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The mane six are having odd dreams of enjoying moments of being or acting younger. Without realizing it a mysterious pony keeps popping up in the dreams who may have her own intentions.

Co-author: Zubric

Chapters (7)
Comments ( 24 )

I hope there's more chapters soon.

Nice work keep it up.

hi so when will it be dune?

i bet all 30 years of my life that its twilight next

Not gonna lie; that’s adorable! Can’t wait to read the rest!

i'm not sure, me and Zubric will think of an idea for the next chapter tonight

i bet 29 years of my age that its twilight next or maybe spike

Are there going more stories of. Twilight and her friends in big padded with. The Tantabus

That’s cute and adorable. Nice story!

heh these stories/chapters are really adorable

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