• Published 1st Nov 2019
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Nightprank Moon - Foal Star

This is a short anthology of Luna going through the dreams of ponies (along with Discord) and having ponies face their most emberassing fears.

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Chapter seven: A trip to Foal City Mall

Discord and Luna appear in front of Celestia, now popping into her dream bubble. Celestia stood outside of a large mall complex with banners of all shapes advertising various products. Staring up, she saw a big sign overhead that read. "Foal City Mall!" in big, bold letters. There were ponies coming in and out of the mall in a steady flow. The princess could swear she sees some wearing diapers but she was also feeling woozy and struggled to maintain her bearings. The princess noticed Twilight standing there as well with a big smile on her face. "Hey, princess Celestia.; are you ready?"

Celestia, feeling very disoriented, asked, "um...Twilight, where are we? I've never seen a mall like this before?"

"Oh!? This is the Grand Foal City Mall! It's the best place to shop in Equestria!" She then walked around Celestia and exclaimed, "oh, that's a nice diaper you're wearing!"

The princess's cheeks burned bright pink as she turned around and spotted the giant fluffy white diaper around her rump. Besides its bulk, she also noticed the little suns printed on the padding with the bright orange leak guards lining around her thighs. "What! Why am I wearing a diaper?"

"Oh, come on! Diapers are the latest fashion right now!" The purple alicorn turned around and stuck her rump out, and Celestia was astonished to see the younger alicorn's cutie mark sitting on the seat of the diaper.

Celestia cheeks grew a darker shade of pink as she asked, "oh, was that custom made?"

"Yeah! How can you tell?" Twilight giggled, shaking her padded butt about.

"Bu..but wh..eep!" Celestia squeaked as the young alicorn took her by the hoof. "Oh, come on! We don't have all day; there are so many shops we got to get to."

Celestia was dragged off, waddling along in a silly gait into the store, and she gasped as they entered the mall seeing dozens of shops lined on both sides of her. There was a giant set of escalators leading to more shops and a large food court in the middle of the store.

The princess of the sun gasped, "wow!? I didn't know we had such a giant store in Equestria?"

"It just opened up when pampers started becoming popular now why don't we go-ahead to the diaper shop!" Twilight exclaimed as she waddled off. Celestia slowly followed her, now noticing. The princess was wearing a diaper bag around her like a mare would wear a saddlebag. She squeaked suddenly seeing a similar giant diaper bag strapped around her back. "W..what!? Where did this come from?"

"Silly, princess! You've been wearing that since you came in!"

Celestia's face turned a bright red as she exclaimed, "Don't tell me we actually used them? There just a fashion statement, right?"

Twilight giggled, "oh, but we can do much more shopping if we don't stop for bathroom breaks? Besides, the bathrooms only have changing stations, no toilets."

"Really, no toilets!?" Celestia exclaimed out loud being completely surprised. Twilight looked down as she ground her hoof into the ground and sighed, "oh...well...we could just leave if you're not having fun?"

The princess groaned, seeing she was spoiling her former student's fun. "Fine! I'll hang out with you this one time! But I'm not using my diaper!"

"Ok, fair enough!" Twilight exclaimed as she took Celestia and led her to the first shop. It was called "Nighttime wear!" There we're cardboard cutouts of Luna prancing and wearing a giant diaper. The princess gasped, "look! There's a sale! Buy one package of Luna brand diapers and get one free! Oh, what a deal!"

Celestia scratched her head. "But those are nighttime diapers... you're not a bedwetter, right?"

Twilight's face turned red and stammered nervously. "Oh...um...well...I just like to wear them, hehe." She slowly trotted inside as Celestia was now starting to feel a little jealous of seeing her sister's face on the diapers that were shown. "I wish I had a brand of diapers with my face on them…"

She then slowly walked into the store just to see what it was like and blushed to see the rows and rows of diapers her sister was selling. There were also nightlights, plushies, music boxes, and limited edition pacifiers.

She then turned her head to see Luna at the checkout and exclaimed, "sister!? I didn't know you work here!?"

