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Not everything is the same on the other side of the mirror.

Silver medalist in the Writeoff Association's March 2019 contest, written for the prompt "Through A Mirror, Brightly."

(Rated T for profanity)

Chapters (2)
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posh is great

Ice Star #3 · July 2nd · · · Two ·



Ouch. Short, to the point, and going directly for the heart. Well done indeed.

Ok. Cool. Coolcoolcoolcool cool cool. Great. Love it. Cool. Doesn’t hurt me at all. Nope. Doesn’t leave me wanting more either. Totally don’t want to just dive into this character dynamic and really see it explored. Nope.

DannyJ #6 · July 2nd · · · Two ·

Why are you like this, Posh?

I'm not crying, you're crying!:raritydespair:

Only one word can describe this:
Very well-executed finishing move, Pantsu-chan. :fluttershbad:

Hmm. From the tone of things I feel like there was some deeper meaning I somehow didn't quite comprehend... some underlying truth that was supposed to be there, but I couldn't really make it out. Was there a specific experience, inspirational source, or a key thought that made you decide to write this? 🤔

Posh #11 · July 13th · · · Two ·

9729480 I wrote a little bit about the story here. Its origins, what I drew on to write it, etc.

But, in a nutshell, it's based on a short-fiction writing prompt. I needed an idea I could communicate in 750 words or fewer, and one idea sprang to mind pretty quickly.

That idea being, "what if Applejack's parents were still dead, but like, not totally dead?"

I'm not sure if there's a deeper message here than what's on the page. It's supposed to just a "what-if?" about a quirk in the mirror dynamic. I guess you could say that the Apples turned out the way that they did not because they're mirrors of their own parents, but because they're intrinsically good people. Or that Granny's just a really good single mom.

but eh.

Posh, how did you know where my feels are, and how did you slip that knife in there without me noticing?

Posh #13 · July 16th · · · Two ·

9733437 I'm you from the future.

Author Interviewer

Oof. Yeah, that's great. :)

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