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This story is a sequel to Lectern’s New and Used Books: Summer Break

A Twin Canterlots anthology—second in the Lectern’s Books series

The girls’ senior year has started, but they still find time once in a while to hang out at Lectern’s New and Used Books.

Set during the autumn semester of the Mane Seven’s senior year at CHS (most of season six).

Interior plans and pictorial views of the store and its lot are available.

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Glad to see more from you; I thought I might have already seen your curtain call, much less Rose Brass's. Looking forward to whatever else you have to offer.

If you're looking for slice of life ideas, what if Sunset could get some Equestrian books for Lectern to sell? Obviously they would have to be carefully curated, but I bet there are some Equestrian high fantasy novels that wouldn't betray their origins.

Well, it makes sense that Sunset Shimmer learned to play guitar by..
(Wait for it...):pinkiesmile:
... Using her noodle! :pinkiehappy:


Clearly acting as their chaperone was an imposingly tall middle-aged woman with buzz-cut hair and a piratical eyepatch partially covering the scars spilling across the left side of her face. Her tough, raffish look was reinforced by an old bomber jacket, BDU pants, and black tactical boots, but an abrupt smile at the trio with her, apparently in response to a mumbled comment, lit up her face astonishingly.

Just started reading this series. One of the later entries was on the frontpage and I decided to begin at the beginning. When I read the this part I thought it was about EQG Tempest Shadow but seeing how this story was written in 2017 I doubt that's her. Also this character probably will appear in Amphorae so it can't be Tempest. Still strange that it was the first character I though off with that description.
For something different; I just noticed that if you copy the title of a story and paste it in a comment it automatically makes the pasted title an url to the story. Don't know why I just now noticed that but it's a cool and useful feature.

Which story was it that was on the front page? My work doesn’t pop up there very often.

Rose Brass does bear a slight resemblance to Tempest, but she is a very different character. As you surmise, she is the central figure of Amphorae—and she co-stars in Virga.

So... does/did Sunset not know of Ponyville's resident DJ? Did Pri-Twi not talk about her brother's wedding?

As I’ve described in other comments and posts, I hew rigorously to the late-nineteenth-century level of technology the series originally was supposed to work with, before the rampant anachronisms started creeping in. No DJs, no electronics, nothing like that.

Top Man shot first? :pinkiehappy:

Begs the intreting question, that if wormholes are blackholes and vice versa, and blackholes can have a charge, if a wormhole can behave like the charged dielectric in an electret microphone, which means you dont send information Through a wormhole. Instead, you wiggle one end, and measure how the other end wiggles?

Oh dear, too late now seeing if sticking a pair of half Leyden jars in front of each portal mirror face would actually work.

Would be even more intresting if PriTwi was right hoofed, and SciTwi was left handed, but only on their respective sides of the portal, and others?

Spring Break was a throwaway, or was it meant to give a better reason for global mythological in that theres maybe an icosahedral vertex array of portals worldwide? Or just tetrahedral?

A lot of your theories are the same as mine so far as the similarities between the two worlds go. I don't see this as a bad thing.

“Top. Men.”

A baffled expression crossed her face. “. . . Is that actually someone’s name, or—”

I feel I should note that in the Oversaturated World, Sweetie Drops Bonbon's godfather is in fact named Top Man. (As far as she knows, anyway.)
Oh! I'd forgotten I'd made that comment. Glad to see you liked it so much.

On the other hand, it might explain some things, like the way we’re colored so differently from other animals.

Ah, chromelanin, the magical pigment protein also seen in the hair of many an anime character.

And I always appreciate discussion of human cutie marks. Such potential there...

Always good to see more of Cook. Best of luck in beating the timeline into submission.

Comment posted by Spamotron deleted Jun 24th, 2019

Well, Rarity is rather fun to write for.

I've yet to attend a convention that I didn't enjoy for one reason or another. Gonna say this right now, though, I wish I could go to an MLP-themed one. Alas, none are within easy driving distance.