Luna giggled and waved a hoof. "Oh, I just opened up! Isn't it so cool to have a supply store for adult bedwetters? Faust knows you need some nighttime diapers."

Celestia's cheeks grew pink. "Hey! Don't say that out loud...I only tinkle a little sometimes."

"Tinkle? You soaked the mattress last night and we had to go and buy you a new one. Now come on, save some bits, and buy some diapers!"

Princess Celestia got all flustered and stomped a hoof. "I don't wet the bed!"

Luna took out a massive package of diapers and placed them on the counter. "Oh my so fussy, Maybe you'd want something comfy, like the new Nightmare Moon brand?"

Twilight came back with two giant packages of the Nightmare Moon brand in her diaper bag and was surprisingly wearing one of them having dark green leak guards and Nightmare Moon's face winking on the seat of the diaper. Celestia giggled seeing this diaper was twice as big as the last one she had making her gait even more wide as she stumbled about trying to get used to all the extra padding. The princess of friendship eventually made it to the counter and plopped the packages down as she asked, "Oh yes, they're so comfy and durable! I get the second one for free, right?"

"Of course! Glad to see you tried one on!" Luna snickered with a smirk on her face as she used a scan gun to check the packages out for the purple alicorn. The princess of the night placed the packages in Twilight's diaper bag and cooed, "remember, don't drink any liquids after six."

Twilight's face turned a bright red. "Right...gotta remember that."

Luna then took out another package of Nightmare Moon diapers and placed another on top of the first one. The night princess cooed at her sister again." "Can Tia count to five bits?"

"What!? Of course!" she took out some bits and tried counting them struggling for a good few minutes, "one...two….um...I think it was four...and...five! See, I can count!" Celestia snapped back as she shoved the bits into her sister's hoof.

The princess of the night placed the bits in the cash register and gasped, "oh wow! You're so lucky, Celestia!"

The princess of the sun was unsure of her sister's expression. "Uh...what happened?"

"Oh, you just won a year's worth of Nighttime diapers! Don't worry, we'll just mail you the rest!" Luna cheered as she stuffed the two packages of nighttime diapers into her sister's diaper bag.

"W...wait! I don't want that! Can you give it to somepony else!?" Celestia whined, looking around, seeing other ponies snickering and whispering amongst themselves.

"Oh hush, it's not like you go through a pack of them a week. Now run along you kept Twilight waiting long enough." Luna slapped her sister's rump, who squeaked, seeing her diaper was now bigger than before. Celestia then saw the green leak guards and exclaimed, "wait! How did you change me into one of these diapers!?"

"Oh, so silly should've read the labels, but you probably can't read yet. They're magical; they just love flying onto the rumps of little bedwetters to keep their foals dry. No nannies necessary, they change themselves." Luna explained with a smirk on her face as she turned to help the other customers.

Celestia groaned as waddled off her gait was much more cumbersome as she wobbled about. After walking down the walkway and finally getting used to her new diaper, she pondered about why she bought nighttime diapers in the first place...but yet again, it wouldn't hurt to have some extra protection at night she didn't want to soak another mattress. But she also kept a mental note, for now, she'll check the mail to make sure nopony else sees her embarrassing packages.

At the food court and to Celestia, surprised it was full of padded up ponies eating messily, a few even sitting in highchairs suckling on foal bottles. "W-what well, this certainly is odd."

Twilight pointed at a tofu burger stand and exclaimed, "Quick, let's get in line for Crinkle Burger before the line gets too long." The fast-food shop had the image of a big foal with splotches of ketchup and mustard all over its face and bib. The burgers themselves looked massive and sloppily put together; there would be no way to eat them neatly what so ever.

Celestia blinked in aw as they got to the front. "My size is pretty large, are you sure you can eat something that big?"

Twilight licked her lips 'Well, if you change your mind, we could always go to Bottle Juice and get bottles to drink."

"Bottles?" Celestia asked, her blush growing once more.

"Well, big pony cups are too easy to spill," Twilight replied casually. "I think I'll have the Sombra meal, what do you want a princess."

