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When Twilight Sparkle needs to see the dentist, some extra precautions are needed. The unicorn is not so very fond of doctors, so Spike has to resort to extreme measures, with some help from his friends.

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Loved it xD.

I totally feel Twi and her fear of doctors/dentists. I mean, how can they look so calm when ripping your mouth or other body part open? Scary much?

I have to say this was a fun read

X) great story :twilightsheepish:

Confound you, Ponychan! You drive me to read like a reviewer!

"purple equine’s bedroom" - Lavender Unicorn's bedroom?

Space between "barely" and "opening"? Why?

The shadow is a he? Wouldn't a shadow be an "it"? Unless it's the shadow *of* something.

"Fishing an object out of an unseen pocket - a thin ring, coloured a dull green but almost black in the half-light"
Why not just say "Fishing out a thin green ring out of an unseen pocket?"

"Where's my magic?" - Why the break?

"keep having to posting them back" <- wut?

"as she was led" passive. Maybe "as her friends led her"?

"a pristine white unicorn with gorgeous purple mane and tail"
MUST you subject us to such copious amounts of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome?

"Beauty comes naturally to a girl like Twilight"
Yes. That's why Rarity freaked out and gave Twilight an emergency makeover when she saw her for the first time.
(If you were going for sarcasm, I wasn't picking that up)

"yellow and equally timid looking pegasus"
WE KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE! Just say "Fluttershy".

So, wait. The "horn rot" was just an elaborate way to get Twilight under their control? JEEZ! Why not just jump on her as she walks out the door?! Whose idea was this anyway?

"Practicing for this in secret had been hard" get rid of the italics

Final thoughts:

GOOD GOSH, her friends are MEAN! That's a really cruel prank, even for Rainbow Dash!
If I was Twilight, I wouldn't talk to Pinkie Pie for a week!
I'm tempted to say the entire prank is simply out of character for all her friends. I just don't see them doing something that mean. :fluttershysad:

I'd definitively recommend reading "Calling the Shots" before reading this, gives a little bit of background.

43040 The reason they put on this elaborate prank was because in dude's last story, Calling the Shots, Twi tricked Spike into going to the vet's office, and though it all worked out for him in the end, he wanted to get her back. Thus, Spike thought up this prank, which wouldn't have been possible without at least Rarity's help for her ability to use magic to tranq Twi and Celestia's help in acquiring the ring, but the others were there mostly to be trolls, but also to restrain their friend so Rare would have an easier shot since she's less well versed in the use of magic aside from telekinesis and gem-finding.

Honestly, I don't find it mean, since all in all, their ultimate goal was good dental health for their friend. They just have interesting ways to show their care for her.

Very nice, this is actually my second read through of these, I simply love these stories! Thank you for writing them!:yay:

Hated it!:twilightangry2:
The beginning was boring!:ajsleepy:
And what her friends did was just CRUEL:fluttershysad:

Ooh, I think I remember this story being referenced somewhere. Glad to finally find the original again.

God, what was that spell they did on twilight? We need Rarity to do it on me at my next appointment...

4087957 well, her friends did it for Twilights well being... They knocked her out so she would go to the dentist and not get cancer or something...

171 IKR? If your afraid of the dentist, search the group Dentist Phobics Unite! Or something like that. It's fun!

cute, well done

:duck: 43040 uh, they weren't exactly being MEAN, they were just trying to help their friend get to the dentist, because she was afraid. To be honest, when I'm older, and if I'm still afraid of the dentist, I can already imagine my friends spiking my drink or something with an an aesthetic or some loopy stuff or whatever and getting me to the dentist. I know it might be a little extreme, but trust me, these ponies are coming from a good place.

:twilightangry2: You did what?

:raritystarry:Spikey didn't spike your tea :moustache: Rarity didn't zap you cold!

:ajsmug::rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp::flutterrage: We did Nothing at all

:trollestia: That was so good, I'm getting another piece of cake!

And then we discovered how Twilight goes about mimicking Cupcakes.

You mean Nitrous Oxide or also called laughing gas. I'm wondering how did Twilight got teething problems in the first place? I wonder why is she afraid of going to the doctor? I bet she had a very unpleasant experience when she was young.

Actually to take care of her teeth problems. I'm just glad they did it or Twilight would be in a world of hurt.

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