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The Last Roundup #8 - Rainbow Box · 2:19am Nov 4th, 2014

Hi guys! Schoolwork and projects and just nonstop exams all the time. That is why this post is on Monday instead of Sunday. It is most certainly not because I am raising a hidden army to devastate the world. Nope.

To distract you all from my devious plot, I present you with pony stories. Have fun! Do not think about my hidden army.

For more information on what the whole thing is, who we are, and to keep abreast of future features and developments, check out our group here, and associated links:

The Last Roundup
The Last Roundup FAQ
Suggest Stories for the Next Post!

And now for our feature presentation (stories listed in no particular order):

Unto a New Dawn by -TGM-

The Royal Pony Sisters have ruled the peaceful kingdom of Equestria for over a thousand years. Of course, it was not always like that. Relive some of their greatest battles and hardships exactly as they happened, in the past.

Morcraw ses: The start is a bit of a rough read, but once Celestia and Luna enter the story, it becomes pretty fun. This story, according to the author, will be a series of one-shots taking place during their reign prior to (perhaps including as well) Nightmare Moon. If this first one-shot is anything to go by, this should prove to be quite the interesting series. World-building, ho!

Long Live Sonata Dusk by Horse Voice

As an immortal, Sonata never thought she might someday run out of time. But a supernatural encounter on a quiet back road will show her just how precious a mortal's life is.

Morcraw ses: Can't get enough Rainbow Rocks? Of course you can't! This story is really creepy. It's also written by Horse Voice. And as I understand it, creepy and Horse Voice are synonymous. Or something like that.

Gothic by Wanderer D

The Magnus Anima Nocte is THE musical event. And Octavia has been invited to play in it.

Morcraw ses: An interesting opening to what promises to be a much bigger tale. The plot kicks off a bit slowly, but there's plenty here to intrigue and interest readers with regard to wanting more. Which--hooray, there's going to be more. As the title implies and the author notes, this one draws a fair bit from Gothic literature, so fans of that sort of thing will definitely appreciate this one.

Felled by RazgrizS57

Princess Cadance gets corrupted by hatred and seeks out Twilight Sparkle.

Morcraw ses: A spiritual Star Wars crossover that makes excellent use of foreshadowing. One need not be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this fic, though if you are, then that's doubly-cool.

During a mountain hike, the girls only pack three large sleeping bags, and Rainbow Dash has to snuggle overnight with Applejack. This would be totally easy if she didn't crush on her so hard that she'd rather toss herself into the campfire

Morcraw ses: A pretty nice and romantic story with solid prose, as befits Skirts. Contains an unusual narrative gimmick in which the story is narrated in first person, but "you" are treated as a separate character. Not sure if it works or doesn't, but is worth noting for its uniqueness.


Discord: Part of a Pantheon by DannyJ

In the depths of space, Discord and an old enemy come face to face.

Morcraw's Wildcomments: A great little look at Discord's character. It's always interesting that he can be played for darkness, comedy, or both, depending on what the author wants to go for. Fans of the big guy will probably like this one.

That Book from the Movie by Glimmerglaze

Or: Deleted Scenes from Rainbow Rocks

Morcraw's Wildcomments: Deleted scenes from Rainbow Rocks. So it includes things like, "How did Celestia's half of Sunset's book get to Twilight?" and, "How did Sunset learn to play guitar?" It's also marked as incomplete, so expect more!

And that's it for this week, folks. Be sure to check back on the group next Sunday for next week's post if you think this is a cool deal. Or just check the feed, if you're following me. I'll be doing weekly crossposts on these every Sunday.

Have a nice day!

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Comments ( 4 )

I love reading these little reviews

Ooh, Felled looks interesting. Off to read!

Discord: Part of a Pantheon by DannyJ

Um... Hmm. Well. This was unexpected. Thank you, Morcraw.

creepy and Horse Voice are synonymous.

Darn tootin'! :twilightsmile:

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