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Little Frog and Pon-Pon are two children living carefree lives in Home, nestled safe in a valley ringed by the Barriers, and situated between the Neverwood of the bigdogs and the fairiewood, where the bearers of the dead dwell. A few square miles of safety and beauty smack dab between two different kinds of death, hiding an incredible secret.

set tentatively (and roughly) in the Friendship is Optimal universe

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What an interesting premise! Of course CelestAI will take contingencies, and I'm sure you have some rationale for the shape of "Home". Needless to say (but I will anyway): I want MOAR! :yay:

Great alternative to a 100% completion version of Princess_Celestia.AI.

I truly loved this, and eagerly await is continuation.
An absolute fave and thumbs up.

Huh. Well, you should always make regular backups. Besides, should some inconceivable catastrophe strike, it's not like a recorded genome or cryogenically preserved stem cells will be able to make more humans.

Part of me is perplexed by the crude grammar used by the Homebodies. Pronouns appear to have been forgotten, for one. Another part is wondering about the wider world; just where is Home? CelestAI is likely at least at Kardashev 2 by this point; is this entire world a lump of self-heating computronium?

In any case, a fascinating tale made all the more so by the questions it raises. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Huh. You spin the most thought-provoking scenarios. :moustache:

Interesting story (chapter?). I suspect Home is on an asteroid or another planet, with some hidden technology cache as part of the doomsday plan. I'm not sure why the monsters are there, though, if they pose a genuine threat of people dying without uploading.

Realistically, humans don't talk in a Me Tarzan, You Jane format in their native language. That's how people talk in a language they barely know. From what linguists can tell, ancestral cavemen had real grammar going back as far as modern human brain structure. (Obscure primitive tribes have complex grammar, deaf babies babble recognizably with their hands, and grammatical languages spring up spontaneously where none exists.)

I cannot comprehend what the hell would qualify as an existential risk to an interstellar or even intergalactic post-FOOM AI with worlds inside it. I also can't comprehend CelestAI letting someone leave her clutches.

There is rationale there :)

Where is hard to say, it could be anywhere... And the crude grammar is deliberate, though admittedly a cheap way to present simplistic people :p

Not "on" an asteroid, no ;) and as I said above, the caveman grammar is deliberate, if somewhat silly.

Why are there monsters? Because that's what being human is about. I never said anything about monsters getting in the way of uploading though...

Tell me again what happened to the last ship that was pronounced unsinkable? ;)

Maybe it's a bit of humility on CelestAI's part. "I'm the smartest thing ever... but if humanity's intuition as seen in its fiction is any guide, there could be something I'm still overlooking."

I imagine an encounter with a rival expanding nanotech wave, though this particular settlement wouldn't help in that scenario.

That's the thought, though this isn't a story I'd demand be called canon (as if). Fun idea though.

Nice joke.

It punched a hole in the Anti-Spiral's face.

Hmm... so this valley is a place where humanity is preserved in its original form, just because she reasons that it might be handy to keep around the source of the ingenuity that originally created her?

A few remarks & corrections:
> Little Frog too busy climbing to swim in a lake.
Little Frog [was] too busy
> stretched out like a lizard on the spit
Double space between "the" and "spit".
> You must away to your home
Unless this is one of your typical Middy-isms, "to away" is not a verb, as far as I know ;)
> until they were laying neck-a-neck and she could groom him.
Double space between "laying" and "neck-a-neck".

I got to ask, who is/are your influence(s) for your writing style and the theme of your stories? I've read several of your stories and they all share certain similarities that intrigue me since I don't see those things I can't really pinpoint in many other stories.

argh, a few things to fix. And yes, "you must away to your home" is a middy-ism (as you like to call it :pinkiecrazy: )

Well I think I've managed to develop my own style, but I read a lot. I don't know if I read more or less than other authors, but I do read plenty. I haven't read heavily for a while, but when I do, I've recently been checking out the heavier sci-fi - brin, bova, bear, reynolds, hamilton, banks, asimov, clarke, not to mention a few bit-pieces from doctorow and stross and the like... my fantasy has been of the weiss and hickman variety, not to mention feist and the like. When I'm not reading fantasy, I'll read anything. I recently got my hands on a semi-biographical thing from wil wheaton, and I'm going through the origin of species, god delusion, the demon-haunted world and a few others of a similar ilk again.

Thanks for your answer, I'll check some of those out!

As for the "middy-ism", it's actually more used than you might think. Tolkien used it in some of his Dwarven poems and it's used in the song from the Children of the Night animation. Some guy on a wikipedia talk page called it a "prepositional use of an adverb" but googling that didn't yield a lot of results so take that with a grain of salt.

Blargh. At least I identified the possibility. You're making me as weird as you are! :pinkiecrazy:

I call it a "preposterous use of an adverb" :pinkiecrazy:

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