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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This story is a sequel to Above All Others

Princess Luna and Rainbow Dash had been together as a couple for the last few years, and in this time Rainbow had been promoted to Captain of the Wonderbolts.  During a flying display she suffers a near fatal injury leaving the Princess of the Night with no easy choices.  What price would Luna be prepared to pay to consummate their love?

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I wonder how this is gonna turn out... :fluttershysad:

Did the needle kill Rainbow, or did she die while unconscious? Either way, great, tragic story. Very, very tragic. :applecry:

Also, I'm guessing Luna aged because only princesses can be immortal. Is that correct?

Probably not well. Read on ...

Thanks for the compliment!
I had intended that Rainbow was only sedated while the Physician attended to her immediate needs, but that her mind had snapped through having lost her wing, her marefriend and her foal, and that she would live on as a broken reminder of the tragedy that had befallen her. So when I said that three lives had been lost, I was referring to two deaths and Rainbow suffering an irreversible breakdown.
Either way you interpret the outcome, it's pretty tragic.
Thanks for your support!

The way I had interpreted it, Celestia and Luna were immortal, but the spell cast on Luna stripped her of her immortality as one of its side-effects. I also wrote it such that another side effect of the spell was rapid aging; the big question then being would she die or would she wither into a decayed husk that was still technically immortal - but I wasn't that cruel (I do love Luna after all)!
Thanks for your comment!


So when I said that three lives had been lost, I was referring to two deaths and Rainbow suffering an irreversible breakdown.

Wow, that's deep.

Oh lord...reading this...was both a good idea, and a horrible one.

Bad because I cried like a baby...

Good because it made me realise my problems at this time are absolutely nothing...not compared to what they could be. Things can always be worse than they are.

This was well written. Absolutely heart wrenching and tragic, requiring half a box of kleenex, but oh so worth every bit of the tears it wrung out of me!

Well done, Bronyxy. Well done.

It's a hard story. Rainbow, the pony who has Equestria at her hooves in the beginning loses everything, not just once but three times over and also drags down those who love her dearly in the most tragic ways. It's not an easy read, and I don't think you're alone with the kleenex!
Thank you for your support!

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