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This story is a sequel to Beanniversary

Sunset meets with Rainbow to hang out and catch up after the events of "Should I Stay...."

Dammit, Me.

Warnings: [Richer, Extra-Protein Infused Continuity] [5% Beans] [75% Gratuitous Fight Scene] [Sunset Shimmer not being hurt emotionally] [Toy Lasers]

Part of the Beanis Cinematic Universe

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer makes a beanaroni pizza.

Rainbow Dash visits.

Sunset cries a little.

To my everlasting shame, part of the Beanis Cinematic Universe

Dammit Syeekoh

Warnings: Rich, protein laden continuity

Chapters (1)

A pony walks north and towards a mountain with a glowing peak.

Inspired by Gavin Dunne's "Stay By My Side"

For the Noble Jury "Frozen North" Contest

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to 99 bottles of Chaos on the Wall

A few princesses are vacationing in Canterlot. It is rudely interrupted by a Changeling invasion. Good thing these princesses happen to be sociopathic mercenaries because I thought it would be funny.

Please don't shoot me. Or freeze me. Or shockwave me off a cliff.

Chapters (2)

A terrorist group has taken over a research laboratory in protest of the growing cybernetic field. Agents Solid Sweet, Liquid Red, and Raider are sent in to get an important prototype out.

Yes, this is one long joke.

No, this is really only a slight crossover with the DX:HR trailer, and not enough to warrant a mention, besides a hefty dose of headcanon.

Yes, this is all PresentPerfect's fault with his Soft Hands contest.

Chapters (2)

Triplets One, Two, and Four set out to make a spell to let everyone experience walking a mile in another's shoes. They call it the Omnitrot. Things don't work out as expected

Beer and time travel are technically involved.

As Discord said it best, "This makes no goddamned sense, so that makes sense."

I lied.

This is all boardgamebrony's fault, and I regret everything.
(Part of the Discord Event on EqD, 2016/7/19)

Chapters (2)

What do you do when you realize you are dying, with a lifetime measured in days?
What do you do when your destiny reads "Death"?

You tell to the world that your death is not the same as your end.

And never stop

Notes: Story starts roughly 1129 years before the show, and somewhat anachronistic in the beginning. Other characters may be added in when required.
Inspired by "Lord of Dorkness" and his vision of a trans-humanist future.
Inspired by my annoyance at how 90% of all Liches appear to be assholes.
HIATUS: My first criticism inspired me to fix the utterly jumbled mess that is the first arc, because it was written with no effort to continuity, and the assumption that nobody would read it. There's a lot of new stuff that needs to be added to bridge the gaping holes everywhere, but it ain't dead. Not until I die, anyways.

Tags: Necromancy, Transhumanism, Lich, Cyborgs

Chapters (26)

Unsanctioned contact with Extradimenstionals is illegal. Lawbreakers of the multiverse will be tracked down, and Exterminated on sight.
Punishment: The removal of Free Will.
No exceptions.
No tolerance.
No mercy.
No hope.
(Thanks to FullMetalFurbee for cleaning up my stuff)

(A/N: The story is going to be a bit clunky. The reasons are because there is a butt ton of lore built up for The Great Multiverse Theory, all of which conspire to make it really hard to tell a story with it. The shortest way to describe it is me deciding to populate the Outside of the Universe with sociopathic eldritch abominations to police against threats to homeostasis. If there seems to be something that should be told, but isn't, don't hesitate to ask)
And I'm not very good at writing compared to the worldbuilding I've made for this.)

Chapters (4)

A life in a day of a not really a pony Button Mash, and other weird things.

This is Razgriz's fault.

I regret everything.

Author's note: Please don't read this. It is bad. I'm saying it now. Don't come in with any hope of an interesting tale. In fact, please leave and read the other Button -ash fics that are written by actually good writers?

Chapters (1)

Peaches. Peaches are awesome. Peaches are best fruit. James and the Giant Peach is my favorite movie. Obviously, when I got the funds to go to Comic Con, I dressed as a giant peach.

For some reason, people hate peaches. They should hate Apples. Apples are evil. My old peach tree told me that, and because I didn’t listen, one of them burned my house down.

Continuity: Optional, or for as long as I remember the plot.

Blueshift, this is all your fault.

Author's Note: I didn't try. At all. If this gets upvotes, I'll start seeing how many sharks I can jump intentionally because this does not deserve it.


Chapters (14)
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