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Fic recs, September 24th! · 1:39pm Sep 24th, 2016

Hey, I got a couple hours before the episode, have some fics! :V I got a bunch of good stuff this time.

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The Perfect Setup by Timaeus
Genre: Character Drama/Ponies Shipping Ponies
Amethyst Star thought she had broken her curse with Cranky and Matilda's wedding, but it seems no matter what she does, everything she tries to organize goes wrong.
I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed an AppleDash this much. (Okay, I do — it was The AppleDash Project, and that is a very different story from this.) The best part, of course, is that AppleDash is merely a means to an end, and that end is the self-actualization of a mare getting to live up to her full potential. That's what makes this so satisfying: Amethyst has tremendous self-doubt after all the disasters, big and small, that have plagued the various town functions she's organized in the past. It's gotten so bad, she thinks her success with Cranky and Matilda's wedding was a fluke. But bit by bit, her friends are able to make her see otherwise and give her to confidence to get this admittedly silly shipping ball rolling. You're there right beside her for the ups and downs, and the ending is totally feel-good. Definitely worth reading, even if you're not into romance.

The Worst Clopfic Ever by Noir de Plume
Reading by Scarlett Blade
Mature: Sex
Genre: Ponies Writing Ponies
Erotica, like all things, is something Twilight feels she should experience first-hoof.
I won't link to the reading, but this is about the least explicit Mature-tagged fic you'll find, and totally worth turning your filters off for. And yeah, I've seen stories like it before, but I always enjoy seeing what horrible ideas authors come up with for ponies to write. When it's Twilight, it's even better. The story loses its way about midway through, as Cadence tries to fix the mistakes, but that at least is redeemed by a great punchline, something I rarely get to say about comedy fics. Lots of fun.
Recommended for Fans of Sexual Comedy

If You Never Dream by Chinchillax
Reading by PookieWowza and Chinchillax
Genre: Fable
A colt asks the Night to take his dreams away.
This is a nice little piece. I'm only slightly baffled by the ending; it seemed like this was building to something, and then it goes in a different direction, leaving me wondering what the takeaway is. I suppose, viewed as personal writing, it makes more sense. I honestly don't have much to say otherwise.
Recommended If You Like Fables

Daring Doodle Donkey by The 24th Pegasus
Reading by Illya Leonov, et. al.
Genre: Adventure
Cranky had enough problems before he found an orphaned filly freezing to death in a mountain pass.
I really love it when authors can take disparate bits of canon and tie them together. In this story, Daring Do is inserted into Cranky Doodle Donkey's search for Matilda, and in doing so, the author is able to enrich both stories at once. Moreover, despite the adventure tag, this is really more slice of life, exploring the dynamics of an adoptive family built from a three-decade search of Equestria. It's certainly got the scope of an adventure, but other than the opening scene, all the really exciting stuff happens off-screen. Instead, it's quiet moments and reminiscences, buttressed by solid imagery and excellent writing.
Highly Recommended

Rest in Chaos by DannyJ
Reading by Scarlett Blade
Genre: Comedy
Discord writes his last will and testament. Y'know, just in case.
I love when a story can get a laugh out me with just the chapter title. And while this overall isn't amazing, I did enjoy it and got some solid laughs all the way through. It's just a litany of standard Discord silliness alongside some less expected things, like all the Norse mythology nods. In all, a fun read.

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Comments ( 9 )

I'm pretty shocked that a new story about Toola Roola came out a few days ago and isn't covered here.

Author Interviewer


new story about Toola Roola


Thanks again for the kind words, Present. Glad you liked it.

Glad you enjoyed DDD. It all came from a conversation at Bronycon about how Cranky must've seen some shit on his adventures since he's been wandering Equestria for so long. Then somebody suggested that maybe he mentored Daring Do, and the rest kind of took off from there.

Author Interviewer

...Not what I expected.

Thanks for listening :twilightsmile:

I suppose, viewed as personal writing, it makes more sense.

This is my main problem with publishing my own writing.

It's hard to tell if it's something that should be published at all, or if it's something that's meant only for myself. There's a balance there I just haven't been able to figure out yet.

Author Interviewer

On that note, you need to do more readings. :V

FRICK YEAH I DO! :flutterrage:
I got to do some lines for Scribblers Month of Macabre. And it was amazing! :yay: I forgot how much I like doing readings.

But then I start thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know): "I should do a reading for my own stories first." And then I get stuck in a feedback loop where I wonder if I should have published those stories to begin with. And it's like: "STOP IT, BRAIN!" And then I go back to doing schoolwork, learning Kanji or doing, like, work-work. Because there are perceptively infinite distractions. And then somewhere in the distractions Shia Labeouf starts shouting: "JUST DO IT!" And then I get stuck in a feedback loop again. And everyone starts screaming.

So... I should have a reading out sometime in October. (Probably not of my own writing though.)

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