• Published 1st Nov 2019
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Nightprank Moon - Foal Star

This is a short anthology of Luna going through the dreams of ponies (along with Discord) and having ponies face their most emberassing fears.

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chapter three: Beware! There be Baby dragons Fluttershy

Next both Luna and Discord appeared in a field of bunnies dressed in Nightmare Night costumes all going around digging up candy shaped carrots. Fluttershy could be seen in a cute white bunny costume alongside the rest of her bunnies digging up the carrots too. Discord blushed as he replied, “Look, I know it’s kind of hypocritical of me saying this but don’t do anything crazy with Fluttershy she’s quite sensitive to Nightmare Night pranks.”

Luna smirked, “oh, trust me, I won’t make her dream scary. I think this is going to be rather fun.”

Fluttershy squeaked as the bunnies all began to turn into giant dragons but they were quite different from the dragons in Equestria, These dragons were wearing bunny costumes like her and had big floppy ears and short cottontails they bounced around and were busy gobbling up carrot-shaped gems that were as big as boulders. One of the dragons turned to her and she instantly recognized him as that one dragon who’d almost covered all of Equestria in smoke years ago. He blushed as he waved a claw. “Hey Fluttershy, I just wanted to ask...we...well...w...would you come gem hunting with me?”

“Why would I do that?” She squeaked as she felt herself grow her fur disappeared tuning into scales and down on her belly was pink scales. The pegasus was quite frightened as she was now a full-grown dragon quivering in her bunny costume which grew along with her. The other dragon bounced over with puppy dog eyes. “Please! I’m sorry for puffing out all that smoke before. I learned to control myself.” He then puffed out some smoke but it was now pink in color and smelled like cotton candy.

Fluttershy blushed as she replied, “uh..sure...why not?” they went along hopping around and taking giant carrot-shaped gems and plopping them in their giant pumpkin-shaped baskets. Fluttershy was quite scared of the other dragons hopping around but they all seemed cute and way more friendly. She was even able to talk to some and they even swapped gems. Fluttershy didn’t even notice that dream was shifting again as they shrank down in size she was becoming more pudgier and she had a cute waddle seeing she was now a baby dragon just like Spike. She spotted two other baby dragons one was an orange scaled dragon she recognized as Smoulder and the other was a dark blue scaled female baby dragon who was ordering Smoulder around at which houses to get rock candy from she was clearly Ember. Fluttershy blushed as she was a bit scared to ask if she could go trick or treating with the other baby dragons. Ember spotted her and shouted, “hey Flutter Scales! What ya doing here by yourself! Didn’t mama tell you not to go trick-or-treating by yourself!”

Fluttershy was confused who was mama? And she was an adult-or wait...was she an adult? “uh...um..I’m sorry I got lost?”

Ember rolled her eyes. “You're going to get me in so much trouble if you go wandering off like that. You do that again and I’ll make you hold Smoulder’s claw all night.”

“Nah-uh, I dun need to hold nopony’s claw I a big dragon.” Smolder crossed her claws with a pout.

Ember slammed a claw to her face. “Ugh, I hate being the oldest sometimes, just come on! We need to hit Spike’s house, he has the best rock candy in all of Dragonville.”

The two walked off as Fluttershy followed behind she giggled seeing that Smoulder had difficulty walking seeing he had to stick his tail out for balance. Fluttershy came over and asked, “hey need help?”

Smolder shook her head. “Dun need help I big! Don’t need any dragon help!”

Fluttershy couldn’t help but daww a little and stayed by his side just in case. They eventually made it to “Spike’s house” which was a house made of gems. It looked similar to Twilight’s castle but smaller.

Ember knocked on the door and then the door opened up to reveal Spike in a superhero costume blushed as he replied, “hey don’t be scared. I got some rock candy for all of you!” he slowly placed small chunks of rock candy into each of their baskets. They all shouted,” thank you and trick or treat!”

They waddled off as Fluttershy held her head up. “I brave! I got rock candy from big bro Spike!”

“Oh I bet you did little one, Spike is such a great big brother.” Ember patted Flutter Scales' head.

It wasn’t long until Spike caught up with the group wearing what looked like plastic silver armor and a toy sword. Clearly dressing up a brave knight. “Ready for the haunted house?” he asked excitedly.

Twilight came from behind him leaning down. “hey Spike can you take Rarity with you?”