Arisia and Boskone, both in Boston, are cons where one can learn of where Worldcon will be, and what places have bids in for future years.

I've been to Arisia a lot. Have not been to Boskone, mostly due to it happening between Arisia and Anime Boston.

I got a nitpick with your author's note ... Star Trek's dry spell was only ten years, not twenty. It ended it's original run in 1969, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out in 1979 ... unless you're using a different milestone for "picking up steam". :twistnerd:

That said, I loved the chapter ... and am betting Sci-Twi is gonna spend the entirety of Worldcon geeking out ... kinda wondering if any of the bunch is gonna Pony up as part of a cosplay, though I don't know if that'd even be possible. That and I'm picturing Sunset Shimmer wearing a Unicorn joke t-shirt for shits and giggles.

By “picking up steam” I’m referring more to the period when it began to evolve into a greater cultural phenomenon with a more or less continuous presence on television. That started with STTNG in the late eighties. It’s true there was sporadic activity before that, but it didn’t have the same broad impact.

I’ve heard of those, especially Boskone, but—living as I do on the other coast—haven’t been to able to attend either, alas.

Lovely epilogue for Talking Heads. Though for some reason, it didn't show up in my unread stories until the latest update.

“I kinda jumped to conclusions and didn’t give you a chance to explain, didn’t I?”

"That and you'd lost any positive memories of me."
"Right. Trying very hard not to think about the physiological and philosophical ramifications of that."

In any case, a sci-fi convention at the magical hotbed of the world? Yeah, let's hope the girls don't go too far afield for college. That's sure to lead to some kind of crisis, and the congoers might not even recognize the problem as such until it's too late.

And yes, pony need not go anywhere so long as fans carry the torch.

9788987 I understand where you're coming from now, though I'd still argue that the TOS movie era was more of a fandom draw than early TNG was, but I suppose we could argue about that indefinitely and not get anywhere.

wait I contributed to this when was this I forgot I have so much going on

Good thing noone went with Blacksmith and Crafting to build a better cart, like power winch, cos Ive had DMs that look poorely on that. Like the balloon I was hoping to have based on aincient knowledge, heros turbine etc and fortunately didnt write up, before the DM said, nope, ground side and had the Royal Guard shoot it out of the sky, then someone break in and rip it to pieces searching for a particular game artifact.

For a wizard, Magic Missile can be the most OP spell in the standard list. Everyone can pile in on the boss, take out all but 2 HP, high dex, agility, armor etc One last Magic Missile, 2 points of damage, and theyre down.

As for playing a different character. I play my character for a simple reason. Its different because I actually get to act. With Freinds. Outside my home.

Watch out for those blatently obvious in hindsight puzzles kids, you can end up on a wild cabbage chase because the puzzle you solved wasnt the one meant.:twilightoops:

Im glad for this story, because I remembered Id totally forgotton about my favourite old book store in town, because it closed some years back, so I cant go round to remmeber it directly. :pinkiesad2:

“Um, well, um—mostly the barbarian is about raging and smashing things.”

"I've seen how you play Tirek's Revenge, Fluttershy."

She breathed a surreptitious sigh of relief when none of her friends seemed to spot the amazing resemblance of the premise to a classic fantasy novel.

To be fair, they might just not be able to see it through all the Tolkienized elements baked into O&O to begin with. :raritywink:

“I, uh—maybe something like aaararrrgh?” In Fluttershy’s breathy voice it sounded more like a moan than a bellow.

He should seek the castle that holds the Grail?

“I just don’t get it!” Dash sat back with a small thump. “I’m stumped.”

Use your mellon, girls.

Promising start. Looking forward to seeing just how memorable the session will be, for better or... Well, they'll look back and laugh about it. Eventually.

Yes, a couple of friends are huge Critical Role fans and RPG Youtube fans as well as pony fans, so I’ve heard all about those.

Great story! Hope you come back to it someday.

Once Three-act Play is completed, I’ll be turning my attention back to the projects that are on hiatus.

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