• Published 1st Nov 2019
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Nightprank Moon - Foal Star

This is a short anthology of Luna going through the dreams of ponies (along with Discord) and having ponies face their most emberassing fears.

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Chapter one: You know nothing Twilight Sparkle

Princess Luna was quite bored one Nightmare Night sitting on top of Canterlot Castle looking up at the moon seemed to be lost in her own thoughts as she whispered out loud. "I wonder if I can do something fun this year, Every year I always end up appearing as Nightmare Moon and scaring foals it's kind of getting old at this point."

"Sounds like you need some help." Discord exclaimed as he suddenly appeared next to her.

Luna eyed the draccquinous, not trusting the lord of chaos one bit and snapped back. "I don't think that I need help from you."

Discord looked the princess over and scoffed, "I doubt it; from that bored expression on your face, it looks like you need my services. Or would you rather go be Nightmare Moon again like you did the past couple of years."

Luna sighed as she looked away, seeing that Discord was right, and she wanted a new way to spend Nightmare night. "Well, what did you have in mind?"

Discord smirked as he explained, "well, why don't you just stay here and not go to Ponyville and make everypony guess what you're up to tonight. Then, when everypony is asleep, sneak in and dream walk and have some fun!"

Luna squeaked out at what the draccquinous suggest and protested, "I can't do that! That's abusing my powers!"

"Not really, all your doing is going to do is prank some ponies and have some fun. Come on! please!" Discord pleaded while holding his claws together with puppy dog eyes.

Luna blushed as she thought over Discord's proposal, and with a sigh, she finally conceded. "Alright fine, I'll only prank few ponies, then that's it."

Discord cheered as he clapped his claws together and shouted, "Alright! Luna! I knew you would like my idea! Now I better go get some sleep myself, I can't wait!"

With a snap of a claw, he disappeared in a puff of smoke as Luna shook her head and rubbed a hoof down her face. "What did I get myself into."

Later that night, Luna found herself in Twilight's dream the first stop on her prank tour. The princess of friendship's dream was in a children's library with bookshelves filled with mostly picture books. Twilight seemed to be reminiscing back in her school foal says as Luna spotted the full-grown adult alicorn checking out a giant book on Nightmare Night traditions. Luna snickered, "wow, she was obsessed with books even as a foal?"

Discord appeared behind her and asked, "so, what do you think would be a fun prank for the young miss Twilight?"

Luna eyed the draccquinous and scoffed, "I don't need your help pranking ponies, I would have you know that I am in the lead of meand my sister's infamous prank wars. Also, I'm in control of dreams, not you."

"Fine, alright, then, go on and do your best, Mrs. Bossy." Discord sat back and watched as Luna turned her attention again to Twilight. She tapped a hoof to her chin, and then an idea suddenly popped into her head. Luna turned to Discord with a smirk. "I have a good idea for Twilight just watch, and I'll show you how to prank a pony."

The two watched as Twilight trotted over, holding a book in her hoof to the front counter where an old librarian mare sat. Twilight proudly placed the giant tome on the counter and asked, "I'm checking this one book, please."

The old librarian took the book and then looked through her records and whispered to herself. "Hmm, it seems that there's something wrong miss Twilight, your book is overdue by a month."

Twilight cried out in horror, "a month?! But how! I just checked it out!"

"I'm sorry that's what our records show, and I'm afraid that we're going to have to revoke your library card for this."

The librarian then took Twilight's library card, and the princess watched in horror as the old mare slowly tore it in half as The filly watched in horror. Then the mare took out another library card it was bright pink and had baby block letters on it as she cooed, "this is the Jr Library card and is made for forgetful little foals like yourself."

Twilight took the card begrudgingly and squeaked as she slowly shrank. Her body crunched and collapsed into itself her mane and tail both shortened, and she gradually became plumper with her cutie mark fading from her rump. Then just for an added measure in becoming a school foal, a purple saddlebag with her cutie mark appeared on her back.

The mare began to quiver feeling embarrassed and scared, seeming to not realize she was regressed in age and whimper," bu...but how can I read as a school foal!? I'm still in magic kindergarten!"

The librarian cooed, "oh, don't worry, I'm sure you can read picture books at your age."

"Yeah I can read picture books! Ya, just watch me!" Twilight shouted, but then she could hear other school foals around her giggling and laughing at her, making her more irritable.

Twilight stomped over to one of the shelves, took a picture book from one of the shelves called" Luna jumps over the moon," and opened it as she began to read. The filly pointed a hoof at the pictures of Luna trying to jump over the moon and tried to read it, but all the words seemed to look like gibberish to her as she tried to sound out the letters. "uh..h...um...L..L...Lulu j..ju...jum...jump...o..oh "I forgot this word…"

The princess started to panic more as sweat came down her face with everypony looking at her. This was the scariest moment Twilight ever experienced in a long time as she slowly regressed a bit more become more like a toddler as she began to wail. Twilight Velvet then came up behind her from nowhere and cooed," oh, don't you worry, you'll be able to read one day that's why you're at magic kindergarten."

