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The Witching Hour

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    the day of my borth

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    A Midnight Review

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    A Very HorseMask Halloween

    This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. A HorseMask Halloween!

    The new chapter of HorseMask arrived today and it's the Halloween special!

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    Streams, Music, And More

    Considering my current circumstances, I would like to let you all know that while I can stream and write without much income, seeing as writing is during my off time, the program I use for music requires a subscription in order to make use of it and download the songs. I had found a way to get around that, but as of late it hasn't worked. If you feel like supporting anything I work on, anyone

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    People Are Fucking Shitheads

    Early yesterday morning, between 10:30am and 12:15pm, the house where I am currently living with my grandparents was robbed while I was on a trip out of state. They took both of the laptops, the lockbox, and a number of my grandfather's tools, so I returned to a fair amount of stuff stolen. My desktop PC was left behind, a small mercy in this horrible situation, but none the less there be thieves

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Major Update · 10:30pm Dec 1st, 2017

Following recent events I've decided it's to ditch my roommates as they believed I had, and as such have a hopeful backup plan, with no gurantee anything will work as I need it to so I'm making humble request of anyone and everyone to help me in this emergency in order to avoid a bad situation and remove myself from a poisonous one. I will do the best I can to repay everyone in some manner though seeing as it is based on money, I cannot repay in that manner. Please I ask for help, in saving myself and pets I hold dear.


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Comments ( 4 )

Is it okay if I post this on my blog to help spread the news? I will put it on my social media too if you like. I hope you can get a lot of support.

4739633 I will indeed. :)

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