• Published 1st Nov 2019
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Nightprank Moon - Foal Star

This is a short anthology of Luna going through the dreams of ponies (along with Discord) and having ponies face their most emberassing fears.

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Chapter Four: Do Puppies dream?

Luna rubbed her chin as she watched Applejack's dream unfold before her. The farm mare was happily sitting on a stage strumming a guitar like a western singer. "With Applejack, I expected more...apples."

Discord rolled through the air, looking bored. "How mundane, we need to spice this dream up a little."

Luna rubbed her chin as she replied, "I don't think she'd like being put in a cauldron and spiced for dinner."

The draconequus laughed, watching Applejack play contently to the crowd. "Oh, that be ironic, her all dressed up like a pig with an apple in her mouth like some griffin dish."

Luna rolled her eyes. "Let's do something else. We don't want her waking up in a fright."

Discord pouted as his stomach gave a loud gurgle. "Great now, you got me hungry. How about a werepoodle?"

A mad looking poodle suddenly appeared on the stage and bit Applejack on the hoof. The mare cried out, "Hey, what's the big idea!"

The mare then looked down at her hoof to see that a frilly white stocking was growing from where she was bitten. "Why am I wearin' this fancy-schmancy clothing? Is Rarity trying to dress me up again?"

She then looked around herself to see that a white poofy dress with tons of frills and lacing was growing over her body. Applejack cried out in horror seeing her tail being tied up in a pink bow and more pink ribbons. "What gives! Rarity, are you behind this!"

"No, Applejack, this is the curse of the werepoodle." She heard her sister exclaim and turned to see Apple Bloom wearing a silly pink frilly dress and having a big frilly blue bow in her mane. The filly performed a curtsey as she cried out, "it makes ya all fancy and stuff!"

Applejack felt her nose become black and wet along with her ears getting longer, ending with little puff balls dangling down. "W-what no! I don't want to be fancy! Or a dog!" Her hooves flex and morph, becoming paws, and her coat puffed out.

Apple Bloom also began to shrink down into a little pink poodle puppy who started to bark excitedly. "Oh, woof! Woof! This might be fun!

"Ey-woof!" Applejack gasped upon hearing her big brother Big Mac and turned to see he was now a fancy looking black coated poodle wearing a tuxedo.

"No g-got to be a way to undo this." Applejack teeth grew out to be pointy as she began to pant, and even a cute collar appears around her neck.

Rarity cooed, walking over and patting Apple Poodle's head. 'Oh, you look, wonderful darling, come here, girl, sit." she held out doggie treat.

Applejack, despite fighting it, did just as she told sniffing at the wonderful smelling treat and barked out a "Woof!" before devouring it.

Luna laughed, watching the sight. "Okay, that was a good one."

Applejack barked happily running around the stage, which was morphing as it turned more into an arena filled with fake grass with a bunch of fancy looking ponies all clapping and whispering amongst themselves.

"Come on, girl, your up!" Rarity chimed as she attached a leash to the pink collar around her neck.

Applejack was unsure of what was going on, but she had an instinct to follow this mare. She was her master, after all.

The poodle trotted alongside Rarity to a pedestal, and she stood upright on her hind legs as the mare patted her head and cooed, "Oh, what a good girl Applebark yes you now stay still and you'll get a treat."

Applejack loved the feeling of Rarity's hoof brushing against her fur, and she obeyed without question listening and waiting for the judge to come to check her out.

It wasn't long until she turned to see Hoity Toity and Photo Finish come over, inspecting her head and body. Photo Finish clapped her hooves "Zis dog iz ze best! we don't need to continue ze zhow Applebark iz cleary ze winner of ze dog zhow!"

The ponies all clapped and cheered as Applejack barked happily and wagged her tail. Hoity-toity then produced a ticket from his coat pocket. "Applejack haz won an all-day pass at the fancy Doggy hotel in Manehatten!"

The crowd cheered again and clapped their hooves Applejack beamed a smile as she took the ticket and Rarity squealed, "oh! we should get you all dressed up then!"

She took the leash and led Applejack around the stage to a dressing room. There she blushed as she had a pink dress placed over her body and was given a matching bonnet. Applejack then had little pink booties go over her paws. Rarity clapped her hooves." You look just adorable!"

Applejack hid her face behind her paws as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"Oh stop it, you look like a proper Poodle. Now come on; we need to get you to your hotel, my lady."

