• Published 1st Nov 2019
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Nightprank Moon - Foal Star

This is a short anthology of Luna going through the dreams of ponies (along with Discord) and having ponies face their most emberassing fears.

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Chapter Five: Pinkie Pie's Dreamscape

Discord had a smirk on his face as they reached Pinkie's dream next into Ponyville, along with Luna appeared in Sugarcube Corner. She looked around and gasped, seeing her body was much smaller no bigger than that of a school foal. She whined and kicked about quite angry at Discord as he was the one who turned into her a foal in this dream. "You actually turned me into a foal!?"

"Of course! Nightmare Night ifs or foals after all!" he ruffled her mane and waved a hoof pointing at Pinkie Pie who was wearing a light rainbow-colored wig that drifted about as if it was made of magic, she painted her coat a pastel white, with a sun sticker tapped on her flanks. It was as if she was dressed up like her sister.

Pinkie bounced up from behind the counter upon seeing the little Luna and cooed, "ooh Woona, you look so cute. Trying to be your big sister for Nightmare Night."

Luna squeaked and blush. "W-what but," she looks at Pinkie, seeing she was dressed up like a pirate with a balloon sword on her belt. "It's me, Woona, I mean Wo...Woon..." She covered her mouth, cheeks still pink no matter how she tried, she just couldn't say her name.

"Oh, I must be your foal sitter for Nightmare Night, that makes sense." Pinkie beamed, adjusting Luna's yellow tiara before looking at Discord, who stood next to Luna.

"Wha! No! Dissy, I'm not a foaw!" The princess of the night shouted and started to whine again.

Discord gave the alicorn a pat on the head. "Oh, Luna's just cranky she didn't have a nap earlier now go on and have fun trick or treating."

Luna wanted to fight back, but Pinkie Pie was much more durable then she was taking her by the hoof and skipped off leading the filly out of Sugarcube Corner and into the streets of Ponyville.

Luna noticed something odd as they skipped along that the ponies going about the activities step up were acting like their costumes dictated. She spotted a dream version of Rainbow Dash wearing a chicken costume "bawking!" and pecking candy at the ground. Luna was quite surprised at what she saw and whispered, "so aww ta costumes awe enchanted?"

"Yesire! Isn't it awesome!" Pinkie pointed a hoof at a plush egg rolling around and Spike suddenly popped out sending plush fabric all over the place. Luna dawwed, seeing that the little drake was wearing a thick diaper that read "Little Hatchling" and started shoving candy into his mouth. The princess of the night giggled and wondered who else is in this silly dream.

Luna squeaked as Pinkie stopped to pat the diaper, making it crinkle that somehow magically appeared her rump! "Oh, don't mind me just making sure your dry."

"I dun need diapees!" Luna shouted back as Pinkie pinched her cheeks. "In my dream, you do little cutie!"

"wait... you know this is a dweam!?" Luna was surprised she always assumed Pinkie could dream walk but was still too scared to ever go into the crazy party pony's head.

"Do I?" Pinkie asked in a long suspicious tone giving the princess a wink she then pointed over to the center of town. "Oh, Look, it's princess Luna."

Standing on the small stage was none other than Trixie wearing a Princess Luna costume, fake wings and all. Skipping over, she greeted her. "Oh, hello, Trixie, and how little Tinkle Sparkle she keeps her diapers dry." Pinkie giggled

"Oh, she's doing just great! She just graduated from Trixie's magic kindergarten!" Trixie exclaimed as Tinkle waddled over with a big smile on her face. "Yeah, I just gwaduated! Gots a pretty wand!" She shook it about sending sparkles to fly about.

Luna looked over at the cute version of Twilight, who raised her hooves up and suddenly proclaimed, "I'm ta gweat and powerful Tinkle!"

Luna simply rolled her eyes and grumbled, "she gonna grow up just like you, Trixie."

"Oh, yes, she is! My little magician in training!" Trixie squealed, hugging the filly.

Pinkie dawwed ," oh, Trixie would make a great mommy, huh?"

"No way! She's just gonna spoil Tink- I mean Twilight." Luna mumbled, but she did admit seeing Trixie baby Twilight was cute, especially in such a cute outfit.

Tinkle turned around with bright eyes. "Hey, Pinkie! Ya gonna come to my magic show tonight!"

"Of course! Did you bring your special magical diaper?" Twilight nodded as she waved her wand, and cards exploded out from her diaper, making her squeak and fall backwards as the rest of the ponies laughed.

