reason for this is simple. Burn out. Since last July, my co author Zervon Tora and I have published content every week, and to be honest it's getting a bit much, and I really hate my keyboard at the moment.

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New Story - Strawberry Moon · 9:23pm Jan 1st, 2021

My latest story, Strawberry Moon, can be found here!

Here's what it's about.

Life is going well for Darkstar. She's part of a loving family, she's about to begin college, and her relationship with her boyfriend Slate is stronger than ever.

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Open Mouth, Insert Hoof · 12:47am Dec 17th, 2020

Open Mouth, Insert Hoof is a fantastic story by the wonderfully talented Lug13 set in the Wilyverse created by Zervon Tora and myself.

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Love's Prison · 4:09pm Jul 31st, 2020

Good day!

As promised, the second chapter of my story, We Are Each Other, has been released today.

Entitled Love's Prison, it picks up where the first chapter left off, with Celestia bringing the changelings back to Canterlot. How will they mix? How will Celestia live with Chrysalis? You'll have to read on to see!

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Celestia and Chrysalis Story? Why Yes! · 8:45pm Jul 24th, 2020

Yes, you read that right, ladies and gents!

My latest story, featuring Celestia and Chrysalis, entitled We Are Each Other, has just been published.

Set a few years after the changeling invasion of Canterlot, Chrysalis reaches out in desperation to Celestia. How will the Princess respond to the fallen Queen's plea?

You'll have to go read it to find out!


Art Commissions · 9:48am Jul 9th, 2020

I am open for commissions!

Price is dependant on what art you want doing.

Head / Bust only with colour is $7.50 / £5.50
Full body with colour is $15 / £11.50
Extra characters are an extra $5 / £3.59
Backgrounds are an extra $10 / £7.50

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The Wilyverse · 8:39pm Jun 11th, 2020

Hi chaps!

I've been asked today by a reader - not for the first time - what is the right order to read The Wilyverse in? Well, I thought that was a good question, so to answer it, here is the definitive list, in order from top to bottom, of The Wilyverse stories.

The Mare Before The Nightmare
The Best Night Ever
Light Shines In The Night
The Dawn of Dusk
Las Pegasus Prank
Wildfire: Lighting the Flame
Pony Pet Playdate
One For The Picture Book
I Might Call You Back

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All Done! · 8:19pm May 21st, 2020

Well chaps, that's The Festival of Lights completed!

Was a bit of a journey, this one, although not necessarily a long one.

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good bye · 11:48pm May 15th, 2020


thats how much my latet story had got. 67.

whats the damn point.

mot like any of youy will miss me.


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