Spike blinked. “Uh, I think Rarity is too young to go to a haunted house.”

“Nah uh! I’m a big dwagon!” Rarity waddled out from behind Twilight wearing a witch's costume with an odd crinkling noise.

Discord rolled his eyes. Really your combining dreams? Now you’re just being a copycat. Meow.”

Luna put a hoof up to her lips. “Shhh, I”m trying to watch.”

Spike sighed “alright, come on Rarity hold my claw.”

He lead Rarity and Fluttershy along and Fluttershy dawwed hearing Rarity’s diaper crinkling. But she could tell that Rarity’s cheeks were bright pink and were quite embarrassed about having to wear such a garment.

Ember and Smolder giggled at the sound. “She sure is young, are you sure she can handle it?”

Spike scoffed, “don’t ask me, mama Twilight forced me to take her.”

Rarity huffed holding her pink pumpkin basket. “I brave, grrr.” She tried showing off her small teeth.

“Looks like you need to teeth,” Smolder commented as she took out a gem-shaped as a pacifier and popped it into Rarity’s mouth.

Spike giggled, “thanks Smoulder she does actually need to teeth. Now come on!”

Fluttershy eeped and held onto Ember claw as they headed down the street. “Is the Haunted House um..scary? I don’t like scary.”

Ember hugged Fluttershy. “Oh don’t be scared I’ll protect you with my dragon scepter!” She waved her plastic staff.

Spike rolled his eyes. “Mama Twilight is the Dragon Lord Ember.”

“I’m next! I’m the oldest!”

“Not uh I hatched first!” Spike snapped pointing at himself as he huffed out his chest.

“Um, Can I be Dragon Lord?” Fluttershy squeaked.

Spike and Ember snapped, “no way I am!”

Rarity whined stomping her foot at them arguing. “I want candy!”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, come on let's just get the haunted house already.”

Said haunted house looked a lot less scary than they had thought as it was painted bright pink and looked like someone had sized up a dollhouse.

Ember eeped. ‘Pink!” She recovered quickly hoping no dragon noticed.

Spike scratched his head. “Is this it? I think we made a wrong turn?”

“But it looks so...scary,” Ember remarked. “Just look at it, it so ponies.”

Smoulder blushed, “we can just take a peek? It looks..a..a.little cool.”

Rarity giggled. “Pretty.” She tried to run up the path only for Spike to keep a hold of her causing her to fall on her bottom.

“Alright but as a group.” Spike led the way up the path, Rarity seeming cheery walking next to Flutter Scales.

Flutter Scales looked at the heart-shaped window on the door. “It don’t look scary.”

“It’s probably trying to throw us off. Catch us off guard.” Smolder said, trying to stay tough. So far, the only two not phased by the house were the two youngest dragons.

Flutter Scales cooed at the door moving over and pushing it open to look inside. Before her was a slowly spinning tube light peaking through spider-shaped holes as it spun. The dragon giggled as she headed inside wobbling as she had to adjust her footing as it rolled.

Ember blinked. “Is it a haunted house or a Funhouse?”

Spike shrugged as he followed after Flutter Scales having to put his arms out to balance. The others follow after him soon enough crossing through the long tube. As they reach the halfway mark, the lights suddenly turn off before them hearing Pinkie Pie laughing. All the foals squeaked as the light came back on but dimmed causing long shadows to be cast through the holes.

Flutter Scales squeaked clinging into Spike once through the tube. “Scary.” She leaned in closer as she looked down a blue hallway covered in bushes with colourful butterflies while the Pink hallway had gem covered rock-like walls.

“Oh, gems!” Smolder pointed bouncing on her feet.

“Yeah, gems!” Rarity joined in.

Flutter Scales looked between the hallways looking up at Spike. “Butterflies not scary”

Ember looked at the hatchlings shrugging. “Well we should not split up, so we need to choose.”

“Butterflies icky,” Smolder said sticking out her tongue.

“Nu-uh,” Flutter Scales retorted.

“Are too,” Smolder huffed.

Spike facepalmed and gasped as Flutter Scales waddled down through the butterfly hallway. “Wait come back,” He called out, listening to Flutter Scales laughter as he passes through the butterflies.

Ember and Smilder both hesitate for a second staring at the colourful barrage ahead of them. Ember meeped. “I don’t want to go, you go!’ She nudges Smolder forward.