Celestia was suddenly surprised to see a paper menu in front of her with silly pictures to color on. The princess looked it over and struggled to read the menu at first, having to read aloud slowly for a second. "Oh uh, the um Chaos Crunchy meal? I suppose."

"Uh, Celestia, I wouldn't choose that one if I were you!" Twilight cried out, looking around nervously.

"Too late!" Discord suddenly appeared in front of the two with their meals. "Alright! So who ordered the Sombra meal!?"

"Oh, I did!" Twilight exclaimed raising a hoof Discord slid a giant hay burger with fries and placed it in a blender and it roared as it churned it out as black goo. He poured the slime into a bowl, and he slid it in front of Twilight, then tied a pink bib with a "messy princess" written on the fabric and tied it around her neck. "There you go!"

The princess simply responded nervously, "thanks Discord...you better not make me burp out songbirds like last time."

"Hehe, that's what you get when you buy the chaos crunch burger! You never know what you're gonna get! Should've read the fine print." Discord responded as he crossed his arms with a smirk on his face."

Celestia suddenly realized she made a horrible mistake and asked., "um...can I get something else instead?"

"Too late! Twilight already paid!" He took out a fried tofu sandwich and threw it in a masher and mashed it into a crunchy paste, then poured the goo into a bowl and hoofed it over to Celestia while also tieing another pink bib around her neck with "spoiled princess" written on it. He then placed two giant foal bottles filled with formula on their platters. "Alright, eat up! You won't leave until you eat every last bite!"

Twilight was already taking hooffuls of mush and shoving it into her mouth. "Mmmm takes so yummily! Like minty ice cream!"

Celestia groaned but took her hooves and used them to eat her goop and blushed as every time she swallowed, it tasted like a different flavor of cake, sometimes chocolate cake, cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, carrot cake. Celestia kept on munching on her food without realizing she was getting it all over the place and covering her muzzle in the mush. She then took her foal bottle and started to chug it down, making cute suckling noises. Discord watched and waited patiently, then came over and wiped Twilight's face. "My my such messy eaters! Did any of that food get into your mouths!?"

Celestia placed the bottle down and whined, "you didn't give us any u-uti-um..spoons or stuff!"

The lord of chaos snickered, coming over and wiping the princess of the sun's face next. "I'm just teasing you silly filly. Now before you go gotta check the diaper!"

"Wha-eep!" She cried out as the lord of chaos lifted her into the air and gave it a few pats.

He then placed Celestia down with a big yellow pacifier in her mouth. She wanted to say more, but she kept suckling on her pacifier, seeming unable to stop as Discord continued, "you're all good...and you Twilight?"

The purple alicorn lifted her hooves up proudly. "Nope! All clean!"

"Hehe, you foals think you can tell if you're wet or not," Discord lifted her up and gave her diaper a few pats before setting her down next to Celestia. He then flicked a claw as their bottles refilled and placed them into their diaper bags. "Don't drink those too fast you'll get gassy!"

Celestia grumbled, "I don't get-hiccup!" She eeped as pink bubbles came out of her mouth. Twilight giggled, "tia needs a burp!"

"What!? No! Hic!" Celestia squeaked hiccuping again and more bubbles coming out of her mouth.

Discord came over and lifted Celestia up and over his shoulder, giving her back a few good pats on her back before she spat out her pacifier and literal rainbows. Twilight's eyes went wide, "wow!? I'm gonna get the chaos crunch meal next time! That's way cooler than those birds!"

Celestia was too embarrassed to even fight back as she was placed down. Discord snickers, "on the menu, it did say there were some side effects, guess you can't read that well."

"Twilight, come on! Let's go!" Celestia exclaimed as she took her former student by the hoof and led her away, hoping no more crazy side effects happened.

"Oh, look, Princess tutus are on sale!" Twilight pointed to the clothing shop with an emphasis on pink and frilly. The shop seemed full of all kinds of foal attire, from princess dresses to pink onesies with frills on the diaper hatch, frilly diaper covers, and foal bonnets, all with most having some extra poof to them.

