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This story is a sequel to Celestia is still a Spider and Chrysalis hasn't been Informed

Celestia is a spider. That is the one truth, the one irrefutable principle that rules over Equestria. Society, as it is known to modern ponykind, is built and shaped by this and this alone. No one, not a single pony or creature, dares challenge the notion that she who moves the Sun has eight legs, six eyes, two fangs, and is in fact a giant spider. For it is the truth, and everyone knows it.

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and then suddenly celestia wasn't a spider, oh how silly of her.

Now we just need the inverse of her turning back into a pony, being nonchalant about it, and everyone else freaking out (except maybe an old pony or two who are just laughing and going "I told you I wasn't crazy" lol)

Suddenly she wasn't a spider and every pony knew she had never been a spider and all those spider centric celebrations where perfectly normal and never to be celebrated again. And next week when Celestia was a giant snake every pony would know she always had been a giant snake, and those giant snake centric celebrations where perfectly normal despite never having been celebrated before. And when she was a pony again she always would have been a pony and was a pony even during those times the crazy ponies going on about "reality" said she was something else for a month.

Okay, this is just getting ridiculous.

This story is messing with my head so much that it hurts xD

That went from silly to disturbing real fast...
looks like whatever went down that turned Celestia into a spider, it torn causality a new one.

It would be such a silly (and funny) idea to give it a "HiE" sequel/spin-off where the "human" is in fact Spiderman.
These stories never cease to amaze me, and this is yet another wonderful gem in the mini-series of the Spiderverse.

Equestria had always been at war with Eastasia.

..This was sort of creepy if you infer.
Didn't want to have to do this...But...
*Presses the Nuke all of Equestria and Spiderlot Completely button*
It is done...

Double plus good my friend, double plus good.

Yep, (most) ponies really are that stupid.

Discord needs to show up with a VERY LARGE BOOT!

Disappointing end to an otherwise wonderful series.

Turns out, it was an illusion all along! She was actually a tiny giant pseudoscorpion, wich is an arachnid, but not a spider.

Yeah. Interesting but kinda lacking.

oh thank heavens, things were getting slightly out of hoof, now everyscorpid go back to their business, and avoid the stinger oh and those wasps that want to lay eggs in you.

I'm looking forward to see that in the next chapter, Twilight comes with a dispel of something, and every one just goes back to normal and pretends that she were never a spider again, and had always been an normal alicorn or something, or even change into something else entirely.

This was profoundly disturbing.

There is no logic here. Only Madness.

Palpatine's behind it all!

(What else can I do with such insanity than quote the antiquarian serial killer movie critic, Mr. Harry S. Plinkett?)


This is what you get for not writing your memoirs earlier, Twilight. Got to get it on the record, or it's like it never happened.

9428050 Then somepony found out she was actually an ant! But then they realized she was actually a spider mimicking an ant pretending to be a spider.

But then they stripped off that disguise and found out she was a human in a Darth Vader mask wearing a Spiderlestia fursuit the entire time.


I don't understand why you kept bringing up how Celestia is a spider... it's like saying "the sky is blue!" I mean, yeah she's a spider! she's always been a spider!
but great story nevertheless! i like the part where the crazies said celestia once wasn't a spider! haha! that was nuts!

i have to agree this was disturbing yet still entertaining to a ludacris level

Me to the entire comment section: OK men. We need to over through Spiderlestia. I got anti-Magic guns and a sword that can kill anything. What do you guys got? (OC ABILITIES.)

Why do I feel like Spider Celestia is so much better than Alicorn Celestia? Then again she actually wins a battle with her own power, so.....<.<

Why, do I have the strangest feeling, Discord is the one behind all of this.

Celestia is best spider.

That cover art is horrifying.

I said it before and I'll do it again!

This should have been a chapter of the first story, just like the second story.

Rip all the taken ponies...

Silly ponies, it is in fact, possible to take conformity too far.

I have my spirit animal with me, the capybara.

With my capybara, every living being within hugging distance will chill and relax while Bob Marley sings in the background.

I've got this thing... *Holds up Necronomicon* I think it's a job listing.

Umm, no that's one of the most powerful dark magic books in the multiverse. But, well done. We can use that.

Once upon a time, claiming that the Earth revolved around the sun could get you executed. Once upon a time, claiming someone was a witch could get that person burned alive and you would receive their property. Once upon a time, the spider who ruled a kingdom was an alicorn who ruled a kingdom.

Life moves on, even if people don't.

Got a ukulele that can cause different effects.

OK. What effects?

Pulling a young Joesph Joestar with Kars is the best I can provide. Let that Celestia be someone else's problem.

Effects include but not limited to: Physical Damage, Soul Damage, Sensory Blockage, Tiredness, Sleep, Lethargy, Calm, Fire, Ice, oh and it has an axe attached to it that can cut into even Discord.

There's something existentially horrifying about this. 1984, anyone?

I note that, even as a very large spider, Celestia has the decorum to not eat her guests. :trollestia:

Bravo, dear lady. No matter how many limbs, never forget civility. :moustache:

But in my mind’s eye, I see Celestia waking up one fine morning, looking at her now distinctly not-spider form, and saying, “Oh. Well. That was fun. Back to business, then...”

Meanwhile, all of Equestria must struggle to find a delicate way to tell her that she is now a rutabaga. :facehoof:

OK, never saw Jojo's bizarre adventures, but sounds good.


I think

I think

Favourite :pinkiehappy:


This is without a doubt the weirdest trilogy I have read and I like it

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