The younger drake peddled back shaking her head. “No, it’s too..too...cute.”

Rarity watched the insects flutter around admiring the vibrant forms. She waddled into the tunnel as well “Flutter Scales, wait up!”

Spike sighed following after them as Smolder holds onto Ember’s claw as they headed into the “scary” hallway.

Flutter Scales giggles more as she went into the next section hearing Pinkie singing her Giggle at the Ghosties song. Ember and Smolder both jumped in surprise upon seeing the horrifying sight of...a tea party. Flutter Scales and Rarity didn’t seem to care as they hurried to the table laughing all the way as they took seats.

Ember gasped again as, upon the two taking a seat, frilly dresses appeared on the young dragons. “Oh no, it got them! What we going to do!”

Flutter Scales clapped her claws together as she took one of the heart-shaped cookies covered in sprinkles and frosting and took a big bite smiling as she munched away. “Mmm tasty,” she cooed looking over at Spike. “Spikey come have cookies!”

Spike gulped a bit as he moved to the table blushing as he sat down and felt a yellow bubble sleeve dress appeared on him with a red sash.

Rarity giggled pointing at Spike. “Hehe you look pretty,” she teased even seeing the big red bow around his head. Her wobbly claws carefully pouring the drake a cup of tea grinning happily.

Ember and Smilder both look on in terror at all the girliness as Flutter Scales blinked. “Don’t you want tea Ember?”

Ember kicked about with a pout on her face. “Nah uh! Dun wanna have tea!”

Smolder slowly raised a claw with a blush on her face. “Uh...c...can I have some?”

“You Gotta sit at the table,” Flutter Scales cooed giggling at what could come once she did so.

Smolder slowly waddled over and hesitantly sat down feeling the magic flow over her as a nice blue gown materialized on her. It even came with cute white elbow gloves.

Flutter Scales clapped her claws. “Yay teas party!” She takes the teapot from Rarity and helps pour some for Smolder. The little dragon watched as Smolder began to sip for the cup with a smile.

Spike snickered seeing Rarity bouncing up and down showing off her diaper. For some reason, he had a faint memory of how Twilight used to put him in diapers when he was a hatchling. He shook his head and continued to drink his small cup of tea and seeming to hear a strange crinkling noise from under his dress. “Hmmm, what's that odd noise?”

As they keep up their little tea party, Teddy bears came dancing out from the walkway doing a light show around the table for its guests. A few even pick up Ember plonking her down at the tea party. Ember squeaked trying to get up, but it was too late as a flowing red dress appeared.

“Oooh, that nice,” Spike commented, seeing the similar elbow gloves on Ember too. The two dragonesses looking rather regal.

Ember kicked about and cried, “stop ya scaring me! I dun like tis!” The teddies kept on dancing even waving ribbons around.

Flutter Scales giggled seeing that Ember was acting like a scared hatchling. “Aww, that’s okay Ember the teddies are just playing with you.”

Ember shouted, “I dun care! Tey being scary!”

The rest of the baby dragons all burst into laughter and even Spike was trying to keep himself from spitting up his tea. Without warning the tea table disappeared as the room turned into a ballroom with a shiny chandelier overhead. The room had a very pastel colour to it and the floor was even shiny yet feeling soft like a sponge.

A big pink bunny plush claps its paws smiling. “Oaky little girls, time to practice your dancing.”

Spike pouted crossing his arms. “I’m not a girl.”

“Oh I know, but you have to wear a dress or tutu for this lesson.”

Spike's face turned a beat red as he heard that odd crinkling noise from under his dress. “W..wait...what else am I wearing?”

Rarity giggles as she tried to do a swirl on her hind leg only to fall onto her rump exposing her padding. “Hehe is Spikey a baby too?”

“No! I’m not a baby dragon! Why does everypony call me that still!”

Flutter Scales waddled over and patted his padded rump. “That diaper is all the proof we need that you're a baby dragon.”

Spike squealed staring down to see his dress had changed int a frilly poofed out Tutu which fully exposed the rounded padding.

Fluttershy dawed but she also pondered something. Wasn’t Spike the oldest here? Or the youngest?

Being distracted again, she watched as the bunny began to crank the music box saving hit paws around to help them dance to the rhythm. The plush looked a lot like Angel Bunny.