"Awww what an adorable trick!" Trixie exclaimed again, smothering Tinkle in kisses.

Luna pouted as she snapped, "I can do better magic ten tat!"

"Nah uh! Ya dun gots a sparkly wand wike me!"

"Dun need one!" Luna whined as her cheek puffed out; she squinted her eyes, and her horn began to glow before flashing. When the magic settled, she blinked, looking at Pinkie, who now looked like she was made of paper mache covered in bright pink tissue paper looking like a Pinata with confetti exploding around her.

Trixie's eyes were wide with disbelief. "Luna, what did you do to Pinkie!?"

"I dun know! Didn't mean to!" Luna cried out with tears welling up.

"Oh, don't cry, Luna! I love being a pinata, see!" Pinkie took a bat out of nowhere and swung it at her head, sending some candy to fly out.

"Now Pinkie, let's not get ahead of ourselves." Trixie teased, pulling out some scotch tape from her hat floating Pinkie head back up and taping it in place.

Luna giggled and was feeling better as she whispered, "what's wrong with me why I'm acting like such a foal? I have to remember this is just a stupid dream."

Tinkle waddled over and tried smacking the pinata with her wand shouting in a bratty tone, "I want candy! Give me candy, ta great and adorable Tinkle, and I demand ya give me candy!"

Instead of scolding her filly Trixie just wiped a tear from her eye. "That's my foal."

Starlight rolled her eyes as she walked over, wearing a fairy tale princess costume with a poofy pink dress and a sparkling silver tiara on her head, rolling her eyes. "Seriously, Trixie, you're spoiling her, at least my little Sunburst is well behaved."

Sunburst waddled over, he looked much younger being maybe no older than three wearing a big diaper and a cute jack o lantern onesie. "Mama, can I get some candy?"

"Of course, but don't eat too much!" She exclaimed as the little colt giggled waddling over scooping candy and shoving it into his mouth. Pinkie snickered, "oh, another little foal has come to steal my candy! Be careful it can be enchanted!"

Sunburst shrugged but squeaked as his onesie became an actual jack o lantern forming around his body. He giggled, bouncing up and down "yay! now I a real jack o wantern!"

Tinkle seemed to get jealous and started eating candy too, then her hat wizard's hat turned into a cute purple bonnet, and her cape became a onesie as she cried out, "Ababa!"

"Sorry looks like that candy made you younger cutie!" Pinkie exclaimed, then she bounced off and slammed her body into the ground, making candy explode. Luna watched as dozens of ponies started to regress to foals from the candy babbling and waddling about in cute diapers.

Luna blushed as she dawwed, "oh, this is such a cute dream! Do you want foals, Pinkie!?"

"Oh! Of course I do! Maybe later, though, after the cake twins are older, for now, I'll settle on babying you!"

Discord appeared with a camera adjusting the focus. "Okay, you four, smile!"

The dream changed as Ponyville turned into a strange-looking play place with arcade games, a ball pit, a giant playground filled with tubes and slides. All around the foals were sitting on tables eating mushy pizza or running around playing the arcade games or in the playground and a giant plush version of Pinkie Pie looking more like a mascot of some sort waddled about. Luna looked up to see Pinkie Pie was holding her and nuzzling her. "Nope, no playing until you eat your pizza! It's your party, after all, woona!"

Luna blushed as she responded, "um..but it's not my birthday?"

"Of course not! But it's nightmares night, and you deserve to have a party celebrating your return to Equestria!" she proclaimed, placing the foal version of Luna in a highchair. Pinkie pie hoofed her a plate of pizza which she ate and it was quite good! She saw that there was a dream version of Celestia as a foal wearing a cute pink party dress with a diaper clearly underneath she waved a hoof. "Hey, Woona? Aftew ya eat ya pizza, I gonna beat ya in a game of whack a Changeling!"

"Nah uh, I gots ta high score! Ya can't beat me!" Luna nagged back, blushing realizing how much she was becoming obsessed with this odd dream.

Pinkie pie crossed her hooves and scoffed, "you girls are good, but Button Mash is the best if you ask me!"

Button Mash was at the table with his eyes wide and looking around. "Huh, where am I?"

Luna blinked and asked, "uh Pinkie...is Button mash a figment, or is that really his dream version?"

Pinkie bent down and whispered, "Oh, it looks like this dream may be colliding with the one he was having; let's just play along."