Twilight lead her daughter to another part of the library filled with other toddlers. Clearly, this was "Magic Kindergarten" with rows of desks, silly posters placed all over the walls with frivolous arts and crafts projects dotting all over the room. The little filly plopped down on her desk, and she picked up a big foam book filled with letters for her to sound out. She then looked up to see that of all ponies that would be her teacher it was Princess Celestia. The big white-coated alicorn was handing out pieces of paper and number two pencils. She eventually got to Twilight's desk with the little filly whimpering and cooed. "Oh, hello, Twilight, you ready for your test?"

The little filly lifted her hooves and exclaimed, "I'm ready! I can pass any test ya give me!"

Celestia then placed a piece of paper in front of Twilight. "ok, take your time, and do your best."

Twilight picked her pencil with her magic and tried writing her name; it was harder than she thought. T...w...i...l...i...t...e...S...p...r..c..w.

"There spelled my name!" Twilight felt pleased as she continued with the test.

She looked at the first question. "What is the first letter in the alphabet?"

Twilight pondered it for a few seconds.." Huh well um...Celestia is a princess, and she made the alphabet, so the first letter has to be C!"

She then wrote her answer and continued "spell this," and there is a picture of a bat next to that. Twilight scoffed "that easy it's a bat, and that's spelled D E T."

She continued along with the test, making more silly answers and sometimes getting distracted and doodled flowers, suns, and stars on her test. She even drew stick figures and colored in some of the pictures with crayons. After an hour, Celestia came around and collected the tests.

"How did I do, teacher Celestia?" Twilight asked with a sheepish smile.

"Oh, dear...Twilight...um…" Celestia stammered, looking over Twilight's test with a look of worry seeing that every answer was wrong or had a picture drawn in where an answer should be.

The rest of the foals turned their attention to Twilight as more sweat came down her face. Celestia, however, didn't want to make her students feel bad, but she couldn't lie either and sighed, "I'm sorry, Twilight, you got a zero. You didn't answer any questions, right."

All the foals around her began to laugh and tease her. All Twilight could do was to have her mouth drop in horror as she looked down at her desk with tears welling up in her eyes as Celestia feeling bad for giving her student such lousy news and whispered, "hey Twilight it's ok you just started Magic Kindergarten you just need more practice."

Twilight looked up with a concerned expression on her face and asked, "What ya mean?"

"Well..I...I think we should start with the basics. I think you need to relearn some things in Preschool before you start kindergarten." Celestia responded.

More of the students around her began to giggle and tease her as Twilight kicked about and cried, "Noo!!! dun wanna go to Preschool!"

Twilight Velvet was quick to scoop Twilight up into her hooves and hugged the filly to her chest as she cooed. "oh, it's ok, you'll be ready for kindergarten someday. For now, mommy will get you back to Preschool, and I can help you learn."

Twilight followed her mom begrudgingly at first and was still whining about not wanting to go to Preschool. But she thought it over and began feeling a bit better knowing her mommy will help her learn, and with a cheerful smile, she exclaimed, "ok, that's fine I guess besides Preschool you get snack time and nap time! ya, dun gets that in kindergarten."

"That's the spirit, Twilight! I also know your favorite snack, Peanut butter, and crackers!" Twilight Velvet exclaimed in a smile.

"Yay! I love peanut butter and crackers!" Twilight cheered as she skipped off after her mother.

The dream morphed again as Twilight found herself shrinking still with her face poofing outward with more foal fat. Her body shrank some more as her saddlebag grew smaller with her and now had a bunch of cute stickers printed on it. The filly's desk was covered with glue, crayons, and Smarty Pants sat on her desk as well. She looked around the classroom seeing there was now a snack table in the back of the room and a bunch of mats and pillows and blankets piled around. Twilight blushed, feeling stranger, not even sure how she got here or what's going on. Celestia once again came around trying to calm down her students who were being quite rambunctious and scolded them. "Settle down, settle down. It's time for show and tell."

The princess looked up at Twilight and asked, "Would you like to show your Smarty Pants?"

Twilight squealed as she took her doll in her mouth and waddled in front of the class and exclaimed," hello I Twily and tis is Smawty Pants."

The rest of the class giggled and snickered at Twilight's lisp. The filly got a bit flustered but continued, "he ta best dollie every, and I wuv him wots! Even when I get scawed of ta dawk, I dun gots to wowwie because I know he's hewe when I need hewp finding ta potty."

