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Queen Chrysalis has stolen the Spirit of Generosity from Rarity, crippling the Elements of Harmony. Captain Shining Armor allies with the remaining Elements to beat the shit out of the changelings until Generosity is fully recovered.

A/N: This story was inspired by R5h's fever dreams. The original draft:

What I remember is that he kicked the asses of a bunch of Changelings and each one had a little fragment of the element of generosity
Then he used the reassembled Element to defeat Chrysalis
Then he decided they would live together
Also the Changelings were all anthro

On a side note, this also became an excuse to absolutely cram this short with references. I apologize for the minimal editing.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 4 )

Yes! Applejack has Hamon!

Also, it's tagged "Anthro" but they're all ponies.

So it's going to be the plot of Stardust Crusaders? Well then...

The changelings are anthro.

Technically, if you squint really hard, its kinda Stardust Crusaders if the entire plot took 10 minutes to resolve.

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