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It's fanfiction all the way down.

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which was impressive for so heavy a creature.

People watching me do sports irl like

I was expecting something even weirder, to be honest. Like her dad being a cyborg from the future.

This deserves to win some sort of contest. (Nnot sure which sort, but that can be figured out later. For now, have a like.)

How would that be weirder?

Wow. :rainbowderp: :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

The descriptions just had the right amount of mystery to draw me in!

Evil Skystar, the season 8-9 villain we deserved, but didn't get...

“Honey, what have I said about blaming your minions for your plans failing?” Novo turned on her daughter, her voice firm and rebuking. “You’re going to be queen one day, and the queen doesn’t get to pass the buck. The pony that sits on the throne is responsible for what happens, simple as that, doesn’t matter if it’s the coral throne or a throne of skulls or whatever.”

Coral for the coral throne!

That was suprisingly cute. :rainbowkiss:

That...was not at ALL what I expected. When I first saw the title, I immediately thought this was going to be some sort of really emotional story, then I noticed the comedy tag, then I read the bit about The Storm King, and yeah...This was kooky and weird but in a good way.

I keep expecting her to name a device an "inator' and get twarted by some animal in a fedora...

Am I alone in expecting that in this?

Discord the draconequus in a fedora.

Adding to folder: Favorites Hello! Loved this one

-before reading-
ok, judging by the comments it wouldn't surprise me if her father is fucking Khorne (blood for the blood god, as is required).

-after reading-
... well i was fucking wrong. still entertaining though.

...c...can we hear about her army of imaginary friends?



Come on Celestia, you know Sunset did the same thing when she was even younger!

Such an adorable would-be conqueror. The nature is strong in this one. Though, the nurture is doing a great job at short circuiting nature's plans.

Okay, this managed to be both funny and cute. I would honestly love to see more of this. Have a fav and an updoot!


“You can play pretend later, Skystar,” Novo said, with a heavy sigh. “It’s time for dinner.”

“Dinner can wait until after world conquest.” Skystar said, holding her head high like a haughty mare would. “Also I’m not hungry.”

The girl has a work ethic. We can all respect that.

“Okay, Sky,” Queen Novo said, resting her head on a hoof. “Well, come up here and get me then.”

“Huh?” Skystar paused.

“You’re overthrowing me, right? Come up here and get me.”

Skystar looked at her golem army which was, as previously mentioned, made of stone, a substance that is denser than water. This caused them to sink in ocean waters, which indirectly explained their present position on the bottom of the Sequestrian main cavern. Queen Novo’s palace, by contrast, was lighter than water, and in fact floated some distance above Skystar’s head.

Skystar whispered to one of her golems, “Can you swim?” Its limbs flailed in the water. “What about jumping? Try jumping.” And it hopped up all of ten feet towards the cavern, which was impressive for so heavy a creature.

Doofenshmirtz: Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary.

No scratch that.

But Skystar struck the ground, with such force that the stone shattered around her hoof, sending chips and spurs flying in all directions. “Or maybe,” she roared, her voice so loud the whole of Canterlot could hear it, “I’d need a fortunate set of circumstances, like all my enemies being gathered in the same place!”

Her eyes flashed, and out of the cover of invisibility emerged dozens of storm guard soldiers, still in their black armor. They surrounded the princesses and the elements of harmony, forming a wall of spears pointed inwards. The seal of Seaquestria had been hurriedly painted over the Storm King’s personal brand, but they otherwise stood ready as ever, and aboard the waiting airships, more could be seen in motion.

Twilight gasped, and attempted to form a magical shield, only for her horn to suddenly flicker out. Rainbow spread her wings to take to the sky, but one of the storm guard tackled her before she could. The pirates and Capper were held at spearpoint.

“I’m through being the butt of your jokes,” Skystar said, her mouth pulled back into a harsh grimace that showed her teeth. “Today, a new day dawns for Equestria, for Mount Aris, for the stormlands. I will bring order to-”

Discord: I have found my successor.

Almost everything that is featured right now is a Jinglemas story. Where's MY Jinglemas story on the feature list?! XD, great job on getting featured!

Almost everything that is featured right now is a Jinglemas story. Where's MY Jinglemas story on the feature list?! XD, great job on getting featured!

