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It's been a hundred years since Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were overthrown, and the Equestrian Republic was founded, a hundred years since anyone has gotten a cutie mark. So what happens when a completely ordinary pony living in the Republican Capital City of Ponyville woke up one morning and discovered that one has appeared on her flank?

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In hindsight, I wonder why I thought Grandma V would be a relative of Vinyl's. Turns out, she IS Vinyl :pinkiehappy:

Stalin and co. are here, bringing another instance of Stalinview!

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Is everyone ready?

i43.tinypic.com/dq3w35.jpg Yes!

i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Yes, boss!

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png All right, let's dig into "Parliament of Dreams" by Wheller!!


"She reached out with her hoof, hit the button to turn the alarm off and rolled over and tried to go back to sleep."
i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png That's how all world's problems are begining.

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Hmm, a simple day-by-day routine of a girl. Not very entertaining, but helps us to understand main character better.

"Her name was Sparkplug, though she hated it when anyone called her by that name."
Well, i can clearly see why. Since "plug" rhytming with "slug" perfectly.

i43.tinypic.com/dq3w35.jpg Poor Sparky. No TV
i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png No vodka...
i43.tinypic.com/dq3w35.jpg She doesn't need vodka!
i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png *hic* EVERYONE NEEDS VODKA!
i43.tinypic.com/dq3w35.jpg *groan*
i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Equestria don't have tv's
i43.tinypic.com/dq3w35.jpg Whaaaat?
i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Yep. No tv's. And radios are rare.

"AppleTec Mark IXX"
i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png This friggin' Steve Jobs is EVERYWHERE!

"MIPs were highly advanced computers able to fit on their user's leg, they were a wondrous technology, used for everything from keeping the user’s schedule to making calls with its built in mobile phone"
i43.tinypic.com/dq3w35.jpg And again, a devise that only unicorns can use. How about other tribes? They have no fingers for it!

"Grandma V"
i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Stalin smells a robot!
i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Nope.
i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Then why "Grandma V"? I thought V is a serial number. Can you explain?
i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Nnnnnnope.

"Yes I did. Problem?"
i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Grandmaface

i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Trollma mk. 5 is Hilarious!

"founding of the Equestrian Republic a hundred years ago"
i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Equestrian.... Republic? Hundred years ago? Dafag?

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png OOoookay... Let's try to make an overview, guys...

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png This story if very confusing. I mean, VERY confusing. It 100% feels like Alternate Universe story, but it's not tagged as such.
It can go a "past, when technology ruined our nation" route, but then where "Equestrian REPUBLIC" come from?
OR it can take place in a future after something happened with Celestia and Luna

i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Guys. Are you stupid?

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png What?

i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Read story’s description.

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png Oh! I see now! So it IS taking place in a future!

i43.tinypic.com/dq3w35.jpg Yep.

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png I wonder why ponies "overthrown" Celestia and Luna...

i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png Well, let's keep reading to find out!

i42.tinypic.com/1ev3as.png And boss. Read descriptions for the stories first

i41.tinypic.com/25umlgw.png I will

VERDICT: Defenetely worth reading. Stalin shall track it and make a stalinviews on other chapters.

very good i love it hmmmm can u message me later,thanks

Just when I thought it was over
Confound you, Wheller. You drive me to read.

Hmmmm....a look at The Long Road further down the line. While it's true that nearly all of the ponies who we met during the last mega-series have left it, it seems to me that their legacy will affect those who travel it now. As an example, my inner worrier worries that at least one Nephite faction might view the re-emergence of Cutie Marks with alarm owing to their wishing not to break faith with Ditzy Doo.
(Also, Big Mac the cereal mascot??? Nice touch.)


Grandma V's name is the letter 'v'. And not the roman numeral of five.

I know, but still Grandma mk.V sounds 20% cooler :rainbowdetermined2:

Hmmm.....it's interesting to get a little bit more information on the world of the future. That's because we have more of an idea of how things have developed since the fall of Canterlot.


Just when I think I'm out, he pulls me back in!

Seriously Wheller, I thought 'Give the man a week or two break and he'll be back at it.'. Nope, two days later I am back to tracking your writing. Congrats good sir, you continue to surprise me.

Stalin, you're reading story one of book 4 of the series (Although I'm not sure if Wheller has decided to made this Book 4, it may be on it's own, but it's certainly part of his universe.)
In any case, you're about 337 thousand words in here. That's why some things may not make sense :twilightsmile: for the best experience, read from the beginning, Wheller's first published fic.