A Yellow baby dragon with a pink scaled belly while humming happily. "Oh, hello, I'm Flutterscales, welcome to my shop.

"Hi Flutterscales, can we get matching Ballerina attire?" Twilight asked, clapping her hooves gleefully.

"Oh, why certainly," Flutterscales said happily she looked over the two and giggled, "well...we do have a lot of pink ones, but, to be honest, I think you two would look great in a butter yellow color."

"Oh, let's get those!" Twilight shouted as she dragged Celestia along with her squeaking as she waddled after the purple alicorn.

"W-wait I don't know about this," Celestia protested but still found herself flying through rows of princesses dresses, the onesies section, then finally came to the ballerina section. There were dozens of different kinds of tutus, ballet shoes, even accessories like swan costumes and attachable fairy wings. Twilight went through the tutus and found two matching ones, with them having butter yellow leotards and a light yellow frill surrounding like Flutterscales mentioned. "I found them!"

Celestia nodded, wishing she had her pacifier to calm her down. All the frilly clothes were making her anxious that ponies will see her in this shop! Twilight gave her one of the tutus with it being about her size. The princess grimaced at how foalish the tutus looked as they entered the back where the changing rooms were. Celestia's face flushed, seeing all the mirrors surrounding her as if to get every angle of her diaper with Nightmare moon seeming to be mocking her for wearing such an embarrassing outfit.

The princess took it within her magic and slowly dressed herself slipping her hooves through it and slowly dressing herself, placing the thin yellow straps around her shoulders. She turned around, blushing, seeing how frilly the tutu was and seeing in the mirror behind her how much the tutu framed her giant diaper. With nightmare moon's expression, one of pure laughter with tears coming out of her eyes. Celestia groaned and waddled out of the changing room blushing seeing the frills of the tutu bending against the doorway. Twilight bounced over in her cute little tutu and squealed. "Oh, Celestia, you look so adorable!"

The princess was a bit astonished by how Twilight looked rather cute in her outfit. "Well, Twilight, you do too. Let's go purchase them" The two waddled off. At the checkout counter, Rarity was there wearing a frilly purple princess dress with a dozen petticoats underneath and sporting a giant crinkling diaper with her cutie mark printed on the seat of her padding. She was pushing a full shopping cart of all kinds of dresses, onesies and tutus. The princess snickered, "Rarity, you can't afford all that! Ya gotta put some back!"

"Nuh, uh! I want them all!" Rarity cried like a spoiled filly hugging a bunch of the frilly clothes and snuggling them.

Celestia rolled her eyes at Rarity, acting so bratty. "Alright, don't blame us if ya can't buy anything at the food court."

The fashionista went over to Flutterscales and asked, "I can buy all of this, right?"

"Hmmm, let's see…" She went into a foal style computer and clicked some blinking lights. "I guess you can! But you have to share some other ponies!"

"Oh, yes! I'm gonna go dress up other ponies! That sounds like a lot of fun!"

Discord was in the background smirking, "I wonder how many ponies are gonna dream of being in those embarrassing outfits?"

"Oh, we'll see hehe." Luna giggled as Rarity walked off with all her adorable outfits shaking her thickly padded butt.

Twilight waddled over to Celestia and asked. "oh, Tia wanna try ballet? It's fun!" She points to the studio right across the dress shop.

"Uh...I guess…can I have fairy wings?" Celestia asked with her cheeks turning pink again.

"Daww, of course! They come with the tutus!" Twilight strapped on the fake butterfly wings around Celestia's back. "Now come on! Let's go to the ballet!"

They skipped off as Flutterscales shook her head. "Silly foals forgot to pay, oh well, I'll add it to Rarity's tab."

Celestia and Twilight were now twirling about trying to do ballet, but with the diapers, it was a struggle for the two as they pranced about awkwardly in their thick pampers as they tried not stumble and plop on their padded rumps.

Octavia was also wearing a cute diaper with song notes printed on the padding and a frilly light pink tutu with white frills around her midriff. She was observing the two doing their awkward dances and shook her head "silly foals, but you keep trying, you'll get it down pat, I'm sure."

