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Runic Script


When Twilight and her friends agree to enter Discord's maze he could just trick them under their own rules so they won't bother him again. But why do that when he has a thousand years of ideas for chaotic fun and half a dozen grateful targets to test them on.

Includes: hypnosis, diapers, plushes, pooltoys, latex, inflation and various other kinds of silliness.

Co-authored by MintyCandy.

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Will this end with him getting away with everything, or will they somehow win in the end?
Asking just out of curiosity.

Aren't all of them winners in the end? :moustache:
(But yes, he's absolutely getting away with it in this one)

Is there going to be some transformation in this story?

I mean, the first chapter already involved transformation.
There will be more, though.
(Frustratingly though none that the main TF group on this site has an appropriate folder for)

Anything that moves but isn't a different species, as far as I can tell.


I'm both looking forward to/dreading the Dash chapter (mostly because Dash is my favorite of the mane 6, and I feel like fics where she's a victim of hypnosis/unwilling TF is kinda overdone, but that's just me)

It was fun to read seeing AJ being put into a poufy red lederhosen, looking forward to see what happen next

So. What chapter Is next

.and. I'm. Loving this story. Even discord is so silly

Next chapter is up. :derpytongue2:

Glad you like the story so much~

Still fun, keep it up.

I wonder what she looks like full size? that whale belly must make her look Massif

interesting to see Rarity's turn

Really enjoying this series!

Discord grinned and waved after her, turning around only to stop and glare at the plaid hearts floating teasingly behind him and the pooltoys dressed in cheap cupid costumes. "...I'm just going to ignore this." He huffed and disappeared in a snap of his claws, quickly followed by the chaos he'd left in this part of the maze.

Even his own creations ship them!

The jester giggled, holding the pump just out of Dash's reach as she tried to snatch it from her. "Ooh, you don't want to wait? Are you sure? I'll give you the pump and you can blow your diaper up big and round if you let me know how much you want to be a jester! Maybe if you shake that rear of yours, or pull some silly pranks, or talk about how much you love to bounce against your performance ball for the audience~"

…was that a *inflates you making you big and round* reference?

Is that from an artist or something? Never heard of it as a thing to reference.

It was a Twitter meme a bit ago, about the time of the US Capitol…. event

Never heard of that meme. This story was written in 2020 though.

Awesome and Amazing!!!!!

Oh I really liked this one with RD, hope you still have a number more to do after Twilight

She didn't become a plush dragon or a dragoness? Oh well. Well, Spike loves her all the same.

Loving this so far. Can't wait to see what's going to happen to Twilight. :heart:

You guys have some really great ideas, would be amazing to see art from these, especially of Dashie.

We do have a lot of great ideas. The downside is that there's too many ideas to decide on one to commission art of. :twilightsheepish:
Glad you like the story though, Twilight's chapter will be a long one.

My favorite chapter so far

Does every chapter have diapers in it or only 1 or a few..? Since i like everything else except for diapers (its just not my kink) could you tell me which one(s) if there's only an X amount?

Second and third chapter don't involve any diapers.
First and fifth chapters only involve them as more or less of a sidenote as part of a silly costume.
None of the chapters involve any diaper usage. It's all just dress-up and silliness.

Well this was a wild ride, I think the best was RD and Twilight's chapter. I can see a lot of influence of Arbanis stories(he's a friend) in with the parpping musical stuff and the resorting of memories library. I hope you will keep up doing more of those kinds of stories and if you want to share ideas PM I have lots of stuff you might like.

Really enjoyed how silly and cartoonish this series was. The hypnosis and dressing up of each of the ponies was really fun.

Really want to see this puff-gon Rarity to meet Smolder.

Applejack gulped, looking around at the hedges that surrounded her. Now cut off from her friends, she was forced to make her way through the maze alone, with Discord hiding anywhere within. She knew she couldn't let her friends down, however, and they had managed to face down Nightmare Moon after all! Surely they could take on anything this guy could throw at them.

Doubt it~!
Also, don't call me Shirley.

I have wanted to say that in context for a long time.

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