There was a shift in the dream leaving Applejack confused as Applejack looked around to see that Rarity was now a poofy white poodle in a maids uniform. "the carriage is waiting for whenever you ready."

"Uh, okay…" Applejack responded a bit, tilting her head puzzled by what was going on. She walked down from the dressing room and into the halls of some manner.

There were pictures of fancy looking dogs (mostly poodles) everywhere with males wearing suits and females wearing dresses. She saw Apple Bloom now a cute pink coated puppy wearing the most adorable little white dress with a big white bow in her fur. She rushed over and shouting, excitedly, "Hey, sis! I heard you're going to fancy dinner at some fancy restaurant can I come! please!"

"Hmmm, this would be boring Apple Groom you should stay here and play with Big Spot."

The little puppy groaned and kicked a chew toy. "Not fair, I never get to go anywhere."

"It's okay; I'll play with her." Big Spot chuckled as he came over with a smile on his face. "I just got done burying my bone want to come to help me dig it up?"

"Oh, can I help find it!" Apple Groom barked as she rushed off before Big Spot could even respond. "She is so playful, isn't she?"

"well, she can be kind of annoying honesty...but...I have to admit that this is all odd why are we in some fancy manners? Why are we dogs?"

"You're talking silly, Apple Bark. We were always dogs. Now, why don't you come to eat something before you go." He led her to a kitchen where there was a silver feeding bowl with her name on it filled with kibble. She barked as she skipped over and began to dig into her food.

"Manners Apple Bark, we're not common street dogs." Big Spot chuckled as he went to his seat and began chowing down on his kibble.

Applejack blushed as she continued to eat her food more slowly and lapped from a cup filled with water but doing her best, trying not to get it everywhere. Once she was done, she was escorted outside by Rarity (who held her by a leash still). Applejack's face turned red, seeing instead of ponies hitched. There were two giant Great Danes all looking snazzy in tuxedos. The mare slowly got into the carriage along with Rarity.

They then set off as Applejack stuck her head out the window and before letting her tongue roll out, loving how the wind hit her face. She looked around, seeing she was in Canterlot, and everypony was now a dog. She came to a large hotel with a sign that read. "Grand Doggy Hotel" overhead. It was odd as she went out of the carriage and headed inside. Her eyes went wide seeing that the fancy dogs were standing around playing cards, lapping up drinks out of bowls. She blushed as many of the dogs turned their attention to her. One was Fancy Pants now a Datamation in a fancy tuxedo who came over. "Hello, Applebark; may I sniff your butt?"

"What! Of course not!"

Every dog gasped as they looked confused, and Applejack squeaked, remembering that dogs sniff their butts as a way to greet each other. "Oh...uh..s...sure…"

Applejack blushed as Fancy Pants sniffed her bottom and she turned around and sniffed his in return.

She was still red as a tomato, actually liking Fancy Pants' scent being that he put on a lot of cologne.

"Now that we properly greeted each, Were ready for your performance!"

"My performance?" Applejack was confused as she turned to see the stage had a piano. "But I don't know how to play the piano!"

Rarity came over, "Of course you do. Now come on, go show them how talented you are."

Applejack gulped as she walked to the stage and sat down on her hind legs. She stuck her forepaws out and began banging on the keys.

The crowd laughed as Applejack whined and stuck her head beneath her paws.

"I can do better than her!" Out of nowhere, a blue-coated puppy with rainbow spots flew and landed on the piano. She started prancing around, smashing the keys.

Despite the music being bad, Applejack was still competitive and want gonna let Rainbow Dash even as a puppy get one over her. "Oh yeah! you sound just as bad I can at least play twinkle little star!"

Applejack used one paw poking the keys to play the simple tune.

Rainbow Dash pouted and snapped, "oh yeah, I can play three blind mice!"

She went about pawing the keys and making the tune. Applejack didn't notice as the two battled over the piano she was shrinking in size. Soon she was on top of the piano banging keys and snapping at Rainbow dash.

"Girls, what do you think you're doing!" they both stopped turning over to see Rarity. She wasn't in her maid uniform anymore, but now wore an apron with "mama" written on it. "get off that piano this instant the masters will be furious!"

"Yes, mama." the puppies got off the piano and ran over to her.

"sit!" Rarity barked.

The two pups plopped on their butts, whimpering, knowing they were in big trouble. She then picked both by the scruff of their necks and carried them to a playpen filled with chew toys." Now you two play here or no treats after dinner if you misbehave again.'

"Yes, mama," both puppies whimpered.