Celestia pouted and snapped back. "I'm a thousand years old, not a foal."

"Oh, such a cutie, do you even know how to count?" Octavia cooed in a patronizing tone.

"I know how to count! One...tw..wait...what comes after two?" Celestia mumbled as she tapped her chin.

"Its three silly! That's how old I am!" Twilight exclaimed as she bounced about, shaking her rump about. "Hehe see I'm doing ballet!"

Celestia rolled her eyes. "Ya, just jumping around that's not ballet and ya, not three!"

"It is too, and I three!" Twilight stuck her tongue out childishly.

"Is it not!"

The two had failed to notice the curtain had lowered as other big foals were coming onto the stage, all wearing various colors of tutus. Octiva turned towards them and clapped her hooves. "Come on, places, everypony!" The poofy dancers all gather in a line as the light shines down from above.

Celestia squeaked, looking around with sweat forming on her brow. "Wait!? I don't know how to do ballet!?"

Twilight waddled over with a smile. "Oh come on, we've been practicing for months you should know the routine by heart now. You're just being nervous silly." The mare popped a big yellow pacifier in her mouth. "Here, this should help you calm down."

Celestia mpphed! Through her pacifier but suckling on the rubber bulb did help a little calming her nerves. As the curtain began to rise, seemingly endless rows of ponies took their seats to watch the performance. The piano music began to start joined in by a trumpet, and other string instruments began playing their music.

The princess suckled on her pacifier even more before starting her dance as she was the first to perform. She twirled about showing the giant diaper around her rump to everypony she could hear snickering and dawws but tried to stay focused. Celestia performed a few graceful leaps and squeaked as she stumbled on her landing and plopped down onto the seat of her diaper, making the trumpets and tubas make a loud "blurp!" as her padding send out a giant poof of foal powder. Many ponies burst into laughter as the princess slowly got up and tried it again, landing on her hooves this time before going backstage. She was in tears as Twilight came over and hugged Celestia. "Hey you did a good job it was just one little oopsie that's all."

The princess was a bit unsure about the patronizing tone, but she did feel better as she watched Twilight leap onto the stage. She was much more graceful than her landing on her back hooves with ease and twirled about constantly despite her diaper being just as big as her's. Twilight then flew into the air and revealed her wings, which were now sparkly butterfly wings! She took a wand into her mouth and started to shower the crowd in sparkles. "Oh, is that why her last name is sparkle." Celestia snickered behind a hoof.

After fluttering back down, she did one final leap she went backstage and waddled over to celestia. "There see it's not that hard. Now time for your costume."

She was taken to the makeup area and had her tutu removed, then they dressed Celestia in a fluffy tutu covered in white feathers with a frilly purple frill surrounding her midriff. Then some backstage staff tied a swan head made of paper mache over her own head. "Wait, I'm the swan princess!?"

"Yeah? You forgot, silly?" Twilight giggled behind "a hoof. "My goodness, your spacey today have to make sure you get a nap when you get home.

Celestia stomped about shaking her frilly tutu and swaying her diaper about as she whined, "stop treating me like a foal Twilight! Watch, I can do this!"

The princess skipped out from backstage twirling about like how she watched Twilight do it. She then flew upon her wings and gave a honk like a swan and squeaked as an egg came out of nowhere and plopped on stage. The audience laughed again, but Celestia kept in character and fluttered down gently, bowing before leaping away without falling this time.

"See, I told you, Twilight! I'm a big filly!" The princess proclaimed.

Twilight nuzzled the princess. "Oh, yes, you are! Now it's time to see your prince!" They turned to watch as Shining Armor leaped on stage in a large diaper he had an exaggerated prince suit with giant gold on and had a foam sword in his mouth. He twirled about fighting changelings wearing pink tutus with his foam sword, but he kept messing up plopping on his padded butt constantly.

"Ugh!? He needs more practice." Twilight mumbled.

Celestia giggled behind a hoof secretly happy she wasn't the only one messing up. "I think he's doing well…"

Shining seemed to be confused about what was going on too and quickly leaped backstage. Many audience members murmured, and some clapped. Then the lights changed as Twilight fixed her mane. "My turn!"