That's actually not necessary to do so. This fic is being written with the intention that someone who hasn't read anything written by me before could read it, without having to worry about backstory.

Backstory surrounding the founding of the Equestrian Republic will be fleshed out eventually, when it matters.

Mmm....interesting chapter. Seeing a more time-travel concept would be really good.

Just when I think I'm out, he pulls me back in!
damnit i was gonna say that:twilightangry2: (ok i was gonna quote the wow commercial from forever ago)
oh well the best man won *bows before you in respect*
to wheller, just couldn't resist the world you created couldn't you, kinda have to wonder if Applejack will come back cuz she is well imortal
oh well we will cross that bridge when we get there till then i look forward to chapter 3

Ah, ok, I suppose that would be a lot easier than reading all of your other stories just to have the backstory on this one, lol.
Also, sent you a PM with a few questions :twilightsmile:

359436 And what's wrong with it?:rainbowderp:

366544 359436

He's dumb and doesn't get it. :derpytongue2:


I'm not 100% sure, but it really looks like you should be throwing "Slice of Life" on as a tag, as that seems be more of what this is rather than adventure.


I'm getting there. It takes place in the future, so I need some kind of build up, can't just jump right in, not without everyone being confused.

372724 I know what you mean. You could always throw both tags on there anyways? Your story, but it just seems to fit quite well at the moment

This story seems good so far^^

Interesting plot, in both meanings of the word.

Well, as they say, running from something is also running toward something. In her case, it's her journey down the Long Road.

Heeeelp! I'm a princess!:derpytongue2:

:yay: Yay! German! Anyways, back to next chapter!

I want to say Dizzy's one of Ditzy's kin, but at the same time, my inner analyst says that's too easy.
I'll assume so anyway

i also want that to be true so until i am told otherwise it is true

HHHmmmmmmm.....I wonder why the big red guy saw fit to screw over the Nephites. Maybe someone :derpyderp2: wouldn't 'play nice'.

I don't think that's the reason, maybe he felt that the republic should have a separation between religion and state
Besides the Nephites were given free control within their territories, so I don't think it was that bad

That makes sense. After all, he'd seen what one theocracy did and wasn't about to be fooled again.

Oh, goody.....they're right on top of the old missile base. Either that or one of Field Marshall Trixie's emergency bunkers.

Wake up from hardcore hangover with a tattoo on your butt? Simple, just run away from home

such an interesting story so far keep up the phenomenal work

Im doing just fine, and yourself ?

Can always count on good old-fashioned police corruption to be somewhere in the system :ajsmug:

I'm loving this story. Geez, gotta read it just to see what other links to the past you put in it, not to mention that the story is good too.

Great. They have to hide behind the Iron Curtain (or whatever they call it here) to keep away from Octavia's dirtier-than-Tartarus descendant.

And the truth half of us guessed at the start is revealed; Grandma V is Vinyl Scratch.

Still, good job, but why couldn't they go to hiding in some other country that your map has?


Simple. All other nations in the world cooperate with La Police Internationale, a multinational policing organisation much like the real world INTERPOL. The Præsidium does not cooperate with La Police Internationale, much like the Soviet Union did not cooperate with INTERPOL.

And because of a lack of extradition treaties between the Equestrian Republic and the Præsidium, The Præsidium isn't legally obliged to return them if they ask.

i think it was implied with the extradition part

In this chapter... how many Friendship is Magic references can you manage? I was figuring you were going to stay with like.... 1 reference in a chapter, so I was surprised when I saw Fluttershy and facepalmed at Angel

Still liking the story though.


They're street names!

Fluttershy was Prime Minister. It makes sense that a street in Freetown (which is where the Everfree Forest used to be) would have her name on it.

403300 I understand exactly what they are. Just, before you didn't have 3 of them in a chapter (4 if we include the official reveal of Vinyl Scratch)

EDIT: and wait... did you just reveal a fact in a comment that you haven't told in the story yet?

Well, it is nice to see that AJ wants to buy back Sweet Apple Acres now that she's had time to learn things like fancy mathematics and alphabetic literacy.

Jesus Christ Vinyl WHY :pinkiecrazy:

I'm amazed it's only a gigabyte


But-I mean-how the hell is she in so much hot water while apparently she's had the cash to get most of her organs replaced with robotic ones? :twilightoops:

it's a police record, it keeps track of crimes, punished and unpunished
as far as we know, she already served justice for all (or most) of her charges

Great. Even after a hundred years, Applejack is still a combative moron. Good to see some things haven't changed.

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