Luna nodded, and she eyed Button Mash; he was well known for being the best gamer in Ponyville as she also took up the hobby on some long boring nights. It would be nice to test her skills against the supposed top gamer in Ponyville.

"You wanna play Pac mare?" Luna asked Button as the colt's turned red as he was quite unsure of playing games against a princess.

Celestia did a little tantrum and whined, "no! She's gonna play whack a changeling first!"

Button rolled his eyes, "ugh, that's a baby game, but fine, we can play that, then Luna and I will go play whatever we want."

Luna snickered, seeing how childish Celestia was being. "Oh tia dun get mad we'll play all day with your dollies later? That's if ya dun go eating all my birthday cake!"

"I only did that once!" Celestia whined as many of the foals at the table, laughed. Button Mash snickered, "oh, that does sound funny! But all that cake is gonna make you more chubby."

"Not chubby." Celestia pouted with her cheeks puffing out Luna was finishing her pizza as she got out of her highchair. "Alright, come on, Tia, one game of whack a changeling."

"Yay!" Celestia jumped off and the two sisters ran off with Button Mash following behind they came to the game which was a bright green with rubber versions of changelings in the little holes with Chrysalis in the middle. Luna and Celestia took a foam hammer as Button Mash became their impromptu referee. "Now remember you have thirty seconds to hit as many changelings as you can, each normal changeling is ten points, and Chrysalis is a hundred. The winner gets all the tickets!?"


"Ready...set...go!" Button Mash shouted as the little rubber changelings started to pop up and down and the two young alicorns went at it smashing their hammers on their heads. The changelings made funny noises with each hit and Celestia was way less coordinated than her sister as she kept missing constantly and seeming to lose concentration due to all the sights and sounds. Chrysalis cried out continually, "wait! What's going on!? Is this a dream or something! Eep!"

Luna's face turned red as she started to realize this Chrysalis also might not be a figment.

Chrysalis popped out of her hole again and squeaked as Celestia bashed her on the head "ow! Stop it!"

"Hehe, silly buggy!" Tia giggled and kept whacking at her Luna snickered, "you have to wait until she pops out silly."

"But she is so cute! Can I keep her?" Celestia asked.

Luna laughed imagining Chrysalis as a pet with a collar and a feeding bowl. "I don't think she'll make a good pet."

"You wouldn't dare turn me into a pet!" Chrysalis shouted and both Luna and celestia smashed their hammers on her then the game ended with their scores somehow ending in a tie. A big rope of tickets spat out from the machine, and Celestia took hold of them, shoving the big rope of tickets close to her chest and cheered, "Hey, let's use ta tickets to get Chrysalis!"


"Of course you can! Those are Pinkie Pie super tickets; they can get you anything!" Pinkie Pie shouted as Chrysalis popped out of the machine, but now she was in some funny brown spotted dog costume with a big black rubber nose and attach on floppy ears with a collar around her neck "Buggy."

Celestia squeaked. "Oh, she's perfect alright Buggy roll over." Chrysalis cried as she went on her back. "Good girl!"

Luna was actually amazed and tried it out. "um...Buggy shake my hoof." Chrysalis growled but stuck a hoof out and shook the princess's. "Wow, so behaved."

Celestia took a leash and hooked it to her collar. "I'm gonna go teach her more tricks now!" She yanked her off as Chrysalis tried to fight back and look with a pleading look trying to shout, "help me!" but only howls came out of her mouth.

Luna smirked, wishing she could see Chrysalis's face when she wakes up from such a crazy dream.

"Hey, come on, we can go play now!" Button Mash shouted, getting impatient.

The two ran over to the arcade games and challenged each other at dozens of games, Pack Mare, Flam Bros, Rainbow the Hedgehog, All while Chrysalis was forced to follow along.

It was an intense match between Luna and Button Mash; being tied, there was one last game they had to play. "Pinkie Pie Time to Dance!"

Button Mash groaned, rubbing a hoof down his face. "Ugh, I hate dancing games!"

Luna smirked as she shoved her pampered rump out and proclaimed, "even in a diaper I can dance pretty well, I'm gonna win for sure!"

"No way am I bailing out let's go!"

"Wait!" Pinkie pie shouted as she bounced over and exclaimed, "since Luna is wearing a diaper, it's only fair Button Mash has to wear one too!"

"Gah, fine! But just for this match!" Button Mash snapped and squeaked as one poofed around his rump with cute controller prints on the padding.

Luna gave the diaper a pat. "Nice gaming diaper."

