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I'm just here to write.


Twilight and Discord are a long way from home, and have to journey through a realm of madness and chaos to get back to Equestria. Fortunately, this is Discord's speciality, so Twilight is in safe hands. Less fortunately, all the local gods want him dead.

Chapters (2)
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This looks extremely promising! I´ll give it a good read when I have time.

I like where this is going so far. Definitely tracking this.

Huh. Well, those are certainly fascinating reinterpretations of the original Norse versions. Raw chaos in place of fire, Great Old Ones in place of humanoid giants, it all makes sense to me. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

This sounds interesting and different. I shall read on!

A neat idea to see something like this, and certainly curious if this happens before or after his burning of the loom, or the remains of such if they do find it.


Well, we gotta fit the Great Old Ones in there somewhere, but don't count the giants out just yet.:raritywink:


Finally, someone who can add a touch of class to this place! I shall endeavour not to disappoint. Glad to have you along for the ride, British.


Devil's Dues was set immediately after Keep Calm and Flutter On, so yes, this takes place after that story. Those ashes are already cold.

With a title like that, how can I not read it?

Could we be seeing Yog-Sothoth jealously guarding the gates to other worlds? Or perhaps Nyarlathotep is working against Discord for shits and giggles? Will my girl Shub-Niggurath show up? Will Nodens make an appearance? Also, Dagon might get pissed that Discord dropped one of his children from the sky.

You better have some Outer Gods and Great Old Ones is what I'm saying. Maybe some Elder Gods, too.

I like it so far, though. Faved and liked.

A Twilight and Discord adventure story presented by the author of Rest in Chaos! Definitely worth tracking!:pinkiehappy:




But yeah, pretty neat story all in all.

Have a like.

Okay, this looks like a grand start to a great, traumatizing adventure! Tally-ho!

By the way, I think it says a lot about Discord that it does not surprise me in the slightest that the vast majority of cosmic deities want him dead for one reason or another.

Well, thats certainly one way to stave off the cold! Hehehe.


Okay, damn that was fascinating. I really want to see more of this world, Discord's connection to it, why Twilight's magic was taken...

Honestly, this chapter is even more attention grabbing than the first, and the only downside is that it raises so many interesting points and there aren't any more chapters yet.

Man, this story is gonna be great. Good job as always!

This story is great! Twilight and Discord are both perfectly in character, their interactions with each other are hilarious, and seeing your worldbuilding from your Borderworld posts in action is quite fun to read.

For a writer who has proven his ability in writing wonderful stories, this story deserves so much more attentions!
Perhaps you should submit it to EQG (maybe after a few more chapters are published).
Judging on what you have written before and the quality of this story I believe it'll definitely be featured!


Not many people get those references, but it's always nice when somebody does.


I'm pretty sure EqD would reject me. I still have old stories in their queue, and under the current rules, they won't accept anything new from me until I resubmit those in decent condition. So that isn't happening until after I re-do Van Helsing at minimum, and they may want me to revise Decomposition as well.

Well. This continues to fascinate on multiple levels. Also, I'm clearly going to have to refresh myself on Borderworld lore. Even with the rust still on, I'm loving this story. Definitely looking forward to more.


That reminds me, I really have to update some of those essays.

This fic is amazing. I just love this world you're creating. Can't wait for next chapter.

I have been putting off reading this chapter (mainly because I'm a lazy bum), but now that I've done it I cannot wait to procrastinate reading the next one.

I really loved this story when I first read it. Twilight's usual self and Discord's blunt honesty and biting whimsical self.

Hope you continue this.:twilightsmile:

Into the Realm of Chaos...

Tracking blazing ball of chaos.

Just when it was getting amazing, too... Oh well.

Oh come on dude. Story like that deserves being completed. Are u planning to do it?


I am. I'm just really bad at updating. All I can do is apologise for my general ineptitude.

I really wish you'd continue this. It's so interesting and exciting.


Just for you, a small snippet from chapter 3:

Two fur-clad gargoyles worked the snow ahead of Twilight, one shoveling it over the side of the wall, and the other salting the path. She screamed to them for help as she ran by, startling them both and making one drop his torch and shout a curse after her. But neither made a move to help, even as the skeleton weaved between them in pursuit, yelling threats of his own.

"Get back here and let me skin you, small quadruped! It will not hurt if you only remain still!"

Ah, a taste of the greater multiverse... looking forward to more (as time and muse allow, of course).

This is really good! hope it continues

I gotta assume this isn't planned to be continued. but i must say, fantasy isn't my thing, but this is rather interesting


It is planned to be continued, otherwise I'd have marked it cancelled. I'm just chronically awful at updating.

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