She flew out on stage as her brother leaped over his eyes wide. "Twi-"

"Shhh!" Twilight plopped a pacifier in his mouth then took out her fairy wand as she then shook glitter on him, and he squeaked as his outfit turned into a frilly pink tutu. "Mmmmph!" Shining whined but couldn't do anything as the audience giggled and snickered. Celestia gasped, "it's my turn! Now I have to save the prince!"

She leaped back on stage and rammed her beak into Twilight, who groaned and made an exaggerated look with her tongue sticking out as she fell to the ground. Celestia twirled about her princes as Shining just stood there blushing, then she took out his pacifier, and she then went for a kiss, and the lights went out, and the curtains closed with the audience standing up and going for a standing ovation.

Celestia bounced back and asked, "hey, Shining you, ok?"

"Y..yeah, thanks...so...um what's going on? I thought I was watching my daughter having a ballet recital, then suddenly, I was on stage!" The stallion asked with his face a bright pink and looking at his giant diaper and frilly pink tutu.

"Oh...um...I don't know I thought I was in a mall." Celestia replied as they turned to Twilight, getting up. "You two did great,..thought Shining you need more practice! You kept falling on your butt; it looked like the changelings beat you!"

"It's not my fault! Why am I wearing such a big diaper!" the stallion snapped and pointed back at his padding. "I can barely walk in this, let alone dance!"

Twilight waddled about with ease in her own pampers and cooed, "it takes practice Shining we wear diapers to make us look cuter. Now come on; you're going to do some extra rehearsals." She took her brother by the hoof and lead him away as Celestia stood there. "Huh, what now?"

Celestia blinked as the dram morphed around her, and she was now in front of a movie theater staring at what was on offer. "Hmm, Nanny Roadtrip is a comedy, or maybe The Fantastic Foals, it's an action movie."

She turned to see Twilight waddling over with her new diaper having little popcorn pieces printed on her padding. "Hey, you made it!"

"Sorry for being late, I just had to drop my brother off at the sitter's." Twilight snickered.

Celestia turned her attention to the movie choices and tapped her chin, shifting from side to side. "Oh I don't know Twilight, I just can't decide." The delightful smells of freshly popped popcorn flowed out from the concession stand. This alone was making her hungry. Upon one poster was a mob of foals all holding rattles as they were chasing after an adult grey pegasus with lazy eyes. The title read 'Planet of the Foals.' Celestia pointed at it, "Oh, how about that one?"

"Oh, I heard that one can be scary at times," Luna called out as she walked up with Discord. "Are you sure you can handle such an intense movie?"

Discord adjusted his 3D glasses, lowering them down a bit. "Indeed, maybe they should go for "Kittens vs. Puppies."

"But that's a kid movie!" Celestia protested out loud.

Discord flew over and gave her diaper a pat. "It's the shortest one. I don't think you want a soggy diaper."

"I-I won't have an accident." She squeaked with burning cheeks.

"Are you sure your drink and snacks look pretty big." He patted the exaggeratedly big cup, which was about as tall as he was with an extra-long straw. "This sure is a lot of soda."

Celestia's eyes went wide and exclaimed, "Is that the kid-size!?"

Twilight blushed and explained, "yeah, there's no way you could finish an adult size."

"There's an adult size one!?"

Discord ruddled Celestia's mane. "Oh, you're just too cute! Now come on, you're going to miss the movie."

He led Celestia and Twilight into the movie theater. Inside there was a giant counter where Pinkie Pie had a little red hat tied around her head. "Oh, wow!? Is this a whole family!?"

Discord blushed and tried to explain, "huh no!? Luna and I are um...uh...separate…"

"Like a date!?" Pinkie chirped.

"What now!? Just together, it's not a date." Discord grumbled.

"Sure, it isn't," PInkie winked. She looked down at the two padded princesses. "Oh, you two gonna see Kittens vs. Puppies I head that one is super funny! I think Applejack and Rainbow Dash are in it."

