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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


A terrified Flurry Heart arrives at the Castle of Friendship seeking help from her favorite foalsitter.
With Celestia gone missing and no word from Cadence, Twilight has to lead an army to investigate with the help of Rainbow Dash.
Could Sombra have returned and if so what evil does he have in mind and how could she stop him?


This fic takes place after season 6 and some time after Past Sins, drawing upon some of the characters established by the excellent Pen Stroke.
Please note this short story is not a sequel, but a spin-off featuring appearances by some of these characters.

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Nyx is such an adorable filly l really enjoyed including her in this story - I'm so pleased you like her too!
I hope to write another story with her in soon.
Thanks for your support!

“Twi!” exclaimed Rainbow enthusiastically “ You so motivated me , I would follow you to the ends of Equestria!” “It may just come to that yet” said Twilight, her beaming smile fading as a grim look spread over her face.

Hear hear!!! Where do I sign up to follow her too??!

I have got to stop reading such intense stories....it can't be good for my heart to keep stopping...

This was awesome!

And the final chapter....I admit it, I was crying.:fluttercry:

Start forming an orderly line now!

Fluttershy fully recognised that there was no way her friend was going to accept anything other than her complete compliance, and given that she could either acquiesce now or try and protest, which would still end in the same result, decided not to prolong the inevitable conclusion and whimpered a faint “Eeeep!”

I guess my only complaint is that Fluttershy acts like pre-season 4 Shy. season 5 and onward really developed her character to be able to stand up for herself and state her opinion, along with being a rather sassy girl

You're right in that she starts to become more assertive after season 4, but she still has moments where her timidity can get the better of her (S6 E18, S7 E05 and S8 E04, etc).
She is such a delightful character and although she is learning to stand on her own hooves, I think her timidity can still sometimes be a default response, and that is the reason I portrayed her as I did.
Thanks for the comment!


That's true, though I'll still stand by saying that her response would be a lot more than a simple "eep"

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