"Haha at least mine has cool prints now let's get going I don't have all night!" Button Mash snapped wanting to get out of this diaper as soon as possible. The princess then went through the choices and smirked, seeing a dance party version of "smile" "let's see if you can keep up!" She pressed the Button, and soon the little arrows lit up on their screens as the music played. The two started to dance, and Luna's face turned a little pink as her diaper made her movements a little clumsy. Still, Button Mash was also struggling to stumble about in his pampers and having a hard time to walk around continually plopping on his bottom with a big poof of crinkles as he whined. "How do foals walk in these! It's like somepony stuffed a pillow between my legs!"

Pinkie giggles somehow on the third player pad in between the two. Both Luna and Button Mash went wide, seeing that the pink coated party pony was wearing a bigger diaper that rounded around her bottom and poofed outwards with "Player One!" printed in pink bubble letters on her bottom. "Oh, stop whining! My diaper is twice as big, and I'm still kicking both of your pampered butts!"

Both Button Mash and Luna glared at Pinkie as the colt growled, "Luna let's take Pinkie pie down first!"


"Oh, you two are on!" Pinkie laughed as she bounced about using her diaper to her advantage and moving at a speed that was almost cartoonish in nature. Luna was blinking, wondering how Pinkie could move so fast with a diaper that should encumber her. Then it hit the princess like a ton of bricks, and she groaned, "how could I be so stupid! This is a dream, and I'm treating it as if we're in the real world!"

"Oh, you finally figured how to win, but it's too late!" Pinkie slammed her padded butt on the final arrow. Both Luna and Button Mash were exhausted with their scores a dismal F while Pinkie got SSS rank. "Wow well, since you two both failed, I win by default!"

"That's not fair! You didn't even play the other games!" Button Mash whined as he squealed as a pacifier popped in his mouth.

Pinkie pie smirked as she showed a bunch of high scores with "PDP" as the initials next to each one. "See none of you beat my high score on any of the games you played, so technically, I won this little competition!"

Luna gulped nervously and asked, "wh...what did you win exactly?" Even Button Mash got nervous sucking on his pacifier for comfort. Pinkie gave an evil cackle before throwing her hooves in the air. "I win this!" she takes a little golden ticket and places it on Luna's nose she takes the ticket and reads "a one day pass to go dream walk- no way I didn't agree to this!"

"Too late! By the law of the dream realm, I'm gonna go dream walking one of these days!" Pinkie cheered, bouncing on her big crinkling rump.

"Fine! But you need to tell me which day you want in advance!" Luna snapped as Button stood there, sucking his pacifier and blushing "um...b...before this dream ends...can I have a chance?" he points to his diaper, which was tainted yellow.

"Oh, you'll get one when you wake up, cutie." Pinkie cooed.

"Wait, what!?" Button Mash cried out in horror as he suddenly began to shrink in size and age with his body bloating up in foal fat. Luna also regressed into a foal blushing seeing her diaper expand around her rump with cute little moons prints on the padding. She cooed, seeing her lovely padding and gave it a few curious pokes, blushing, seeing it squish being quite soaked. The two foalfied ponies didn't realize the dream changed again, and now the two were looking around with wide eyes again and saw that they were in a daycare with a pink foam floor, the walls having pink balloons printed all over and Pinkie Pie standing at a receptionists desk wearing a frilly white apron. The padded foals waited to see who would come through the front doors and it didn't take long for Button Mash's mom aka Cream Heart to go through the front doors and headed over to Pinkie and asked, "so how was my little cutie butt hopefully he wasn't too much trouble?"

"Oh no, he was a great playmate for Luna." she hoofed a cranky Button Mash up with him kicking, making his diaper crinkling and his cute whining muffled by his pacifier.

"You stop that! Now come on, I set my dream up all night to baby you, so stop your fussing." Cream Heart snapped, and Button Mash bowed his head, still grumbling and pouting but waddled off following his mom.

Discord came over and ruffled Luna's mane. "See, I told you that you'd have fun. Plus, I bet PInkie did too."

"Of course, I did! I got a free pass to dream walk!" Pinkie squealed.

Luna turned around with a cute pout and snapped, "you better not use that without me knowing!"

Discord chuckled, "aww little Lulu thinks she's in charge so cute." he picked her up and placed the little filly in a foal carrier strapped on his chest as he exclaimed, "we have two more ponies to mess with now come on the night is almost over!" With a snap of a claw, he made a portal appear before flying through it.

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