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How could you do this? And on Jueves?!


Daring Do solicits Rainbow Dash's assistance for her most dangerous adventure yet.

She needs a date to a nerd party.

Pre-reading services provided by Danny "Editor Man" J, Oro "Eat This Entire Fist" Boro, and Dubs "Hugmuffin" Rewatcher. Cover art by wandrevieira1994, used without permission.

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That was a nicely done little story. Could have been in an episode, were it not for the adult humor.

Tank is a FRIGGING TORTOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technically Spike saved the Crystal Empire.

8725141 you're a tortoise


and here i though bronies would know better than to portray nerds as shrill basement-dwellers

8725761 ...:rainbowhuh:

Two characters are described as being shrill in this story. One has an active social and professional life, and is openly affectionate with his girlfriend. The other is Rainbow Dash. Neither character fits the "basement-dweller" stereotype.

I feel like scholars and scientists would be interested in the Rainboom at least though? Given it's a phenomenon of... well, what basically passes for physics in this world, I guess.

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8725810 ...There aren't enough :rainbowhuh:s in the world for you, my dude.

Comment posted by MJP deleted May 14th, 2018

8725835 I'd love for you to explain what that has to do with my story.

"Why? I don't look like a tank, do I?"
Nice 'Art of the Dress' lyrics reference.

ANYWAY, I thought this was a nice little slice of life. You should probably get a new editor, though, if that author's note is anything to go by.


It's hard to call this a comedy. Rainbow Dash's perpetual unfamiliarity and exasperation with the realm of academia is amusing, to be sure, but it's the pleasant undercurrent of comic relief to the drama surrounding Daring Do that dominates the focus of the story.

But that drama is a heartwarming tale par excellence of friendship in the face of social adversity and faded dreams, in line with and no less strong than your previous works in that vein.

A story to be proud of, even if hitting familiar notes wasn't quite the aim. :heart:

I could really hear Dash in the opening exchange, so good job!

Like, actually though, this is really good. A little on the lighter side for humor, but man, that's an amazing thing you got here. I honestly loved it.

Yeah, but these are archeologists. Their primary interests in physics are soil compaction and using infrared cameras to reveal ruins consumed by jungle, and I doubt that second one's an option with Equestria's current tech level... I think. You can never be sure.

I'm more surprised those big names from Equestria's past aren't raising any interest. The Mane Six have uncovered, fought, or saved quite a bit of Equestria's forgotten history, most notably the entire city-state from a thousand years ago.

8729694 It's a good bet that Ascot's familiar with Sombra, Nightmare Moon, etc., as well as recent events surrounding them, but is completely unaware of Rainbow Dash's role in stopping them. As well as who Rainbow Dash is. Because he's a dork.

Pfeffernuse and the rest are just fucking with her, though.

Not what I'd call a comedy per se, but still a fantastic character study and narrative arc. Everything ties together, everything works, and the revelations mean that the second read is nothing like the first. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.

Soothing ocean sounds to help you sleep?!

Naturally, my mind immediately went to Rainbow doing this:

Can confirm: This story is good (so stop doubting yourself already)!

Once again you have crafted a well thought-out and emotional character drama... peddled to us as a comedy! :derpytongue2: Seriously though, your habit of doing that isn't a bad thing. My favourite comedies are the ones that aren't afraid to have a serious character driven story as well. And although this story seemed more focused on the story than the comedy, there were still many moments that made me laugh (Rainbow dropping a bread roll out of her sleeve in the middle of her dramatic speech in particular stands out).

I'm also pretty sure I caught all the references to the greater Posh-verse. Overall an enjoyable story!

This gave me some good chuckles. I loved the interactions between Rainbow and Daring. I’d read a whole series of this.

I don't remember how I came across this story, but I really liked it. The interactions between Rainbow and Daring were fantastic. Not sure if Rainbow would have fangasmed so much given her numerous interactions with Daring, but it was cute, and I presume it was set before certain episodes in the show.

Good job, Posh!

8754425 It's set post-Con episode, at least.

I see your point, but then again, if I came home to find my idol sprawled out on my bed...

Just saying, Criss Angel would probably need new eardrums.

Funnily enough, DWK did a video on the episode I had in mind... the Somnabula episode with Daring Do. That's the one that made me question whether Rainbow Dash would have fangasmed so hard, if the story was set after that. After all, Rainbow Dash is Daring Do's best friend in that particular episode.

Still, it doesn't matter. The cuteness of it all excuses everything! :)

Yeah, okay, the story's great and all, Posh, but seriously. Seriously. You need to explain how Capper isn't a racist stereotype. Like, that's really important shit.

"Ah, I don't need an introduction," said Rainbow Dash, stepping forward. "I'm sure my reputation proceeds me."

"Precedes," Daring Do muttered.

Rainbow Dash wave a hoof dismissively. "I've heard it both ways."

Is that a Psych reference I see?

I'm just gonna leave this here. And walk away. LEAVING THIS HERE AND WALKING AWAAAYYY LA LA LAAAAAA


"Daring Do sat on my toilet!"

Wait until you learn she forgot to flush.

Author Interviewer

Daring Do is feeding books to my tortoise on my bed ?!

There are moments in a writer's life when they reach out to the fathomless inevitable and pull back just a smidgen of grandiose brilliance.

The best part is, she could have left with a "No one will ever believe you" after this scene. XD

Author Interviewer

Not quite as wacky as the title suggests, but I think you made a good statement. "Want some" are two of the funniest words I've ever seen put together. :D

But is it really a bustline if you don't have a bust? <.<

Rainbow's hoof dipped, and her angry expression faded. "Wait, you... you do know who I am? So you were just clowning earlier?"

Pfeffernusse growled and pressed his hoof to his forehead. "Does anypony at this gathering not know who this mare is?" he shouted, his voice reverberating throughout the space.

There came no reply. Chicory and Ascot's hooves briefly raised, in unison, but Pfeffernusse's horn flashed, and a telekinetic sheath forced both limbs back to the ground.

I cackled, loudly.

10558086 yes, my friend, you will be gifted curds and rye for your kindness

This was a really fun story to read! Thanks for sharing :)

11576914 You’re welcome. I will mail you a watercress sandwich out of gratitude.

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