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When an individual may be vital to the nation’s safety, can she be permitted to make her own choices? Which is the lesser evil: to restrict her future for the sake of the realm, or to grant her the same freedom as her fellow subjects, even if doing so may—or may not—endanger the country?

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  • Originally posted 4 September 2012 on Deviantart.
  • Rated “recommended” 12 November 2018 by Present Perfect.
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Interesting take. That would explain a lot of things.

It does make you wonder though just where is her armor and when did she fully join up then?

A good story, this one. I liked your characterization of Spitfire and Celestia both, and the handling of the matter at hoof felt very true to both those characters, and to their roles, as a soldier and as a ruler respectively.

Thanks very much! Being a fan of authors like Tom Clancy and of well-researched world-building, I do my best to hew to the ins and outs of how things really work, or would have to work. :twilightsmile:

An interesting piece of your personal history. I can definitely see your voice here, but also how you've improved in the intervening years. Even so, this is a very nice breakdown of the Rainbow Dash situation after Season 2 given what we knew at the time. It even touches on some areas that the show hasn't handled well since, like how Dash balances the Wonderbolts and Bearer duties.

In all, good stuff. I'm glad I read it.

Thanks very much—I’m pleased my work’s continued to grow over the last few years; I hadn’t thought about that!

Author Interviewer

Excellent dialogue and character work.

Man, this combination of dialogue and world-building was excellent. This was wonderful.

Thanks so much! Since it’s a talking-heads story, I felt it was really important to get those particular aspects right. :twilightblush:

A good read. One of my few significant complaints about the show is how they've handled military matters (though I suppose it's hardly surprising; military history is a borderline taboo topic of study in some circles, and even where it isn't there are few who truly explore it). I think this story manages to paint both Celestia and Spitfire in a fair light, reflecting the challenges of command and rule - balancing the need to honor the rights and liberties of all your subjects with the knowledge that some of them must make sacrifices for the rights and liberties of others.

I very much agree regarding military history—both its importance and the woefully widespread taboo attitude. Thank you so much for the compliment; I certainly did my best to portray everypony involved fairly and respectfully.

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