This time instead of foals laughing at her, she was standing in a field in front of a bunch of adult ponies, all wearing graduation caps and wearing sashes. Many of the ponies were rolling on the ground, laughing. She looked down at her smarty Pants, and it suddenly went through her mind realizing she was graduating Celestia's school for talented unicorns! She turned to Celestia, who was trying to stifle herself from laughing as she asked, "oh Twilight, your so cute! Please continue your speech."

Twilight nervously nodded and babbled. "Uh...so...um...y..yeah, I wuv my dolly and Tia, and my mommy tey all help me wearn my ABCs."

The class began roaring in more laughter and jeering at the poor little filly. Twilight's eyes filled with tears as her eyes filled with tears and ran off the stage, and as she ran, the mare regressed even more with her body bloating out with more foal fat, and she seemed to stumble about on her stubby hooves. She didn't even know where she was going until she rammed straight into her mother again. But Twilight was now a little foal no older than Flurry Heart! To her surprise she was even wearing a blue diaper just like her niece. She cried out in horror once again and shoved her hooves over the embarrassing garment.

“Oh Professor Twilight don't be embarrassed about your diaper now come on; you have a class to teach." Twilight looked up to see it was her mom who was talking to her. Twilight Velvet gave her daughter a warm smile as she took her daughter by the hoof, and the princess was lead to another classroom waddling along and blushed a little, feeling her diaper between her legs. She then entered a college-style classroom with a bunch of other adult ponies, all sitting in desks with crayons and construction paper to write notes. The students sitting in their seats with saddlebags strapped around them. Twilight was given a pointer and babbled, "so uh today we..um...gonna learn um...uh...about ta letter A...uh...um...A...A if fow Abbwe."

The ponies all nodded their heads and began scribbled down random stuff on their papers. Twilight herself blushed as she continued the lesson unsure of why she a foal was teaching a bunch of adult ponies the alphabet. But she started to feel scared and worried about if she was teaching them right...the next letter was C...for Kat. Then she went into shapes. The one with four sides is a circle, and the one with three sides is a square. Then she lead into math teaching the adult ponies that one plus one is muffin?

Twilight looked at the chalkboard she was writing on with a piece of chalk looking at all the silly drawings she made, and a mare shouted, "Twilight, stop that!"

Twilight squeaked being suddenly pulled away by a teenage alicorn princess. She had a white coat, big blue eyes, and curly a blue and pink striped mane and tail. She sighed," I'm so sorry, Cheerilee, this is the first time I've foal sat Twilight."

"Oh it's quite alright, she's a foal after all." Cheerilee chirped out as she was quite busy with fixing up the rest of her classroom.

Twilight tried to shout, "no, I'm not a foal! I'm a princess!"

But all that came out was incoherent gibberish. Soon, he was strapped into a foal buggy, and she had a big purple pacifier popped into her mouth, and smarty-pants was placed in her hooves. The older Flurry heart slowly kissed her on the forehead and cooed, "it's quite alright Twilight just get some sleep. It's going to be a bit before we get back to the crystal empire."

She then began pushing the buggy as Twilight kicked and whined, trying to tell ponies passing by she wasn't a foal, and she needed help. But she just got dawwed and cooed at, and she started freaking out in her mind." did Flurry Heart and her switch places? Even if they did, why isn't any pony noticing! Or worse was her being a big pony, all just a dream, and she always was just a baby!" She held onto her plushie tightly as she continued to suckle on her pacifier trying to calm herself feeling unsure of her situation as Flurry Heart calmly continued pushing the foal buggy through the streets.

Luna watched with Flurry Heart pushing the baby Twilight along with a smile. "This was perfect, I think I couldn't have ended this little dream with Twilight being babied for the rest of the night? But...where did that fake Celestia kept coming from? I thought I formed a fake Cheerilee instead?"

She turned to see Celestia trotting over to her, and her body slowly shredded as she strode forward, and she slowly revealed herself to be Discord with a smirk on his face. The draccquinous gave a shrug and snickered, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself."

Luna stomped a hoof on the ground in frustration.." seriously Discord! I told you you can't just do whatever you want!"

The draquinccous rolled his eyes and waved a hoof. "I made your little dream prank better. Come on, be honest. I did a great job playing as Celestia."

Luna simply rolled her eyes, seeing at that despite Discord's solid impression of her sister, he still doesn't understand the consequences of just doing whatever you want in a dream and scoffed, "Alright, you can help, but please tell me what you're going to do next time. I rather not have you mess a dream up too much. It can be quite dangerous."

"You worry too much now come on. There are lots more ponies to prank." Discord took Luna by the hoof and lead her out of Twilight's dream bubble with a sudden pop.

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