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Not everything is the same on the other side of the mirror.

Silver medalist in the Writeoff Association's March 2019 contest, written for the prompt "Through A Mirror, Brightly."

(Rated T for profanity)

Chapters (2)
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posh is great



Ouch. Short, to the point, and going directly for the heart. Well done indeed.

Ok. Cool. Coolcoolcoolcool cool cool. Great. Love it. Cool. Doesn’t hurt me at all. Nope. Doesn’t leave me wanting more either. Totally don’t want to just dive into this character dynamic and really see it explored. Nope.

DannyJ #6 · Jul 2nd, 2019 · · · Two ·

Why are you like this, Posh?

I'm not crying, you're crying!:raritydespair:

Only one word can describe this:
Very well-executed finishing move, Pantsu-chan. :fluttershbad:

Hmm. From the tone of things I feel like there was some deeper meaning I somehow didn't quite comprehend... some underlying truth that was supposed to be there, but I couldn't really make it out. Was there a specific experience, inspirational source, or a key thought that made you decide to write this? 🤔

Posh #11 · Jul 13th, 2019 · · · Two ·

9729480 I wrote a little bit about the story here. Its origins, what I drew on to write it, etc.

But, in a nutshell, it's based on a short-fiction writing prompt. I needed an idea I could communicate in 750 words or fewer, and one idea sprang to mind pretty quickly.

That idea being, "what if Applejack's parents were still dead, but like, not totally dead?"

I'm not sure if there's a deeper message here than what's on the page. It's supposed to just a "what-if?" about a quirk in the mirror dynamic. I guess you could say that the Apples turned out the way that they did not because they're mirrors of their own parents, but because they're intrinsically good people. Or that Granny's just a really good single mom.

but eh.

Posh, how did you know where my feels are, and how did you slip that knife in there without me noticing?

9733437 I'm you from the future.

Author Interviewer

Oof. Yeah, that's great. :)

Late to the party, but this is a wonderful story. Very thoughtful and melancholy--and it raises some excellent questions about the relationship between Equestria and the EQG world, too.

For some reason, pony-Applejack missing the buck sticks out to me as especially poignant--especually since she follows up with the revelation that, in so many words, she didn't have the time to learn to hate her father.

Well done!

9926631 I really appreciate your comment, thank you!

From Twilight's point of view, based on what she's seen and heard, pony!Bright Mac and human!Bright Mac were two different people. To her, it's questionable whether things would've gone the same for the Apple Family if Bright Mac had outlived Pear Butter in Ponyworld. Would he have turned out to be a deadbeat dad, too? Or, was he a different enough person from the other Bright Mac that he would've stayed with his kids?

I think she's willing to take AJ at her word, even knowing that she idealizes her father. But it's hard to say how accurate that idealized portrait is, having seen what Twilight's seen. Regardless, she doesn't want to take a source of comfort away from AJ.

After all, hearing that your father has a parallel universe counterpart who is the opposite of everything you've been raised to believe about him would... complicate your feelings. :applejackconfused:

Oh man, dad issues fug

Deus #18 · May 13th · · · Two ·

Oof, that was a punch to the feels that I weirdly welcomed. Nice work, short and bitter in a good way :D

Posh #19 · May 14th · · · Two ·

10232444 mfw I see your username

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