Rarity then went off to lie down on her doggy bed to take a nap. Applejack now seeing how big everything was and that she was a puppy...but wasn't' she always a puppy?

"Hey, Apple Bark! Ya wanna see who can get the cat first!" she pointed to a black cat with a moon printed on her fur.

"No way! you heard what mama said we'd be in big trouble if we leave the playpen."

"Yeah, but we're not going to leave the playpen you have to pounce on Lulu before she can escape. she never wants to play with us anyways."

"Yeah, she's always taking those silly cat baths."

Luna rolled her eyes. "Oh, now I'm a cat?

"Well, I made Celestia a parrot if that makes anything better."

Luna burst into laughter, seeing a white feather bird in a cage squeaking and eating nuts. "oh, she's so cute, does celly want a cracker?"

The parrot squawked and opened its beak at the sound of cracker.

Discord popped a cracker into Celestia's beak, and she chirped on it as Luna, and the lord of chaos then continued to watch the dream unfold.

Applejack slowly snuck along closer to Luna, trying to be as stealthy as she can. Sneaking up on a cat was hard, after all. She watched Luna's ears perk as she gets just a few steps closer.

Rainbow was having a hard time blushing as she kept stepping on squeaky chew toys. "Ugh, We don't need all these toys."

"Yeah, right, you keep ripping them up." Applejack whispered.

"you do it too, slobber face!"

"Okay, just be quiet. You're going to scare her." Applejack grumbled, avoiding another rubber carrot. Luna seemed to sigh, swishing its tail.

Rainbow Dash being super energetic pounced and squeaked as Luna dodged the pup hissing. "Gah, go away," Luna whined. "I don't want to play."

Applejack tried next pouncing on top of the cat, and Luna squeaked as it caught her by surprise with the little poodle raising her head in triumph. "Told ya, I'm the best!"

"Get off me, you mangy mutt!" Luna hissed as she kicked and scratched.

Apple Bark dodges the biting returning the playing by play biting at the cat too. "Don't you call me a mutt."

Rainbow laughed as Luna managed to roll and break free, leaping up to a shelf to escape. "Hey get down here!'"

"No way, piddle pup," Luna teased, pointing her paw at a stain.

Rarity was quick to smell the accident as she opened her eyes and wondered over to the playpen. "Which one of you piddled?"

"She did it!" Rainbow pointed to Applejack, whimpering.

"I did not!" Applejack said blushing as she smelt it. "At least I don't think I did."

Rarity comes over and sniffs the puddle. "Applebark, it was you sweetheart."

Rainbow burst into laughter as Rarity saw another puddle and sniffed it. "You too, Rainbow, both of you pups went on the carpet."

Rainbow whined, "awww, sorry mama didn't mean too. I just got too excited."

"Me too sorry," Applebark responded.

"It's fine. You're puppies, but you need to go outside, come on." Rarity took them by the scruff of the neck again and took them outside to play.

Applejack looked around a small back yard and ran over to see a hole she dug through it and found a bone. "Hey! I found my old bone!"

"Nah, uh, that's mine!" Rainbow barked. "I buried that yesterday."

"no way! its mine!" Applejack snapped.

"Can you girls get through on day without fighting?" Rarity scoffed.

The two puppies began a game of tug of war for the bone, both having equal footing and strength. Applejack would shake her head to try and shake Rainbow off.

"Awww their playing, that's so cute." They gasped, hearing this odd voice and turned to see Twilight, but she was oddly an adult dragon her scales matching her coat and mane colors.

Spike grumbled, waddling over in a cute pair of overalls looking like a toddler. "yeah, but they peed the carpet, and keys are missing on the piano."

"Well, their puppies, they're going to misbehave once in a while. Besides, you made accidents while in potty training."

"Ugh, but I wasn't this bad!" Spike shouted.

"Now go play Spikey. I know you're grumpy coming back from kindergarten."

He blushed as he waddled over to the puppies to play with them, finding a rubber ball and began playing fetch.

Watching the dream go by, Discord looked toward Luna with a smirk. "Given how many young creatures I've seen so far, I'd say you have a thing for babies," he teased.

"there so cute! Besides foals have the best dreams adults always dream about boring stuff all the time." Luna snapped back.

"Hmm, well, maybe if you love foals so much, why don't you be one in the dream next time."

"You wouldn't d-" Discord pops a pacifier into her mouth, and with a snap of a claw, they teleported to the next dream.

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