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Luna is tired of the same old "Nightmare Moon" act she's been doing every year. Discord decides that the best solution is to instead do some dream walking that night and pull some pranks while the ponies are asleep. Wanting to do more this Nightmare's Night Luna decides to go along with Discord's silly plan not realising how much fun she was going to have altering dreams.

Co-Author: Zubric

Chapters (7)
Comments ( 10 )

I hope a few of these involve the pony involved turn the tables somehow.

Wow I like the part were she switched places with flurry heart if anyone knows of a fic where they actually do switch please let me know.

I was wondering when Luna would become Luna.
Luna: In the name of the moon, I am so giving Discord a nightmare when this is all done.

FUCK THIS IS CUTE baby Celestia Baby Luna baby Twilight baby words I'm going. To get cuteness diabetes god have mursy on me

It figures that Pinkie is a lucid dreamer.

Video games that were referenced in this dream:

Dance Dance Revolution(DDR)

Did I miss anything?
(Nice chapter by the by. REALLY loving this!)

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