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This story takes place after the episode "Daring Don't"

Daring Do was tricked by a client who pushed her into a Fountain of Youth and was regressed into a foal. She then finds Ahuizotl (who was also regressed into a kitten). Now the two have to trek through the jungles of the Tenochtitlan Basin and find a way to turn back into adults. Meanwhile, the "client" uses the waters from the fountain of youth to take over Ponyville as The Apple Family regress into foals; their rivals Flim and Flam take over the Apples' farm, and Mayor Mare is regressed into a foal as well. Daring Do and Ahuizotl now race against time to turn back into adults and save Ponyvile from the mysterious mare's takeover.

Editor: superpinkbrony12

Cover artist: Pridark

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 17 )

It'd be a shame if you made Daring Doo-Doos all over the place

Snrk... Alright I'm sold.

I would ditch the diaper thing. Babies use diapers because they’re not smart enough to go on the toilet or in the woods. If they can walk and still have there adult memories they can go in the woods just fine and don’t need diapers. I know you’re doing that but for comedy but it comes off as a creepy fetish when you have adults put diapers on. This is Fimfiction and home to the Brony fandom which is full of a bunch degenerate shit. People are gonna get ideas if they read that. I would get rid of that bit or people will think you’re some kind of diaper fetishist.

"Right…" Daring growled, already feeling that the mare was acting and lying to her. The adventurer didn't trust this mare further than she could throw her as she didn't even know her name. But the map was technically hers, and the pegasus had transcribed it for Daring and volunteered to escort her to the pool. But the second she inevitably found out this mare was going to betray her, she'd be ready.

To quote Joker in Mass Effect 2

Hey; I don't trust anyone whose salary is higher than mine.

I wonder if our favorite cat guardian, is gonna tell Daring off for stealing all his ancestors artifacts

I was kinda hoping the big cats would have babied the Prince of Kittens. But I guess what actually happened, made more sense, storywise.

Daring is gonna wake up with a diaper rash because she didn't change herself. :twilightoops:

Daring Do was so memorized by the pool

-- mesmerized

So Flim and Flam have a mother named Swindle? Clearly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :facehoof:

I’m glad you gave them a caretaker. It didn’t make sense two babies could survive in the jungle.

I don't know.
Swindle seems like a perfectly pleasant mare.

Nice work.
Can't wait to see more.

"Oh, do I see two new foals have come to play?" A voice whispered as the two foals looked across the way and saw an emerald green-scaled snake slither over. Her eyes had dark yellow slits and a long forked tongue that would stick out every so often from her mouth; all the while, she flexed two fluffy pink wings on her back. She then waved her tail in front of them. At the end of the green scaled tail was a pink baby rattle, and as it shook back and forth, the sound of beads or seeds echoed across the playroom.

Great. A rattle-snake.:ajbemused:

I'll bet Swindle made a secret deal with Vibora to help her take over Ponyville.

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