The young dragons stumbled about to the beat of the music they had no coordination at all seeming to constantly plop on their rumps or accidentally whack each other with their tails. Flutter Scales turned to see that both Spike and Rarity were struggling the most with their thick padded rumps making them even more clumsy. She comes over and held up Spike’s arms. “Here let me help,” she said kindly as she swinging him left to right.

“D-don’t need help,” Spike whined even as Flutter Scales helped him sway this way and that even as he stumbled.

“Oh hush, you listen to your big sister. Now stick that tail up it’ll help with your balance.”

Spike grumbled but did as Flutter Scales ordered and stuck his tail up. It did seem to gain him a bit more balance his dancing slightly improved.

“Good job Spike,” Flutter Scales mothered, patting his bottom.

Rarity giggled sticking her tail up to as she wobbled. “I can dance too.” her arms wobbling to her side to try and not fall over. The bunny all the while saying they were doing a great job.

Flutter Scales swirled some feeling happy she is being so helpful. She’d almost forgotten it was even NIghtmare Night. Like any dream moments just went from one to the other without reason.

Smolder and Ember both got jealous seeing that Spike and Rarity were getting more attention. Ember whined, “not fair! I want big sissy to help me dance!? Not fair!” Ember stomped her foot.

Smoulder blushed, “but we big dragons!”

“I wanna be a baby dragon!” Ember cried. “This dragon lord stuff is too hard.”

Flutter Scales came over. “Aww, they're there,” She patted Ember back taking the staff that appeared next to her.

Discord blinked. “I didn’t expect that? Is ember really that stressed out from being Dragon Lord?”

Luna dawed, “oh that’s so cute, well I guess I can assist in helping her destress.”

Flutter Scales took the staff and giggled lightly booping Ember on the head with it. To her surprise, Ember began to get smaller and smaller reaching Spike’s size in no time. “Oh my, I didn’t think that would happen. Awful cute though.” She can’t help pinch Ember's small cheek.

Ember laughed clapping her claws as she jumped around and swirled her dress having turned to a red tutu in the process. She spun over to Spike and took his hands swinging him around with her.

Spike eeped but smiled too as he let Ember helped him keep upright as they dance to the music. “Weee, hehe this is fun.”

“Flutter Scales in charge not me hehe,” Ember said overjoyed.

Flutter Scales beamed holding the staff. “Oh okay, how about we go enjoy the flowers.” She pointed to the door that lead to a gentle meadow with butterflies and bunnies going about.

Ember was unsure clinging to Spike. “Ta butterflies and bunnies are scary.”

Spike patted her on the head. “They not scary, come on let’s go!” He held her claw moving closer to the door.

He lead Ember by the claw with her blushing as she stumbled about in her padding which at first surprised her but then she giggled realizing she was just a baby and continued to waddle after Spike. Smolder came behind those two feeling proud that she was the second oldest now and not in diapers, unlike her siblings.

It wasn’t long for the three baby dragons to start playing in the field of flowers and Flutter Scales kept an eye on her siblings making sure they didn’t get into any trouble. She felt quite proud of being the oldest and caring for such adorable baby dragons. But it didn’t take long for the pollen from the flowers started to become a dense cloud. Flutter Scales sneezed over and over soon falling back as she felt the grass before her squeaked and felt fluffy like...a bed. Blinking she saw she seemed to be in a giant cave She peered up at a big purple dragon which she perceived to be...Twinkle Scales...or something...but she knew one thing this was “mama” and she didn't have to be scared of mama. Fluttershy waddled over to the big purple dragon’s muzzle and grabbed onto it and gave it a big hug. “I wuv ya mama. Can ya tuck me in?”

“Of course little one, I bet your tired after a long night of Nightmare Night.” She placed Fluttershy into a nest full of blankets and pillows, where she found her siblings Ember, Spike and Smoulder sleeping soundly in their thick diapers all curled up in little balls and sucking on the tips of their tails. Flutter Scales waddled over and laid down in the bed and curled up before sucking on her tail. “Twinkle Scales” curled up around her hatchlings like a good dragon mother. they all fell into a deep sleep with Flutter Scales feeling safe and secure.

Luna turned to Discord who had tears in his eyes and scoffed, “Told you, it was fun and she learned to face her fear of dragons. I even gave her a nice ending to boot.”

“I..I’ll admit...thi...this was nice...thanks.” Discord mumbled wiping a tear from his eye. “alright let’s go do some actual pranks now. I’m getting all emotional here.”

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