Celestia grumbled, looking back at a mirror seeing her diaper and blushed seeing the "Kittens vs. Puppies" label printed on the seat of her padding with cute little pink paw prints stamped all over her padded rump. "yeah, that's right…but we're not foals…"

Pinkie turned to her computer and started typing away. "Oh, don't be embarrassed by your diapers. Now let's ee here two tickets for foals, and two adults. Add three princess discounts, add two diaper discounts, oh, and the special date discount."

"It's not a date," Discord growled but was ignored.

"Diaper discount?" Celestia blushed, shaking her head.

"That comes to zero bits and four free kid-sized drinks!"

Celestia squeaked, remembering how big the drinks were. "Wait! I don't want one!"

"Oh, such a silly foal, you'll get thirsty, trust me, you need one. Also, a giant tub of popcorn for the couple, and foal safe pretzel bites and cheese for the foals."

Discord sighed, "ok let's go." Now quite annoyed.

They went into the movie theatre, and Celestia and Twilight sat together near the front rows while Luna and Discord sat in the back. Pinkie came bouncing over as she gave them their drinks and snacks. Celestia blushed seeing the massive soda. "Oh...please don't pee."

The movie started and shown on screen Applejack and Rainbow Dash as puppies fighting against an evil Sombra and Chrysalis as kittens who were trying to Ruin Fluttershy's house with Angel Bunny continually getting in the crossfire. The movie's plot was generic, and the pets didn't act well, often getting distracted. Celestia grumbled as she sucked on her soda throughout the film. It dragged on seeming to be a lot longer than she thought. Sometimes she swore parts were repeating themselves.

But she then groaned as she felt a pang in her bladder the mare kicked about in her padding, making it crinkle and poof out foal powder needing to pee really bad. But the movie was getting good with Applejack and Rainbow Dash trying to save Angel Bunny, who was tied up outside as the kittens were teasing him. Celestia scrunched the padding and turned to see if the puppies could save Angel! But she didn't want to pee in her pampers either. She turned to Twilight, who already soaked her diaper. "Uh..T...Twilight, I gotta go."

"Just use your diaper. That's what it's there for." Twilight whispered with her eyes glued to the screen.

"Bu...but this movie is taking forever I don't want to sit in a clammy diaper for hours," Celestia responded.

"Just pee a little bit at a time. That's what I've been doing!" Twilight showed her diaper was actually not that badly soaked with the wetness indicators only slightly faded.

Celestia sighed as she released a little bit of pressure, soaking her pampers. It felt nice and squeaked as she didn't stop. The diaper swelled up, but it seemed to not show that much damage. "Must be a good brand."

She continued watching the movie, not worried anymore, and peeing her diaper every time she needed to. Discord turned to Luna. "You're making the movie longer?"

"Well...I wanted to watch my sissy relax a little, she's so cute just look at her." Luna pointed, seeing Celestia all snug drinking her drink and kicking about in her squishy diaper.

"You know...she might actually wet the bed…" Discord whispered.

"Eeep! Oh right! I better stop." Luna squeaked out, blushing, not wanting to cause any harm to her sister.

The movie then suddenly ended with the puppies saving Angel Bunny and Fluttershy, giving the puppies a hug. The lights turned on as Pinkie pie bounced in." Ok! The movie's over!"

Celestia slowly got up and gasped, looking behind her rump seeing her diaper was dry and clean. "Wait!? My diaper!?"

"Such a big filly you are," Pinkie beamed as she quickly removed the padding and swapped it for a pair of cute pink training pants with Celestia's face on the seat winking with "Such a big filly!" printed on the back. "Tada."

Twilight came over, "wow!? I wish I was a big filly. I have a long way to go." She showed her diaper, which was still slightly yellowed.

"Aww doesn't worry Twilight, it's only a little wet." Pinkie patted her head.

Luna took them by their hooves. "Alright, let's get you two awake- I mean back home."

She then hoisted them on her back as she flew off to drop them off in their original dream bubbles as Discord smirked, "she is pretty fun to hang out with...I wonder if she'll let me do this with her again."

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