Aww, poor Skystar, her mom won't even let her conquer the world in a dramatic turn of irony sheet embarrassing her. Girl deserves hugs and ice cream :pinkiesad2:

This is some Terry Pratchett stuff right here, and by all that is Discworld, I'm all for it!

Dude that was awesome.

You made Skystar awesome.

I laughed real hard multiple times. And the plot twist near the end is literally gold. A story like this definitely deserves a fav (and more views).

“Oh yeah,” Novo said. “That was the saddest attempt of all.”

Ooooh, I'd like to see how that one turned out to be a disaster. A sequel, maybe?

Okay, that was not what I expected at all. It was SO much better. :rainbowlaugh:

The fact that she managed to rally the Storm King's army behind her was pretty impressive in itself though given her previous feats, not too surprising.

I always hoped for evil princess Flurry Heart from the future.

I hadn't expected Skystar to back down so easily after her mother humiliated her like that despite the protests of both Skystar herself and the others at the table. It wouldn't be strange if she decided to take over Mount Aris and Aquastria simply to prove Novo wrong and to get revenge for the humiliation.

Evil adult Flurry Heart will obviously change her name to Princess Skylla and have tentacles. There will be a whirlpool or whirlwind near her lair.

Oh that's clever.

The imaginary friend army was the saddest because that one actually worked, and that is why the Equestrian Badlands exist instead of a thriving multicultural nation.

"Princess Skystar blushed and pushed a hoof into her face."
...Given hippogriff anatomy, huh.

"I thought we could do things old school; have an arranged"
"I thought we could do things old school: have an arranged"?

"Princess Skystar said, clasping her hooves together."
...Again, huh.
Am I missing something?

"Rarity suggested, delicately. “We could"
"Rarity suggested, delicately, “we could"?

"Skystar had her face in her hooves"
See above.

"The bust had a rather obvious gap down the middle"
From later text,
"The bust had a rather obvious gap around the middle"?
Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm not sure just what's going on there.

"No, mother, it is time for the surface"
"No, Mother, it is time for the surface"?

"pressing her hooves together and holding them forth as if in prayer"
See above.

"the greatest army seen in ten-thousand years"
"the greatest army seen in ten thousand years"?

"Queen Novo’s palace, by contrast, was lighter than water, and in fact floated"
Oh, interesting! So rather than being neutrally buoyant, or being denser than water but suspended from the ceiling of the cavern, it's actually positively buoyant, under compression against the ceiling?

"And it hopped up all of ten feet towards the cavern, which was impressive for"
"And it hopped up all of ten feet towards the cavern ceiling, which was impressive for"?

"You can just say ten-thousand like a normal pony"
"You can just say ten thousand like a normal pony"?

"you made ten-thousand statues"
"you made ten thousand statues"?

"Fluttershy asks, holding her hooves to her face."
"Fluttershy asked, holding her hooves to her face."?

"One golem hopped ten feet into the air to try to grab the airship, which was impressive for so heavy a creature."
Oh, no higher in air than water? Curious.
...Though unfortunately, yeah, I think that the repetition being lessened would also weaken the joke. In a way that applied to a lot more people than those considering the relative densities of water and air here. And this is a comedy. So... eh.
...Ah! Ah, though, potential Watsonian explanation: There is also, of course, no water here to reduce the speed of the fall from the jump, so perhaps the golem estimated too high an expected value of damage to itself on landing if it jumped higher? ...Eh.
...Iiiii should probably just try to relax about this and keep going, yeah. :D

"Skystar buried her face in her hooves."
See above.

"Skystar said, lifting her face from her hooves."
See above.

"Maybe I’d need a kingdom where I have a legitimate claim to power because I’m the previous king’s only child."
Yeah, I was wondering when she'd notice that. :D

"But Skystar struck the ground, with such force that the stone shattered around her hoof, sending chips"
Pointing this one out because I actually think it doesn't necessarily count as a "see above" (since that seems like something a hindleg could easily have done), and I was concerned there might be some question whether I would have pointed it out but just missed it.

"Honey, sweetie, dear. Can we"
"Honey, Sweetie, Dear. Can we"?

Well, that was fun. :)

I was briefly, around the beginning, expecting it to be Celestia. :D

...I mean. Now that you mention it, do we know the origin of changelings in this particular timeline?

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